Side-Quest 52: Unlock My Heart

Hello and welcome to another Side-Quest episode of Talk This! It’s Dangerous to Podcast Alone! This time, for your sake, we try to talk about anything but our building excitement for Kingdom Hearts 3 and are mostly successful. Mostly.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 came out. What the heck do you think we’ve been playing? I mean, did you listen to Tuesday’s bonus episode? Do you think we’d be playing other things after this past Tuesday rolled around? Are you a FOOL?

Legit though, been loving that game. Been loving how many selfies I can take in that game, mostly.

Weather Report

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Keeping on the theme, this week we wonder whether Madelyn will manage to accidentally spoil herself before she manages to finish Kingdom Hearts 3 since she’s an adult with a life and a job or sorts. She’s taken some precautions, but it’s really a question of whether Emma will spontaneously combust from keeping everything she wants to talk about inside.

Off-Topic Corner

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The Oscar nominations are out, and we’ve seen basically nothing because who wants to trek to the movies in the winter, not me. Still though, we have some thoughts on the interesting dichotomy of choices likely brought about by how the nomination committee or whatever it’s called has been shuffled in the past few years

Traffic Report

Traffic has been a bit irregular as we find ourselves filling our free time with video games as opposed to making content. However, we still had our two regularly scheduled Split Screens and one Clickbait Boyfriend– one to go before you get that sweet KH3 reaction content. Emma also put together a new Game Thoughts on Tales of Vesperia, looking at the first ten hours of the game.

Question of the Fortnight

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Now that Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally in our hands and hearts, the big question is what game we’re most looking forward to now. We’ve got a couple of responses, but put any that are on your radar in the comments or on social media for us!

Enjoy the episode! If you want to know what we talked about on last week’s full episode, check out the blog for episode 54 here. Look forward to next week’s episode where we’re talking about Shenmue and Marvel’s Spider-Man. 

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