Episode 61: A Mythological Dragon

Hello, and welcome to another episode of Talk This! It’s Dangerous to Podcast Alone. This week, we’re talking about Dragon Quest and Hades. Will you be burned up by dragon fire or will you be burned up in the flames of the Underworld? Hey, that kind of sounds Game of Thrones-y.

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Dragon Quest

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Dragon Quest is one of the most popular and iconic JRPG franchises, despite never quite catching on as much in the West as it did in Japan. However, you probably at least recognize the Slime. Take on the role of the Chosen One, gather your friends, and go on whimsical adventures across the realm. 


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Hades is a rogue-lite from Supergiant Games starring the moody, wannabe runaway prince of the Underworld Zagreus. Make progress through the shifting rooms of Tartarus and other realms of the Underworld and collect power-ups until you die and must start over again- but, ideally, stronger than before. Hades is currently in Early Access, receiving new updates every month or so. 

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