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Split Screen: Just Keep Swimming

Boys Over FLowers Episode 3 My hero academia episode 6

Thanks for tuning in for this belated Split Screen installment! Emma and I have had our hands full with Games for Change (blog coming soon!) and traveling and the holiday, but we should be back on track soon. I mean, who could resist pushing forward with such riveting TV! This week, we have the benefit…

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Clickbait Boyfriend Takes on Roxas: Nobody’s a Winner Here

“No!!!” -Josh, losing  to Roxas again and again Welcome back to Clickbait Boyfriend: Special Roxas Butt-Kicking Edition! I’ve been excited for this post since Clickbait Boyfriend Season Two (AKA Kingdom Hearts 2) began. I admit, I messed with the timeline a little bit to create this Roxas-centric blog. Technically, Clickbait Boyfriend attempted to battle this ReMix exclusive…

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Clickbait Boyfriend: Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Instant Reaction!

Kingdom hearts 3 trailer Blizzaga

Welcome back to a bonus edition of Clickbait Boyfriend! I hear the confusion in the reader crowd. “Didn’t you just update a few days ago?” “Won’t it be another seventeen days or so before the next edition?” Yes, it’s true that Clickbait Boyfriend is typically a fortnightly-ish series, but today is a special day. In…

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Clickbait Boyfriend: Lion!Sora is My Mane Man, but Goofy is Turtley Confused

“Awww man, I’ve missed you Kingdom Hearts.” -on holiday breaks It’s tough to be separated from your (girlfriend’s) video game console on a trip home! Welcome back to Clickbait Boyfriend, readers old and new! We’re more than halfway through this Kingdom Hearts 2 adventure now, which not only means the introduction of Lion!Sora, but that CBB…

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Buzz This: Can We Guess Your Go-To Gaming Console?

Welcome to another edition of Buzz This, our longest running series here on the Talk This blog! We’ve told our life stories, received dating advice, and learned our Overwatch identities…twice! this about ourselves, but now it’s about to get personal. That’s right folks. Buzzfeed is about to tell me my go-to gaming console. It doesn’t…

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Clickbait Boyfriend: Philosophize and Dance Water Dance!

Welcome back to Clickbait Boyfriend, Talk This! Podcast’s most prolific blog series. While most of the Kingdom Hearts world (okay, us too) is working itself into an anticipatory frenzy over the impending release date announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3, we’re looking back at the previous games through the eyes of a newbie. Josh is now deep into…

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