Episode 46. Life is Doom

Hello, and welcome to another episode of Talk This! It’s Dangerous to Podcast Alone. This week, we’re talking about DOOOOOOMMMM and Life is Strange. When talking about DOOOOOOMMM you must always say it like DOOOOOOMMMM. It’s the law.

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Doom logo, game discussed on video game podcast

Doom is a first-person shooter from id Software- or maybe it’s better to say it’s THE first-person shooter, the one that started them all. Play as an unnamed Marine stationed on Mars (it’s the future) who must try to survive when the base is attacked by demons (…it’s the future?). Doom was a pioneer for the gaming sphere in many different ways, and it remains a big part of the culture today.

Life is Strange

Life is Strange is an episodic anthology series from Dontnod following protagonists with powers navigating the mysteries and challenges of everyday and not-so-everyday life. In Season One, you play as Max, a girl who discovers that she has some time-wimey powers going on. In Season Two, it seems you’ll play as Sean, a boy dealing with his younger brother’s destructive capabilities. All I’m saying is I better here some hella hellas, we hella clear? Wowsers.

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