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Boys Over Flowers Episode 16 (up to minute 33)

the girls go shopping on boys over flowers episode 16

M: I think this half would have benefited from the context of a full episode, because it just felt like a mess.

E: Well, it was more formally introducing Ha Jae-kyung after the engagement. So, while there were some disparate elements, they generally all coalesced around making her character clear.

M: Her character is apparently “has never talked to another human before.”

E: That does actually seem like what they’re going with though. Like the opposite kind of “never talked to another human” as Ji-hoo who also has that personality.

M: That was a sharp insight.

E: You mentioned like it seemed like she had never even consumed media before, but I actually think she’s very much going for like “cool girl persona.” She doesn’t feel like she’s acting super authentically, she just wants everybody to like her.

M: I’m not sure I buy that this isn’t authentic. The writers are clearly trying to set her up as the rich man’s Jan-di, who is herself super genuine in her own awkward way, although she’s grown up a lot over the last six or seven episodes. But whereas Jan-di is awkward because she’s frequently thrown into situations she’s never encountered before due to her social class, it’s hard for me to believe that Jae-kyung has never had to interact with people on her parents’ behalf before.

E: Well, we did see in Macau that they kind of just let her do whatever she wanted. She didn’t come to any of those meetings that she was supposed to come to. But, I don’t mean that she’s acting this way maliciously, just that she seems to think that making friends is a forceful activity and so she sort of shoves herself in everywhere as much as she can.

M: Sure, I buy that. I just mean that I think “shoving herself in everywhere” is clearly her personality trait. Also, it’s weird that her parents let her have free reign, but she also doesn’t have any friends. What is she doing while she’s not obeying her parents?

Jae-kyung singing on Boys Over Flowers episode 16

Apparently she skipped singing lessons

E: I mean, sneaking out and having friends isn’t exactly a one-to-one relationship thing that always happens together. She seems to keep herself company, at least based on what we saw of her Macau exploits.

M: It just seems a little weird that she didn’t pull this kind of thing on her classmates at whatever ritzy school she attended, even if she did travel a lot and didn’t have consistent friends. She should have learned a little bit more subtlety.

E: Well, maybe we’ll find out more about her.

M: I’m sure we will. I am willing to excuse the fact that she doesn’t recognize Jan-di from the party. You even called that last week. But Jan-di is clearly on the verge of tears about Jun-pyo about half a dozen times in that one afternoon and Jae-kyung doesn’t pick up on the fact that anything is weird at all?

E: Why would she?

M: Because Jan-di is like, crying about it.

E: But she’s not crying. She’s uncomfortable talking to her about all subjects so it seems to come off as shy more than anything. I do think it’s weird that Jae-kyung doesn’t remember their conversation in Macau about Jan-di’s boyfriend, but that seems like more of a writing oversight than anything. But I would just be reading Jan-di as shy not as “secretly the ex-girlfriend of my new fiancé.”

M: Fine, that’s fine through the whole ‘girl’s night out/sleepover’ arc. Let’s talk about the crown jewel of weird moments. This is really what convinced me that even if Jae-kyung’s trying aggressively to be friends, it’s not because she’s acting out a cool girl archetype, since clearly she has never watched television or read a book that has any kind of romance of any size, shape, form, etc.

Jae-kyung in Boys over flowers episode 16

Bang bang boom

E: I think she thought she was being helpful and mischievous. So again, that’s an archetype in fiction.

M: Yeah, but nobody likes that girl.

E: Well, people in books do.

M: Lame. How dare she yell out in front of Ji-hoo and Jun-pyo that one, Jun-pyo and Jan-di seem close even though they’re glaring daggers at each other, and that two, Ji-hoo must be the dull boy Jan-di is in love with. Let’s all go on a date!

E: I do think she was actually describing Ji-hoo during the sleepover- because they were talking about first love right? Plus it’s probably a safer option to pick when talking with the person’s fiancé. But yeah, it’s a little much to bring it up into front of that person who Jan-di may or may not like and may or may not have told them that she likes them. Just a bad call.

