Split Screen: Send in the B-Team

Hey there, Split Screen fans! It’s your intro host Madelyn, ready to dive into another week of bumbling would-be defectors and scarily powerful teenager. This week, there’s a great smattering of predictions throughout that range from incredibly spot on to incredibly incorrect in both My Hero Academia and Crash Landing on You. You’ll have to wait to find out which ones come true! For now, let’s press play!

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Crash Landing on You Episode 2 (up to minute 40)

One of the soldiers is startled by Se-ri's sudden appearance from Captain Ri's house

M: Why is this show so funny?

E: It’s the natural absurdity of the concept plus her absurd lack of worry about her own situation.

M: It really should be pretty cringe, but Se-ri just keeps talking and doesn’t give you time to think about how vaguely uncomfortable the premise is.

E: She is really the worst. Again, in a good way.

M: The fact that she was able to memorize the names and short bios of each of the important squad members in two seconds when it takes me five episodes? Iconic.

E: Even with her clearly identifying them this time, they’re still like “guy who is not a good shot” and “Korean drama guy.” I do not have their names yet.

M: Stairway to Heaven is a real K-drama, I just looked it up. From 2003.

E: 9/10 Kdramas feature amnesia. It’s a common illness in capitalist society.

M: I kept waiting for them to think that cell phones were something different too, but it seems like they understood that. At least better than Se-ri understood the concept of “urgent.”

E: I can’t believe Se-ri is going to return to South Korea and make hip versions of the North Korean kimchi cellar and bath curtain bucket thing.

M: You can see the capitalistic gears turning in her head, it’s fantastic.

E: If I were these North Korean soldiers (and I do understand that they’re supposed to be, you know, like nice North Korean soldiers), I think I would just kill her, dump her somewhere, and be done with it. No more problems.

M: They’re nice guys though. They’re soldiers, but it’s not like North Korea is actually in combat with anyone. It’s not like these guys are killers.

Three soldiers reacting to Se-ri's presence at their captain's house

Left to right: Geum Eun-Dong, Park Kwang-beom, Kim Ju-meok. The one not pictured: Pyo Chi-su

EDITOR EMMA: No, we will probably never remember these names, we suck at names, we’re very sorry.

E: I guess, but they are under threat of being sent to a work camp. Which does not sound pleasant. Also, this lady has called me at work looking for body wash and shampoo. Maybe that’s enough to drive a man to murder.

M: Se-ri has big Lorelai Gilmore vibes for me.

E: I don’t know if even Lorelai Gilmore would be this blasé in a hostile country.

M: Maybe if Lorelai had never had Rory and stayed rich, she’d have turned out something like this. Frankly it’s only because of Se-ri’s breezy confidence that she’s still alive.

E: I don’t know. If they’d just managed to immediately turn her over, she might just be on her way back by now?

M: Maybe? It was a risk though. As Captain Ri said, the state would interrogate her and then maybe send her back.

E: She will pester them for meat and body wash, and they’ll be like “no.”

M: How many episodes until he needs to pretend she’s his wife from the country?

E: Like, the second half of this one.

M: They’ve already made a big deal about the fact that no one knows his family background, and all the women of the village are excited to woo him now that he’s back from the frontlines. Feels inevitable when she’s discovered.

E: I feel like sister would be the better choice logically, but this is a romance so it’ll be wife.

M: They’ll catch the two of them in a compromising situation. She doesn’t understand how North Korean pants work, or something.

E: It’ll just be the same as the early scene from this episode with the god-tier music changes where she’s trying to be all coy and he’s just like “kill? murder?”

Se-ri, trapped by Captain Ri's arm, playing up her charms

Sometimes you think you’re flirting and he’s actually wondering where he should dump your body

M: I can’t wait for her to school all of these bumbling other soldiers. She is going to teach these men how to talk to women, just you wait.

E: I don’t know yet how scammer man is going to play into the North Korean proceedings. He definitely signed that contract without reading it though.

