Buzz This! Which Dream Daddy Should You Date?

Welcome back to Buzz This, Talk This’s longest running blog series! Buzz This started as a semi-regular feature on our minigame Sidequests (AKA the original version), and evolved into an incredibly-infrequent blog series. Each post features me, Madelyn, taking a video game-themed quiz on that site where productivity goes to die, Buzzfeed. Want to catch up on Buzz This? Check out my last post from June. I guess I’ve been spending too much time taking other Buzzfeed quizzes.

 In honor of this week’s podcast, I’ll be taking this Dream Daddy quiz.:

This is going to be good. I hope I get goth dad. (Want to play along? You can find out your own Dream Daddy alter ego here).

I feel like these all look very similar, but I’m going with top right. Looks like a good space for picnicking on the grass. 

It’s almost Thanksgiving. Ya gotta give me the carbs. Baking bread, for sure!

Dude, there’s only one true option here. I’m gonna be the dudeliest dad on the block. Dude is the champ (see what I did there, dude?).

Frankly, my ideal date would be a full day featuring all of these activities (take note, clickbait boyfriend). But come on dudes, I got my BFA in acting. I work for like three different theatres. Off-Broadway, here I come!

I feel like this is a very heavy choice which will greatly impact the kind of relationship I have with my dream kids. If I’m Father, we’ll end up estranged in ten years or so. If I’m Pa, we’ll have to live in a little house on the prairie. If I’m Papa, my children might end up with psychic powers and chronic nosebleeds. I’m playing it safe, going with classic Dad. 

Bowtie, 100%. I’m going to be a dapper dad.

I am not adjusting well to the onset of winter, so a day at the beach sounds perfect. On a side note, anyone who picks “No!” should be exiled to the cult ending

Oh wow. This is causing a mini existential crisis for me, which is more emotional commitment than I’m ready for in a typical Buzzfeed quiz. I want to believe that I would break out the dad jokes. I am the queen of dad jokes. Puns sustain me. And yet…I know who I really am. Shy dad, run for cover!

This is a tricky one. I hate all of these things. I actually agonized over this for a few minutes. But in the end, I decided that flakiness covers many of my extreme pet peeves. If you say you’re going to do something, follow through dudes!

Time for the big reveal…ta da!

You got: Mr. Vega, the classy teacher dad

He’s smart as a whip and fine as hell, but more importantly, he’s really supportive of your daughter. Mr. Vega teaches middle school and high school, loves 18th-century literature, and he has an adorable son named Ernest. If you like cozy nights in with books and quaint hobbies, Hugo Vega is the daddy for you.

I have to admit, I was a tiny bit disappointed I didn’t get goth dad. But upon further research, I think Buzzfeed actually did a decent job intuiting that I am, in fact, a nerd.

Dude even likes to stay in on Friday nights and drink tea. That’s my kind of man.

Thanks for buzzing with me tonight! Let us know in the comments what Dream Daddy Buzzfeed thinks you should date! And be sure to listen to the podcast for more of our thoughts on the game!

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