M: I think the description was vague enough to potentially apply to either boy. All she said was that being with this person made her feel dazzled or small in comparison.

E: Seems more specific to all those shots of Ji-hoo playing violin in the forest from the very start of the show though. To me at least, that’s what she seemed to be referring to.

M: I hope it doesn’t matter. I really hope this isn’t set up for reexamining Jan-di’s past feelings for Ji-hoo because come on, I don’t want that.

E: It was first love, not current. Even if Jae-kyung interpreted it that way.

M: I did appreciate Jan-di throwing the stain comment back at Jun-pyo. That was a sick burn.

E: I also was really glad that she stood up for herself enough to say no to the double date. I really thought she was going go silent and end up dragged along. Especially since she had already gone along with the girls’ day and the sleepover.

Jan-di running from Jun-pyo boys over flowers episode 16

“Here, chuck this at him.” -Ji-hoo, probably

M: And agreed to be Jae-kyung’s dating coach.

E: We didn’t actually see her agree, although I guess silence isn’t enough of a “no” for someone like Jae-kyung.

M: I’m glad the double date didn’t happen because of all the damage it would have done to every single relationship on the show. However, I’m also sad it didn’t happen, because it would have been so spectacularly awkward that I think it would have transcended cringe into something enjoyable. It would have been almost farcical for Jan-di, Jun-pyo, and Ji-hoo to keep this secret.

E: Meanwhile, she has already murdered Yi-jung and Woo-bin.

M: The Hardy Boys are not so hardy after all.

E: I can’t believe that Woo-bin set his own gang on her so that he could beat her up. Like was he not expecting her to have bodyguards? She’s rich!

M: Well, Jun-pyo’s bodyguards are incompetent, so he’s probably used to that. We also learned during the top of episode tea party that Jun-pyo passed on staying at Woo-bin’s because “the girls are too loud.” WHAT?

E: I have no idea what that means. Maybe he just has a ton of sisters, you know?

Woo-bin over his head in boys over flowers episode 16

The face of a man who did not think this through

M: Let’s hope so. We didn’t talk about that scene, but I’m so glad that for once, hoarder Ji-hoo was able to do some good with his stolen Jan-di item.

E: He doesn’t really steal them, he just doesn’t return them.

M: That’s called stealing.

E: Is it though? Or is it just unintentional gift-giving?

M: He’s fostering her gifts.

E: Yes, anyway, he passes on the weird cat Jun-pyo thing.

M: It’s so cute. I love it. I also got several novelty pillows for the holidays this year, so I’m biased.

E: The hair would just make it very hard to use in my opinion.

M: It’s about the gesture. It’s obvious that Jun-pyo is never going to use this, and Jan-di knows that. She wants him to lose it so that they’re even.

E: Fair, that’s fair.

M: The show now has its longest running secret ever, as Jae-kyung has gone half an episode without realizing who Jan-di is. Even though the Geum family literally had Jae-kyung’s blurred face up on Kang-san’s laptop when she visited. We did, however, get one major revelation.

E: So the doctor is….dun dun dun! Ji-hoo’s grandfather!!! Which makes a little more sense than his dad who died in an accident that Ji-hoo was also in. Still mysterious though.

M: Even more mysterious is the fact that the porridge man seems to have inside knowledge about the situation that he has not yet revealed.

Ji-hoo meets his grandfather in boys over flowers episode 16


E: Maybe that’s why he’s been so considerate of Ji-hoo, not because he’s got a crush. Like giving him that weird little pancake thing. I’m also all aboard the Bodyguard Lady x Porridge Man ship now.

M: Full steam ahead! It’s unclear to me how former president Yoon went from being president of a company (presumably, anyway) to being a fine dining chef to being an unlicensed doctor, but here we are.

E: He’s multi-talented.

M: I’m excited for this to unfold. Hopefully it has something to do with Yi-jung’s cheating dad.

