About the Show

Friend the Chocobo

TALK THIS! is a biweekly podcast about video games hosted by Emma and Madelyn Paquette. Every show, they talk about two games- one old (pre-2007) and one new (within the last year or two). Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Who's the hottest character and who's the gnarliest?
  • At what point would they die if they were actually living the game?
  • How does character identification and player agency affect the gaming experience and the player's psychological state?
  • Is hot pink the best color for a chocobo? (Answer: Yes)

At the end of each show, Madelyn and Emma take the best elements from each game and mash them together into a brand new game idea. Call us Ubisoft. Hit us up EA. The best new IPs are totally in the making right here. And YOU get to hear them first.

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