Buzz This: Which Game Was Inspired by Your Life Story?

It’s almost the end of January, and it’s prime time for some life evaluation, folks. You’ve given up on your New Year’s resolution. You’ve reluctantly embraced your winter identity as a garbage hermit person. You’re questioning who you even are any more (just me? Maybe that’s just me.). And you know what that means! Buzz This, our longest running blog series, is back!

Whenever I need answers about what kind of dessert I am or what Italian city I should move to (salted caramel cheesecake and Milan, if you’re curious), I turn to Buzzfeed. Today, I’m looking for a roadmap for my life. What plot twists are ahead? What bosses will I face? And, most importantly, is there a strategy guide I can buy? The quest for guidance led me to this quiz:

Gabriel seems like a wise-looking fellow. Perhaps his test will reveal the true essence of my (video game) character.

(Want to play along? You can find the quiz here!)

I have owned only two or three of these, depending on if you count Emma’s PS4, so I’m certainly biased. I’m going with the classic PS1, in honor of my continued obsession with Crash Team Racing, and our upcoming episode’s old game, Team Buddies.

Only two questions in, and I’m already doing some soul-searching. Although this answer even surprises me, I think I’m going to have to go with fighting. I’m taking this in the sense of a beat-em-up combat style, games where I can button mash and get the job done.

otivated to get s#!t done. 

Moody. Easiest question so far. Another good choice would be stubborn, except I consider that a strength!

Y’all, I managed to avoid these for most of my life up to this point, but in the past six months I have become involved in several massive group text (and Facebook) messages, and let me tell you, I did not know how blessed I was. Once you’re in, you can’t escape!

Objectively, sleeping and exercising would both be the best choices for my health. But come on, I have to go with eating. I could really use some Wumpa fruit, or maybe a sea salt ice cream!

I have mixed feelings about video game movies, to say the least. The whole premise of the Watch This blog series (new posts on Castlevania coming soon!) is based on determining whether any entries in the video game film canon have merit.  Having said that, you better believe I saw Pokemon: The First Movie in theaters when I was a kid (…or was that Pokemon 2000? Better not to think too hard about it). I haven’t seen it since then and I can practically guarantee it has not held up well, but I have such fond memories of playing Pokemon as a child, there’s really no other choice.


And now for the big reveal!

Yikes. I’m not sure what I was expecting in terms of life advice, but it certainly wasn’t “try eating some magic mushrooms.” Is this just Buzzfeed making fun of my bashing-my-head-into-brick incident from the other week? Because if so, not cool, dude. Although, upon reflection, life in NYC does often feel like smashing through blocks (and avoiding strange wildlife). Perhaps plumbing school is in my future! Maybe I’ll just pop a raccoon on my head and learn how to fly! Or, more likely, I’ll start writing my own strategy guide.

What video game is the most like your life? Did you take the quiz, and do you agree with Buzzfeed? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to tune in for our upcoming side-quest episode, where we discuss what we’ve been playing, this coming Sunday!

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