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10 Thoughts in 10 Hours: Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled!

It’s finally here: Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled! We’ve only been calling for this on the podcast since the very beginning. I’m glad someone finally heeded our plea for a Crash Team Racing remake. Now if only they’d follow up with Crash Bash… Emma and I have been playing CTR for roughly two decades. It was one of the…

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Clickbait Boyfriend: Monsters Stink

Happy July, Clickbait Boyfriend readers! We’re celebrating the summer by hiding inside from the heat and playing video games. It’s been a very Kingdom Hearts week here at Talk This NYC HQ, between marveling at the Kingdom Hearts III speedrun at SGDQ and the Talk This Sisters going to the World of Tres Kingdom Hearts…

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Clickbait Boyfriend: Tangled Story Web

Grab your hairbrushes, Clickbait Boyfriend fans, because things are about to get Tangled! We’ve got mood swings from characters and from CBB! We’ve got yet more disrespect for Daisy Duck! We’ve got discussions of ludonarrative dissonance! And Marluxia is here, looking fabulous. Put on your dancing shoes, and let’s jump in! (First time Clickbait Boyfriend reader?…

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