About the Show

One host of the video game podcast Talk This

TALK THIS! is a weekly video game podcast hosted by Emma and Madelyn Paquette. Every main episode, they talk about two games- one old game (pre-2010) and one new game (within the last year or two).

At the end of each show, Madelyn and Emma take the best elements from each game and mash them together into a brand new game idea. Call us Ubisoft. Hit us up EA. The best new IPs are totally in the making right here. And YOU get to hear them first.

On weeks between main episodes, we embark on Side-Quests! Our Side-Quests have evolved over the years, but right now, we take turns leading a discussion of a video game topic of our choice. These have included the preservation of gaming history, the proliferation of fandom rage, and how to choose the greatest game of all time. Every third Side-Quest, we switch gears to talk about what we've been playing the past six weeks!

The two hosts of the video game podcast Talk This! when they were younger

If you just can't get enough Talk This! podcast check out our blog, our show notes (sadly out of date), and our YouTube channel for tons of gaming content!