Show Notes

Show Notes take work

What are show notes?

In our show notes, we take you through the basics of every game we've ever talked about on the show. We sometimes get sidetracked or neglect to mention a few things, so this is the place to go if you're curious about a game's release date, series history, major characters, or just want to learn some fun facts we didn't get to mention on the podcast itself. Think of the show notes as a database of sorts, where you can revisit and learn more about the games we talked about on each main episode. 

To keep everything from running too slow, we've broken down each set into categories by date range. This is also because, currently, we're running way behind on these. We promise, we're working on it. Check when the episode featuring the game you're interested in came out. Once you know that, click on the right range and find the picture correlating to the game.

January 2017-July 2017

August 2017-January 2018

February 2018-July 2018