E: What? That plotline hasn’t been back for like ten episodes, Madelyn, we’re never hearing anything about that again.

M: You never know.

E: What have we not talked about?

M: Well, we’re on a bit of a cliffhanger that’s already been partially spoiled for us by the next-on. I am very excited for Yi-jung and Ga-Eul to fake get together. Again.

E: I’m really wondering why this is their first plan. Or not even their first plan, like their ultimate emergency plan guaranteed to succeed or whatever. It’s just so odd.

M: Look, Yi-jung and Woo-bin don’t know how to be anything but Casanova and Don Juan. But, for real, they are playing on that reputation, and it’s a decent way to make Jan-di worry about her friend.

E: Sure, I just don’t really see how they manage to draw Jun-pyo into it. Like, why would Jan-di not just go to Woo-bin or Ji-hoo if she was worried?

M: Because Woo-bin and Ji-hoo are in on it, and will make sure to be unavailable.

E: Ji-hoo is a little preoccupied right now, I suppose, although they couldn’t have predicted that.

Boys Over Flowers, Woo-bin, Yi-jung, and Ga-eul plot

The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew

M: Well, I’m excited to see how it all plays out. This segues pretty well into Romance Tracker. Any other thoughts?

E: For my Romance Tracker, not really a prediction because I’m not confident it’ll happen, but I really hope that Jae-kyung finds out about all the Jun-pyo/Jan-di stuff by the end of this episode. I don’t really know which way they’ll take it once she finds out, and I’m curious to know.

M: I’m hoping they can spin it that she too takes a Ji-hoo-like tact of trying to help them, and then the two moms get together. I think she’d be a good match for Ji-hoo since she’s just like Jan-di but rich.

E: Come on, she’s like 10x more confident than Jan-di.

M: But also 10x less socialized so that probably works well for this pairing, honestly.

E: They can just thoughtlessly and obliviously plow their way through the world together. That works.

M: We just need to find someone for Woo-bin.

E: I just want a Woo-bin backstory episode.

M: Woo-bin Alone.

E: My non-romantic prediction is that Woo-bin goes on a journey of self-discovery and changes his ways.

M: I guess mine is…it’s hard, everyone is in a romance arc right now. But mine is that–I don’t even know. What’s a topic that isn’t about romance from this episode?

E: Ji-hoo and Grandaddy Ji-hoo.

M: Oh true. The estrangement is probably because Grandaddy Yoon blamed Ji-hoo for the death of his son or daughter.

E: Really?

M: Well, it was sort of his fault, right? Ji-hoo told us that story where he had distracted his parents somehow and that caused the crash.

E: That’s not the vibe I was getting from it, but I respect your prediction.

M: It’s weird, porridge man said they couldn’t see each other. Maybe Grandaddy had them killed.

E: Damn, savage.

M: With this show, I would believe it.


My Hero Academia S2E19: “Everybody’s Internships”

Froppy in My Hero Academia season 2 episode 19

E: In the immortal words of Deku: “I wonder how everyone else is doing on their internship.”

M: That was so self-indulgent. That was so gratuitous. I care about the rest of the class. I don’t need Deku to tell me to care about them.

E: This is actually an anime-original episode, it’s not from the source material. I believe it’s the first one in the series so far- there’s three more, including the recap and charity episodes, in season 3. So if it felt a little weird, that might be why.

M: I guess I was expecting it to be more of a montage than it was. The first half was what I was expecting the whole episode to be.

E: I mean, I understand not covering everyone, just for the amount of work it would take to come up with designs for pro-heroes for 20 students, but yeah, I also wish they’d managed to show a few more than they ended up doing. They did pick the ones that are like “HEY REMEMBER THIS PERSON THEY MIGHT BE IMPORTANT.” From the writer perspective, it makes sense. But it would have nice to get a broader range of experiences.

