Split Screen: How About ‘Dem Apples, Sir?

Hey there, Split Screen fans! Merry April from the land of every-day-feels-the-same! This time, Coffee Prince turns into the Animal Crossing spin-off no one knew they needed, and My Hero Academia reveals a horrifying secret about Deku: he’s not funny, Plus some villains explode into puddles of blood. On which show, you ask? You’ll have to read on to find out!

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Coffee Prince Fifth Cup (from minute 29)

M: I miss the days when we could go on apple picking retreats. 

E: How many apple picking retreats have you been on?

M: Clickbait Boyfriend and I go and pick apples in the Hudson Valley each fall! So…two! 

E: Well, good for you. You’ll probably be able to go again by the fall.

M: One can only hope. Hopefully no one asks me to sell premium apples though. 

E: Just say no. Just watch the stand like a good, non-entrepreneuring person.

M: I’ll tell them to go take their dump in the evening instead. 

E: I could use a few less men going to the bathroom on this show.

M: I could use just less bathroom in general. 

E: True.

M: It’s not the gender balance that’s bothering me. 

E: We did get a funny moment of Min-yup ushering the other men away from Eun-chan, but otherwise all bathroom could have been cut from this whole show.

M: I can’t tell if Min-yup is more concerned with guarding Eun-chan’s secret or her honor. Preserving her feminine delicacy. 

E: I think it’s a little bit of both. 

Leave room for Min-yup, you flirts

M: This was a real Animal Crossing episode. Weird that Nintendo adapted Animal Crossing into half an episode of a k-drama. 

E: Lots of apple picking, and a fruit-themed dress. That’s pretty much all Animal Crossing is.

M: And bee stings to the face! Don’t forget that!

E: Oh right! If only my villager had peanut butter to put on their wasp-ridden face.

M: That was pretty good effects make-up, actually. 

E: Maybe he just actually got stung, and they improvised.

M: Either way, good for Min-yup. He’s rapidly becoming one of my favorite characters. 

E: He’s just a big well-meaning idiot, which is always a good character type.

M: Every show needs a doofus. 

E: We also got a Mr. Hong serenade during this retreat.

M: Mr. Hong loves coffee so much. Even his song was about making coffee for his love, who is clearly Ji-young, AKA Eun-chan’s mom, AKA “Gee, she looks young.”

E: Just Eun-chan’s mom, no need to learn her name.

M: I was so proud of myself and my memory device that I had to show off. 

E: Technically we could just call her Ms. Chan too. Since the adult men are generally Mr. Last Name to us right now.

M: It’s Ms. Ko. Ko Eun-chan.

E: Dang it, I always do this.

M: But that works for me. Along with Miss Na and Mister Ba or whatever. 

E: Let’s not think too much about Miss Na and Mister Ba.

M: I love how the big Boys Over Flowers energy already in all of these cast field trip episodes.

Also, more accurate road trip accommodations

E: To be fair, they clearly were given a smaller budget for their field trips. I don’t think we will be getting many random island retreats in this show. 

M: It already doesn’t make sense that they took a retreat at all. I see why Mr. Hong approved it because they were picking apples to help out his buddy, but I don’t understand Han-gyul’s business plan in the slightest. 

E: I don’t think Han-gyul has a business plan, which is perhaps the problem.

M: He doesn’t seem to be taking his grandma’s challenge even a little seriously. Last time they played basketball all day. Now they aren’t even at the shop? I know business is slow, but this seems frivolous. 

E: Listen, quarantine is really hitting them rough here.

M: I know it’s a tough time to run a coffee shop, but do takeout! 

E: He’s in a creative rut right now in terms of dealing with the business, so I think he’s mostly trying to avoid it as much as he can.

M: Well, thank goodness this time he learned what it’s like to make a mistake. 

E: Min-yup saying “everybody makes mistakes, boss,” was such a quality moment.

M: And then Eun-chan almost killing Han-gyul with a premium apple to top it off. 

E: It’s just what he deserves.

M: Why were the premium apples that someone was picking up tomorrow at the roadside stand anyway? 

E: Madelyn, I know this may be a surprise, but I’m not privy to the inner workings of apple farmers and their process, so I could not even venture a guess.

Just leave the apples alone please

M: Just doesn’t seem like a great idea to me, that’s all. They weren’t labelled or anything. I knew something was going to go wrong while Han-gyul was watching the stand by himself, but this doesn’t even seem like his fault. 

E: Those are the worst mistakes though, aren’t they? When it’s not your fault, but you feel like an idiot anyway?

M: You’re not wrong. I guess it is his fault that he didn’t know the difference between a honeycrisp and a red delicious. 

E: Yeah, Han-gyul, do you know how expensive my honeycrisp habit is?

