Episode 30: A Splatoon of Buddies

Talk This! video game podcast episode 30

We’re looking fresh this week as we talk about Splatoon 2 and Team Buddies, both wonderful, imaginative shooters without any of the gore associated with those kinds of games. Unless…do you think those squid kids have blood in the color they’re painting? Cause then Splatoon 2 might be hiding some closet gore.

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About Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 squid kids












Splatoon 2 is the sequel to Splatoon, Nintendo’s successful entrance into the third-person shooter genre. Play as Agent 4 after the most roundabout, unsecured recruitment ever and take on your mission to find Callie, squid pop superstar, and rescue all the Zapfish from evil Octarians. If you’d rather, take on team-based battles and compete to cover the most territory. And then meme it up in the lobby. I guess.

About Team Buddies

Team Buddies gameplay













Team Buddies is a forgotten game for the PlayStation One that we used to play as kids. I’m just gonna leave you the Wikipedia description of the plot, because I couldn’t do it better.

One fine and sunny day in the land that Buddies roam, there was a great and mighty disco in a tent. This tent would bob up and down with the music. All of a sudden, a large, flat, grey, flying THING blocked out the sun (The Great Eclipse) and began to drop crates. These crates were filled with all sorts of goodies such as Uzis and Bazookas. Inevitably, chaos broke out and the buddies became segregated according to color.”

How has this not been brought to the later systems?

Enjoy the episode! Look out for the first episode of Play This! coming to our YouTube channel this Thursday, then our latest side-quest next weekend. Preview: Emma’s not great at platforming puzzles.

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