M: That’s kind of the reason I found it a bit disappointing. First of all, we’ve already checked in with the vast majority of these characters, other than Tsu, I think. And this episode’s flashes of what they’re doing don’t really do anything to build on what I already knew about their internships. Maybe Uraraka a little bit, I did like the line about being cute but also tough. But the rest were like “yeah, I knew that, couldn’t you have shown me someone else?” Or, even better, given me some kind of pay-off for the whole thing. We’ve been watching Momo and Misty for four episodes or whatever now, and it’s always exactly the same.

E: Yeah, although it’s an authentic internship experience in a lot of ways. Like “dang I wish I could do something important or build up to something but it’s mostly doing social media until I die.” Not that I would know anything about that.

M: Wow, I feel viciously attacked by that and I have a real job.

Kirishima and Tetsutetsu on their internship in my hero academia season 2 episode 19

This is basically doing social media

E: But, especially when you’ve got a cast that’s as large as this show, I do understand prioritizing sticking people in viewers’ memories whenever you can, with the more exclusively side characters ending up more as flavor for group scenes. But yeah, it would have been better if they had more solid C-stories than they did.

M: It was such a breath of fresh air to check in with ear-bud girl. It showed how her power could actually be useful in a heroic context without putting her in a ton of danger. I feel like only hers and Uraraka’s internships seem to be what the school intended for the week. An actual learning experience which doesn’t involve mortal peril.

E: That’s the goal. Always the goal.

M: I just wish they had picked a few more of the characters that I know little about. Because come on, I didn’t forget Bakugo and I could have assumed that he did some yelling at children on his internship without seeing it. Show me how Tape Man or Appendage Boy uses his power for good or for learning.

E: Yeah, but you got to listen to Best Jeanist’s puns. How could you have gone without his puns, Madelyn?

M: You know, that’s fair. But the fact that the internship experiences we’ve seen have been so wildly unbalanced made me acutely aware of how irresponsibly they handled Tsu on the ship. She should not have come along.

E: Why? You just praised Earphone Jack’s internship, and that was a real situation.

M: Yeah I know. I guess because EJ’s supervisor seemed to have a clear role in mind for her that was useful but also kept her mostly out of harm’s way. Selkie didn’t seem to have a plan for Tsu. I know the danger sprung up out of nowhere, but this also seems like it shouldn’t be that uncommon of a situation. Also, come on man, you got pushed into the fish compartment? Are you kidding me?

E: That last part is totally fair and the adorable man/sea-lion should be ashamed, but I imagine it’s really challenging as a pro-hero to balance the unpredictability of the job, the danger of the job, and the desire for your intern to actually learn something. Like, Momo’s and Kirishima’s seemed to end up on the safe but not super helpful side of the internship while Iida’s and Froppy’s ended up on the useful(-ish) but rather dangerous side of the internship. Froppy’s more than Iida’s I guess.

Selkie in My Hero Academia season 2 episode 19

Listen. He is cute. Not as cute as Gunhead, but close.

M: That’s the reason that these internships should be for second year students, not first years. It’s unclear to me how long these kids have been in school, but it can’t be longer than six months.

E: Oh yeah, it’s definitely not longer than six months. I will say, spoiler-free, that second year students have some more intense activities than a week-long internship, so in terms of scaling up it makes sense, it’s just whether they start too fast, I guess, is the question.

M: And that’s why I think that internships like Momo’s and Kirishima’s are actually kind of what this experience should be. Obviously they’re extreme examples, but the heroes are trying to teach the kids about the stuff they won’t learn in combat class. What it really takes to be a hero. It seems inappropriate to be bringing these fifteen year olds on real missions where they might have to fight real villains. Not only is it quasi-illegal, but it’s really irresponsible.

E: Now you’re flip-flopping around on yourself. So clearly it’s a complicated issue with some kinks to work out. Or quirks to work out should I say.

M: I guess what I’m saying is that UA needs to do more vetting of who is allowed to take on interns. The kids who have supervisors who have some lessons in mind, including Earphone Jack, who was clearly part of a plan that had been orchestrated to keep her safe, are having boring to valuable experiences, whereas the ones who are just along for the ride are frequently in danger.

