Episode 76. Control Over Steins Gate

Hello, and welcome to another episode of Talk This! It’s Dangerous to Podcast Alone. This week, we’re talking about Steins;Gate and Control. Don’t you just love liberal use of semi-colons; I know I do. Did I use that correctly; impossible to know.

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Steins;Gate is a 2009 science fiction visual novel from 5pb. You may know it better from White Fox’s 2011 anime adaptation. Follow the story of Okabe Rintaro (or Hououin Kyouma, which he prefers) and the Future Gadget Laboratory as they accidentally stumble into a vast conspiracy and discover the consequences of messing around in the timeline too much.


Control is a 2019 action adventure Metroidvania (genres are meaningless) from Remedy Entertainment. New recruit Jesse Fadon is made the Director of the Ministry of Control on her first day of the job- always a good sign. As part of her new duties, she must explore the depths of the Oldest House, a strange skyscraper in New York City where equally strange things are afoot. Also she has telekinesis, so that’s cool!

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