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Clickbait Boyfriend: Agrabah and Atlantica and…Orlando?

 Welcome back to Clickbait Boyfriend, Talk This’s foremost Kingdom Hearts blog! Summer is coming up, and with it, more time to update Clickbait Boyfriend on a regular basis!   I’m particularly excited about this entry, because it features some of the first Clickbait Boyfriend mini-vlog content! Not only will you get to read Josh’s choicest one-liners,…

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Clickbait Boyfriend: Moogles and Merlin and Mulan, Oh My!

Welcome back to a very alliterative edition of Clickbait Boyfriend! When we last left our heroes, Josh had finally completed Kingdom Hearts 2‘s bloated tutorial, and was poised to tackle the real adventure with his old buddies Sora, Donald, and Goofy. An increasingly confusing world of Disney magic and Final Fantasy weirdness awaits, let’s dive in!…

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Clickbait Boyfriend: Kingdom Hearts 2 Much Exposition, 2 Little Time…Not.

“I’ve been thinking for the past hour that Roxas is an anagram for ‘Sora X’” -on being a clever boy Clickbait Boyfriend: Kingdom Hearts 2 Edition is back! We’ve taken a month off in order to effectively simulate how long this tutorial feels. Convenient excuse? Never! Without any further ado, let’s rejoin Roxas and clever anagram guy…

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How Cute! Adorable Dalmatian Siblings Reunited Thanks to Visiting Alien

“Look, I’m good at this game now!”
-Josh, feeling confident
He’s learning! We’ll make a real fan out of him yet. Welcome, readers, to the penultimate edition of Clickbait Boyfriend: Kingdom Hearts 1 Edition. Appropriately for Talk This, we’ve got some sidequests to wrap up before we dive into the real endgame. But fear not! There’s the same amount of hilarity in store.

(PS- You can catch up on past entries here.)

(PPS- Yes, technically it’s Clickbait Boyfriend: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Edition).

Area Boyfriend to Remain Indoors Playing Kingdom Hearts for Next Five Months

“This is all I’m gonna do from now on.” -on gliding…and playing video games Happy New Year from Talk This NYC HQ! As you probably know if you live in the continental US (unless you’re in my much-missed Miami), it’s freaking freezing out. As a result, Josh and I have become hermits who only leave…

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Area Man Plays Video Game, Says Embarrassing Things During the Holidays

“Have I supplied you with any good quotes for Clickbait Boyfriend?” -Josh, midway through Neverland He’s becoming self-aware. Welcome back to Clickbait Boyfriend’s playthrough of Kingdom Hearts. It’s like a Let’s Play, but with less gameplay and more non-sequiturs. A Merry Boxing Day to everyone celebrating, and a happy slightly belated 12th birthday to Kingdom Hearts 2 for…

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Exposed! Supposed Animal Lover Caught Pushing Virtual Duck Off Pole and More…

“I can’t remember the jump button, oh god.” -Josh, upon returning after a few days off Welcome back from panicked clickbait boyfriend! We’ve been on a mini-hiatus since my last post, but now we’re back with a whole new round of quotes from Wonderland, Olympus Coliseum, and Deep Jungle. Don’t worry, we’ll get you back…

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