M: My guess is that this is going to be how Se-ri’s family accidentally finds her around mid-season or so. He’ll end up staying in approximately the same area, there will be a love triangle, and the brother will track him down and accidentally find Se-ri in the process. Then, she’ll have to find a way to rescue her captain love and bring him to the South. Or, the brother will make a mistake and think Captain Ri is the scammer and he’ll be brought back to South Korea.

E: We definitely have to switch locales at some point. At least from the opening.

M: It would be a missed opportunity to not bring this whole gang to Seoul.

E: Just a whole bunch of defectors, all at once. Bumbling their way across the border.

M: The electric fence is back now, so that’s impossible. It’s convenient that this happened on their last day at the post.

E: Literal act of god. I’m telling you. The fact that there is a prayer element to this, really makes me think. It’s just God.

M: Introducing that one associate of Se-ri’s…what, secretary dude? Just so that he could go pray next to her sister-in-law? Comedy gold.

A woman on the right and a man on the left in an empty church, praying for exact opposite things

God is getting conflicting requests

E: Her brothers have always been evil children, by the way. With terrible bowl cuts.

M: I forgot about that! The hair! The round little baby faces!

E: The deep, disapproving frowns at the baby.

M: Perfect casting.

E: Was there anything else? These are long episodes apparently, and my brain is small.

M: I wonder where the tomb raider arc is going.

E: Captain Ri needs to mind his own business until the South Korean lady staying in his home is gone.

M: Captain Ri needs to learn when to politely accept and pretend to drink the South Korean coffee.

E: Captain Ri needs to know when a person stops in the middle of a sip of coffee, that means you back out, and get out of there.

M: I do think that whatever he discovers will shake the battalion’s faith in North Korea.

E: That one Korean drama guy could probably be convinced to defect for an autograph.

M: The one with family in the country will be hard to convince.

E: There’s five total including the Captain, right? I can’t remember the fifth.

M: Captain Ri, k-drama dude, drunk bad shot, country boy, and the other one. What did he do that was bad?

E: Was he the one who disarmed the mine?

M: Yeah, yeah I think so.

E: Got it, I remember now.

Captain Ri, holding up an old cord phone to his ear, looking exasperated

This is me when I get any phone call

M: Well, where’s this all going? Romance Tracker time.

E: Any chance of romance has been quashed by Se-ri’s everything.

M: Just stop talking.

E: I don’t think she’s capable of it.

M: I really want b-romances for the rest of the troops.

E: They kind of have A Girl Worth Fighting For energy.

M: That’s what I was just thinking! That’s what I was going to say!

E: Also, this episode, CGI dragonfly. That’s CGI animal watch.

M: CGI: North Korea.

My Hero Academia S5E3: “Clash! Class A vs. Class B”

A group shot of the Class-B students arriving on the scene

E: I didn’t sleep well last night. I think it was because I didn’t have enough cheese.

M: Why were you making such a ruckus? Was it a lack of dairy consumption?

E: I feel like it’d be the opposite if anything.

M: How have we not encountered anyone with a flatulent power yet?

E: Aoyama’s is sort of flatulent, but indirectly.

M: I take it back, I regret it.

E: We don’t know all of Class B’s powers yet, so we can only hope.

M: Do you think Shinso’s voice mask can also make fart sounds?

E: We can only hope.

M: It’s the only way he’s going to make friends.

E: I hope it does just have a funny sound setting. So he can punctuate conversations with like, air horns. Sad trumpets.

M: He’s going to be a big hit on ‘Roki’s Tik Tok.

E: ROKI TIK TOK. That’s his screen name. That’s what him and Sero are talking about in the ending.

M: All that remains is what he’s talking to Deku about in the beginning.

E: Deku just has an encyclopedic knowledge of Tik Toks, but only related to heroes.

M: A journal just for that.

Shinso with a mechanical black mask over the bottom part of his face, fiddling with the side of it

Pictured: Shinso, turning on Meme Mode

E: So it seems like this arc is going to just be Class A vs Class B fights. It’s better than the license arc in set-up at least. To me.

M: I’m worried that it means that Class 1-B is going to be relevant for future major arcs, and this show already has too many characters.

E: I think it depends on the scale of future major arcs. Like I see the relevance of making recognizable side characters for like whatever final plan the League of Villains wants to enact. Right? But, yeah, there are a lot of characters. I am a fan of Beast though and his little fancy collar.