M: I’ve given them up. I’ve downgraded to Pink Lady. 

E: The only other notable thing from the retreat that I remember was Han-gyul giving Eun-chan a little Lego robot. Which, judging by the next on, apparently he’s just really in to Lego. You know what, good character trait.

M: I’m obsessed with that. It came out of nowhere, and I’m thrilled. You forgot the important inciting incident that led to that Lego gift. 

E: We already talked about the bathroom stuff, let’s just leave it.

M: First, Eun-chan had Emma’s nightmare sleeping situation AKA a flashback to our Japan trip. 

E: One huge snorer is one thing, four huge snorers is when you just start screaming into the void.

M: Anyway, I hope the apples resolve Han-gyul’s backed-up bowels. Fiber!

E: And then, we get Eun-chan all girlied up for the art show!

M: I was not expecting a makeover montage! 

While cute, she is definitely recognizable in this

E: Well, he is aware that she’s somewhat disguising herself, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he already knew Han-gyul was also going to be there. So it’s actually a disguise montage.

M: Intercut with clips of Han-gyul flexing his abs. 

E: That was a weird editing choice.

M: Dresses! Abs! Dresses! He’s putting on a collar! 

E: That’s all girls think about, right? That’s the way you get that audience.

M: I wouldn’t know. I’m not a girl. I’m a strong physical being, or whatever they said at the beginning. 

E: I aspire to be a strong physical being.

M: I love than Eun-sae is reverse Mrs. Bennett-ing her mom. She’s like “she won’t marry someone poor, you dummy. I’m gonna go eat ice cream!.”

E: Eun-sae is a hustler, we already know this from her school side-business.

M: Mad respect for the hustle. 

E: Any last thoughts?

M: On the Romance Tracker front, I thought for sure someone else was going to figure out Eun-chan’s secret, but no! Onward with Han-gyul’s gay awakening.

E: You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if, whenever it gets revealed, Waffle Chef just knew all along.

M: Waffle chef’s divorcee on the beach outfit was a mood. 

Look at this man

E: It was! That’s what the outfit was!

M: The real romance tracker is when he’ll bring some sexy younger man back to the shop. Only a matter of time. 

My Hero Academia S4E2: “Overhaul”

E: So first thing about this episode, that I feel like is best put up front is that, while I understand the narrative purpose on multiple levels of having Overhaul kill one of the League of Villains, it’s not the greatest look to have him kill the trans character.

M: I feel very dumb that I didn’t realize that Magne was a woman. 

E: I mean, we’ve been watching this so slowly, and it’s been so long since we’ve seen her. I don’t think you should necessarily feel dumb.

M: To be fair, I also forgot that Magne existed. 

E: Again, same reason probably.

M: I’m psyched that we’re getting a yakuza plot. 

E: Even though the yakuza are not the respected institution they once were in this world.

M: Look, Kiryu is the real symbol of peace. 

E: Kiryu would put All Might to shame.

M: Kiryu would have protected Magne too. 

E: Kiryu would be ripping his shirt off at this moment and beating Overhaul with a chair.

M: Anyway, the League of Villains was literally in quarantine. Twice asked Overhaul “are you sick? These people have been sick for ages!”

E: Yeah, Overhaul and his gaggle of plague-doctor-mask-wearing brethren are rather timely villains at the moment.

M: I hope that Shigaraki is washing all of his hands. 

E: Oh man, it’d take him like five minutes to do all of them properly.

M: I hope he has some good tunes for handwashing! Speaking of which, I’ll need a few more listens to the new theme to really develop an opinion, but I like it, I think. Too much of this mystery character in both beginning and end credits for me, but that’s okay. 

E: I like the ending theme a lot, but the opening is probably lower down on my list. It’s just not as exciting as some of the other ones, I think, even though I do like the song itself.

M: Well, fitting, for an episode that was STRANGE. 

E: We got a very violent first half and then a very offbeat second half.

Someone give Mr. Compress a hand

M: That first half was downright gritty. People exploded in blood. And then in the second half we did an about-face to “haha work study, kinda dangerous, gossipy teachers, jokey joke.” 

E: Well, it does serve to show just how insulated these kids still are from some aspects of this world. And maybe that’ll come up on the work study.

M: I hope so. These kids are not prepared. 

E: They’ve scaled back the work studies for first-years now. Only reliable agencies, plus you have to get them yourself.

M: See, that makes me more worried. What kind of agencies were they sending them to before? Unreliable ones? 

E: I think of it like…in Northeastern, you had co-op partners which had taken lots of co-op students before, or you could find your own co-op like I did. So UA is only allowing the first type. 

M: That feels like an obvious decision for the first-years. Aizawa treated this as some special super-restrictive precaution that was controversial, and like…duh the first years shouldn’t be able to just cold-email Endeavor. “Please read my cover letter, sir.”

