Episode 40. An EarthBound Pyre

Episode 40 of Talk This! video game podcast featuring Pyre and EarthBound

Hello, and welcome to another episode of Talk This! It’s Dangerous to Podcast Alone. This week, we’re talking about EarthBound and Pyre. Turn up the volume, because you’re gonna wanna hear this! But seriously, this week’s episode is a little quiet, very sorry about that. As usual, you can listen to our podcast basically anywhere you want. Check it out on iTunesGoogle Play, or Spotify or head over to our episodes page for even more options.


EarthBound and Pyre on Talk This! Podcast

EarthBound, also known as Mother 2 in Japan, is a role-playing game from Nintendo which casts you as Ness, a pretty normal boy. Following the advice of a bee (which his mother subsequently murders in cold blood), Ness embarks upon a quest to collect Melodies around the world and restore peace. His dad is super supportive and will pay him money occasionally. 


Pyre and Earthbound on Talk This! Podcast

Pyre is an action sports RPG from Supergiant Games where you must lead a group of exiles to freedom by playing a weird basketball/lacrosse game. Who knew sports had such dire stakes? Not us, we’re no longer playing sportsball. Meshing adventure games with action, Pyre is a truly unique experience with a stellar soundtrack.


Enjoy the episode! If you’ve got some time, why don’t you check out the Play This! series on our YouTube channel? Our newest one is on Choice Based Mechanics, sort of like Pyre! You can also find Flashback Fridays, Clickbait Boyfriend behind-the-scenes, and other extra content coming soon! If you want to see what we talked about last week, head over to the blog post on Side-Quest 37. Look forward to next week’s side-quest! We’ll be talking about our time at the Games for Change Festival!.

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