E: You live and you learn.

M: Principal Dog, fix this.

Bakugo on his internship my hero academia season 2 episode 19

Madelyn pictured threatening a small, intelligent animal

E: Principal Dog probably has enough trouble running a school that’s made for people like 50x the size of him. He’s let some stuff slip through the cracks.

M: Word. Tsu’s storyline was interesting enough, but it was hard for me to feel super invested because the rest of the stories we’d started out with were so low stakes that it felt like a huge jump, but at the same time, it’s nothing compared to the multi-episode Stain fight. It fell in this weird middle ground.

E: Yeah, it’s a weird transitional episode kind of inserted in there to add a bit of characterization for a character who may or may not become more important, and also to fill out the episode count so they can end the season where they want to end the season. So it is a bit of an odd episode, but one that’s worth watching in my opinion.

M: I get that. I just really wanted a clip show ala that one episode of Community.

E: That would have been pretty cool. So many character designs though.

M: Look, just take a peek at the first generation Pokemon, pick a few, and turn them into people. Jynx and Mister Mime don’t even need edits.

E: But you want each hero to make sense as someone that student would pick for themselves, and you have to give them a personality and a type of hero they are like Rescue or combat or whatever and then you have to come up with scenarios for that student…like coming up with a bunch of little stories is probably way harder than coming up with a single one to fill half an episode.

M: Oh, but I wasn’t expecting that much. I just wanted some one-liners. Wouldn’t be funny if Tail Man was paired with Tentancle Arm Woman? This would be a fun day in the writer’s room.

Froppy in a bad situation in my hero academia season 2 episode 19

Well, they did kind of fight tentacle arm man…?

E: When you’re working with material that you’re adapting, you have to be careful how much you insert into the world. Otherwise you may end up creating contradictions and plot holes down the line.

M: That’s a fair reason not to do it. Doesn’t mean I can’t be disappointed.

E: Fair, fair.

M: So, who’s getting sued this week on Lawsuit Watch?

E: Eh. Nobody?

M: More like, who’s getting Tsu-ed, am I right?

E: Ayyyyyyyyy, but no, I don’t think that was a lawsuit situation.

M: Ji-hoo might file an anonymous complaint about the unlicensed doctor.

E: We have no confirmation one way or the other that the doctor is unlicensed.

M: Yi-jung might try to steal his pottery back?

E: Is it stealing or is it just secretly returning to yourself?

M: I’m concerned about your sense of right and wrong.

E: No, but lawsuit watch has actually been pretty slow these last few installments.

M: School has not been a major setting for either of the shows lately.

Tsu and her supervisor in my hero academia season 2 episode 19

We’ve gone 45 days without needing a lawyer! says the whiteboard on the ship

E: Are you ready for next week’s episode title?

M: Am I ever? Real question, not hypothetical.

E: It’s called: “Listen Up! A Tale from the Past.” And no, it’s not a recap episode.

M: Oh man, that would be funny. So, this one is the clip show.


M: Hey! Listen!

E: Oh dear.

M: Well, obvious prediction number one: All-Might is going to secretly tell Deku about the whole All-for-One/One-for-All situation.


M: Prediction two: In this flashback, Gran Torino will somehow look exactly the same.


M: His quirk is that he was born as a little old man.


M: Prediction three: Stain is going to overhear this whole thing and bust out. He’s not dead, he’s in the hospital. He developed a super hearing quirk.


M: Prediction four: This whole tale will have to do with some girlfriend of All-Might’s that he tragically lost, that’s why he’s a loner man now.


M: And prediction five: We’ll get some good Shrivel-Might content.


Hey everybody, Emma here! As always, thanks for tuning in to Split Screen! If you want to catch up, we’re watching the My Hero Academia dub on Hulu and the Boys Over Flowers sub on Netflix. 

Next time! Deku gets hit with some truths courtesy of All-Might while Yi-jung, Ga-eul, and Woo-bin put their dastardly plot into motion. 

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