Buzz This: Which Animal Crossing Fish Are You Most Like?

Buzz This is back from its extended hiatus, baby! In this time of staying indoors, I’ve found myself turning to one too many Tweet compilation on Buzzfeed to pass the restless time. But when I came across this quiz last night, I couldn’t resist dusting off this old blog series and hooking you (pun intended) on Buzzfeed’s unique brand of surface-level wisdom. So, without any further ado, which Animal Crossing: New Horizons fish are you most like?

You can play along here!

Question 1:

This question is a little too topical, don’t you think? The bottom left choice gives me a good vibe: organized, but still well-stocked. If this were really my Animal Crossing world though, I would pick the bidet that Stinky gifted to Clickbait Boyfriend for his carpeted combination bathroom/kitchen. 

Question 2:

Oh wow, that fancy snack plate reminds me of the days we could go to restaurants. I would have picked it anyway, but now I’m craving a nice cheese board.

Question 3:

Surprisingly enough, staying at home all the time has actually led to my hair being more tidy and spending less time in messy buns than before. But I’ll pick the blonde bun for solidarity with my usual “tangled mess with no time to brush” self. 

Question 4:

I have always wanted a small girl gang, and I’m worried the Lego friends would get lost in my mess of an apartment.

Question 5:

Brussels sprouts! Easy to prep, stays good in your fridge for awhile while you eat the other things you bought on your massive grocery trip, tastes good roasted, a win-win-win. 

Question 6:

How could I resist Toot?

Question 7:

These are some unusual hobbies here, folks. While I would love to be able to write music, and being a part-time mascot seems like it would give you some excellent stories, I’m going to keep it realistic and low stress and go with solving Rubix cubes. Nerdy, yet still impressive.

Question 8:

Imagine all of these are veggie dogs for your friendly Buzzfeed-addicted vegetarian here. I’m keeping it classic and going with the top right. Clickbait Boyfriend thinks putting ketchup on hot dogs is blasphemy, so I’m risking my relationship here, but I can’t deny my basic tastes. 

Question 9:

Birds are kind of freaky (the pigeons rule NYC right now, even more than usual). I pick the penguin, partially because they are the cutest, but mostly because they are the ones I feel like I could get away from if things went south….like to Antarctica.

The results!

This is maybe the most disappointing result to a Buzzfeed quiz I’ve ever had. This is the quiz’s polite way of telling me: everyone hates you. Oh well. At least if you gather a few of me, you can create an ugly hat! And hey, you only have to put up with me a few weeks a year!

Readers, what Animal Crossing fish were you? Please tell me there are literally other fish in the sea and this wasn’t just an elaborate joke about how there are water eggs everywhere right now. 

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