Side-Quest 40. Snacking on Vacation

Hello and welcome to another Side-Quest episode of Talk This! It’s Dangerous to Podcast Alone. It’s definitely Sunday. We totally recorded this near to the release date. You can definitely tell.

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persona 5 in hawaii video game podcast

Emma continues her way through Octopath Traveler, finding it as addictive as it is infuriating. It really feels like this game should be great, and it’s just not getting there. Meanwhile, Madelyn continues Champ McDude’s adventures! The Phantom Thieves head to Hawaii, despite doubts from NYC HQ. Breath of the Wild and Skyrim continue to make slow progress as Madelyn’s aimless wandering often leads her to death. Additionally, we totally played games together when we were together in New York. Can confirm.

Weather Report

platinum a game on video game podcast

With possible reports of Kingdom Hearts 3 containing 80 HOURS OF CONTENT, we talk about our feelings on platinuming games and “weather” or not we’d ever do that ourselves. It’d probably have to be a short game with a very small amount of extra trophies. We’re just too distractable.

Off-Topic Corner

birthday parties on video game podcast

GUESS WHAT? Emma is now 21 which means she’s a real adult who can do anything she wants. Well, sort of. In other celebrations, our special sometimes guest and sister Milena turned five (check our second sister episode to celebrate), NYC HQ turns one, and the podcast itself is now a toddler. Time passes quick, no?

Traffic Report

In addition to the Play This! linked above, our blog has tons of new content in our series. Split Screen received not one but two new installments. Also, Clickbait Boyfriend continues his journey through Kingdom Hearts with the first installment of Birth by Sleep. You can look forward to more of that PLUS thoughts on the Re:Coded movie, because we did that to him. Talk about cruel and unusual.

Question of the Fortnight

vacation snacks for video games

What do you snack on when you game? Find out our ideal snack spread by listening to the side-quest to the end! After all, video games take so much energy, you’ve got to keep your calorie intake up during those intense boss fights!

Enjoy the episode! If you want to know what we talked about on last week’s full episode, check out the blog for Episode 42 right here. Look forward to next week’s episode where we plan to discuss the Nancy Drew games and Sea of Thieves. I’m already thinking of mash-ups. Also remember to check out our YouTube channel for the Play This! series (new one coming this Thursday), Flashback Fridays, and Clickbait Boyfriend Behind-The-Scenes!

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