What is it Like to Win A Game of Fall Guys? An Interview

On September 15th, at approximately 8:33pm EDT, a miracle occurred. Emma Paquette, podcast host extraordinaire, stunned the world by ascending Fall Mountain and seizing the crown at its apex, thus cementing her first ever Fall Guys victory. 

We interviewed Emma just moments after her triumphant performance. Read on for some illuminating insights from gaming’s latest rising star.

Describe the moment of victory for us.
It was a truly incredible feeling. As I slammed the R2 button desperately to cling to the crown, it felt as if my controller vibrated just slightly. I cannot say for sure, but I still knew instantly that I had been the one to seize the win, ahead of the many near me jumping just as desperately. A victory fanfare played. My heart soared. My little fall guy had done it. He had scaled the mountain. I, too, felt like I had conquered Everest itself
What is your one sentence Fall Guys strategy manifesto?
 Fall long, fall far, fall with all the courage in your heart.

What made you choose your bean’s very specific outfit?
I am a casual baseball fan, and so I gave my fall guy the top half of that outfit. But, to me, putting on a matching outfit seems lazy when there are so many options to choose from. One food I often eat at a ballpark is the classic hotdog. It simply seemed to fit together, thematically, without being too obvious. It also had the added effect of making my fall guy seem even rounder, which was just a bonus.
Would you say this win is all thanks to your sister’s heroic sacrifice in the penultimate round?
There was a moment at the end of Block Party where I thought it was over. A writhing mass of Fall Guy bodies, stuck behind the final wall, tried to pull me with them to slimy oblivion. However, at the last moment, something hit me, and I bounced past that final wall to safety. I choose to believe it was my sister, sacrificing her own chances of victory for my own. It filled my heart with the fighting spirit I needed to grab that crown.
How will you be spending your crown?
I now have a stock of 3 crowns, including my 2 pity crowns from leveling up. I will be holding on to them for a while longer, waiting for a worthy costume to come on to the shop.

Is it true that winners get a private meet and greet with Big Yeetus after their victory?
I’m afraid winners must sign an NDA in which they swear not to discuss what happens behind the curtain of victory. I cannot confirm or deny the appearance of Big Yeetus.
Will you be listing this on your resume?
Thankfully I am not job hunting and so do not have to go through the hell that is updating my resume any time soon (knock on wood). However, I do think my sharp reflexes, strategic pathfinding, and unending persistence are worth adding to my Skills section. When asked for an example in interviews, I will tell them this extremely relevant story.
What advice do you have for others who hope to one day win a game of Fall Guys?
Never give up. Take this rare opportunity where everyone is confused by the new updates and seize the day. Or the crown.
Be sure to stay tuned for the next interview in our series: “How to be a Thoroughly Mediocre Fall Guys Player” coming soon to a hexagon near you.

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