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How Cute! Adorable Dalmatian Siblings Reunited Thanks to Visiting Alien

“Look, I’m good at this game now!”
-Josh, feeling confident
He’s learning! We’ll make a real fan out of him yet. Welcome, readers, to the penultimate edition of Clickbait Boyfriend: Kingdom Hearts 1 Edition. Appropriately for Talk This, we’ve got some sidequests to wrap up before we dive into the real endgame. But fear not! There’s the same amount of hilarity in store.

(PS- You can catch up on past entries here.)

(PPS- Yes, technically it’s Clickbait Boyfriend: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Edition).

Area Boyfriend to Remain Indoors Playing Kingdom Hearts for Next Five Months

“This is all I’m gonna do from now on.” -on gliding…and playing video games Happy New Year from Talk This NYC HQ! As you probably know if you live in the continental US (unless you’re in my much-missed Miami), it’s freaking freezing out. As a result, Josh and I have become hermits who only leave…

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Area Man Plays Video Game, Says Embarrassing Things During the Holidays

“Have I supplied you with any good quotes for Clickbait Boyfriend?” -Josh, midway through Neverland He’s becoming self-aware. Welcome back to Clickbait Boyfriend’s playthrough of Kingdom Hearts. It’s like a Let’s Play, but with less gameplay and more non-sequiturs. A Merry Boxing Day to everyone celebrating, and a happy slightly belated 12th birthday to Kingdom Hearts 2 for…

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