E: Endeavor sitting down to a day of reading cover letters is a good mental image. It’s what he deserves for what he’s done to his family. Endless cover letters.

M: They’re all Word documents and formatted weird. Or they’re inexplicably like, a Pages document. 

E: I take it back, five men snoring is no longer my personal hell. It’s reading cover letters that are Pages documents.

M: So what happened with All-Might and Sir?


E: He doesn’t want to talk to the guy.

M: I get weird second-hand embarrassment whenever someone is an All-Might superfan. 

E: So literally every time Deku is on screen. Oh man. This must have been a painful viewing experience for you over these past three season.

M: I just mean the posters and the HeroTube videos. Whenever I see those, I just get a little shiver.

E: He’s just proud of his dad.

M: Wait, Sir is All Might’s son? Spoiler!

E: I thought you meant Deku. I don’t think Sir is All Might’s son. So far as I’m aware. He’s just proud of his former boss.

M: Of course Mirio works there. He’s not funny, but he tries. 

E: Fun localization corner. The “I’ve To-gata go see” pun is sort of a lucky break for the dub staff, because the Japanese pun is actually with his first name “mirio”. It just happened to also work out in English.

M: I’m trying to think of a good Mirio pun. 

E: For you, looking at Mirio is like looking in the mirrorio.

M: Mirror yo, you mean. 

E: Sure.

Me, to Madelyn’s jokes

M: Yes, I too look beefy and frequently pull my pants down. That’s what Mirio does! Like in the sports fest!

E: That’s less pulling his pants down and more just falling out of them.

M: Same difference. 

E: Anyway, Deku attempts to impress Sir Nighteye with his All Might impression, but unfortunately, Deku is not a funny person. He is many things. But he is not funny.

M: His All Might impression is so good though!

E: He practiced every day. 

M: How does he do the shadows like that?

E: Dedication.

M: You’d think that All Might would have warned Deku about what he was walking into. The tickle torture at the very least. 

E: Maybe he was just repressing the tickle torture. That’s why he doesn’t want to talk to him. Traumatic memories.

M: If he did that to All Might…I understand why they don’t talk. 

The true power of One for All

E: Any last thoughts on the episode?

M: Obviously Deku is going to get this work study somehow. If that means going home and working on his stand-up, he’ll do it. But man, that sidekick needs to get the heck out of there. 

E: Meanwhile Mirio is just like shaking his head, “Aw man, she wasn’t energetic enough. Sucks.”

M: Mirio should have had Deku tell a few jokes before he took him all the way across town. 

E: Yeah, no reason to ask what sort of hero he wants to be, he should have just asked for an impromptu stand-up comedy routine.

M: Oh, my last thought is that the teachers are nosy bitches. Deku and All Might are having a private conversation!

E: Listen, Ectoplasm just wants to karaoke.

M: It’s hard to choose which show is more caffeinated this time around. 

E: I mean the second half of My Hero was extremely caffeinated, but so was the apple picking retreat.

M: I’ll declare a tie! Lawsuit Watch one million percent goes to My Hero. 

E: Why? Oh, the tickle machine.

M: Workplace harassment. 

Who made this is my question

E: They could probably sue Han-gyul for damages if they wanted to. Apple crimes.

M: Okay, I’m ready to make some predictions. 

E: Season 4 Episode 3 is called “Boy Meets…”

M: That’s it?

E: Dot dot dots included.

M: Okay, so it won’t be about a butcher shop, we’ll start there. 

E: Yes, also with two e’s

M: Okay, prediction one: this is one I shared with you during the watch, but Deku will go train under Joke for an intensive long-weekend and return with whoopie cushions galore. Aizawa will have to stay at a hotel to keep the relationship a secret. 

E: Is that Deku or Aizawa? Nobody knows.

M: Prediction two: pratfalls are going to become Deku’s thing. He’ll utilize his former weakness, hurting himself, and turn it into a strength. 


M: Prediction three: Bakugo and Todoroki have a terrible time at remedial school. Just terrible. 

E:   Close the schools, bro.

M: Prediction four: the League of Villains will swear a blood oath or something super dark next time that will be completely tonally off. 

E: With each other or..?

M: Sure, who knows?

E: Just wanted to see if there was a specific target for this blood oath or if they’re doing it for funsies.

M: Sure, how about with the devil?

E:   party popper emoji

M: Finally, prediction five: Pikachu will learn a lot from Momo, super-charging his power and IQ. 


Emma here! Thanks for following along on Split Screen. We’re watching Coffee Prince on Tubi and MHA on Funimation if you want to catch up.

Next time, we’ve got some good stuff for you. A boy meets an ellipses, and we see Eun-chan completely fail her stealth check. 

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