M: Yeah, I was a fan of Beast too when he was partnered with Cyclops and Angel and Jean Grey and Iceman.

E: It’s an homage, Madelyn.

M: It’s plagiarism, Emma.

E: He’s not blue, it’s fine.

M: For me, it seems like they should have either chosen between this and the school festival arc or found a way to combine them and forget about Gentle Criminal. This episode had way more of the funny student hijinks that I craved than the four episodes focused on the festival combined.

E: I think the Gentle stuff is important to the overall narrative and Deku’s development, but I see your point fine.

M: We’ve just gone a long time now without any major villain action, minus the Nomu. I’ve found it difficult to settle back into the rhythm of the show really since the middle of season three. This is a me problem, but the All for One arc was so high stakes and pretty well done that it’s been weird that the aftermath isn’t dominating the show.

E: It kind of is though. All the stuff that’s happened has been a result of that event. Like, rushing heroes into getting licenses, more villains on the streets leading to Overhaul and Gentle in opposite directions. I think that has colored everything that’s happened. I’m not gonna argue in terms of arc quality, I definitely think the first half of season three is the highlight of the show so far. But I think I liked the Overhaul arc and especially the school festival arc a lot more than you did.

M: Maybe I want these three arcs to be like a three part season. Overhaul was several episodes too long for my taste, and I am already afraid that this arc is going to be a snail’s pace one battle an episode. So maybe three eight episode arcs would have worked.

E: We do have the major subplot of Deku’s vestiges going on. Which seems to be partly why the story has brought back Shinso at this point.

If only he ate more cheese, Deku wouldn’t have such weird dreams

M: I assumed it was going to be because Shinso is so OP that it would be weird not to use him fighting the League.

E: He’s so OP until you know what he does though. And they did watch the school festival as evidenced by the Bakugo stuff.

M: Yeah, but half of the League shares one brain cell. Twice would not be able to resist.

E: Do you think it would work on Twice? Would it only work on half of him?

M: Let’s not go there. He would just have to ask Toga out, and she’d respond.

E: The voice modulator accessory is a really smart addition, I’ll give him that.

M: This is why he’ll be a dope sidekick for Aizawa. You have to look at your team to know if they’re actually talking, but wait! You looked at Aizawa!

E: Why do you think that Deku is getting the special premium look at the history of One for All? Besides that this is a story and so of course he is.

M: Because Toshinori has a smooth brain.

E: Well, there you have it, folks.

M: No, it’s apparently because the quirk singularity doomsday is here.

E: I just have no idea where they’re going with that. Like. Is Deku going to eradicate Quirks at the end of the series? Coming full circle from his quirkless days?

M: Or will he pass on a tiny bit of One for All to everyone?

E: That’s pretty good too. I feel like that would make the problem worse?

M: Lots of broken fingers. Also, I don’t think it passes down genetically, so maybe it would override everyone’s quirks.

Deku smiling, with All Might colorless and unimpressed in the back

All Might imagining explaining eggs and microwaves to the whole world

E: Anyway, Lawsuit Watch?

M: I want to sue TapeMan for calling Shoto “Roki.”

E: I don’t think that would hold up in court.

M: I hope Shinso has signed some waivers. The hero kids obviously have signed their lives away to the school, but I hope Shinso has filled out the requisite paperwork to do hero exercises. Stairway to Heaven was probably being pirated in North Korea, though.

E: I think someone should sue Se-ri. Just because.

M: No doubt she’s committed some white-collar crime. Speaking of white-collar crime: Beast.

E: That’s true fashion. That’s probably his winter outfit. He just puts on that little collar to keep his neck warm.

M: I’m so worried about Invisible Girl. She should sue because they haven’t invented invisible…like, they had molecular nonsense going on for Mirio, but she just has to be naked?

E: It does feel like they could make her something out of her hair, just like Mirio. She’s gotta talk to the support course. Literally!

M: Oh no.

E: Maybe she’s still growing it out for that purpose. We don’t know how long her hair is.

M: How would she ever have gotten a haircut?

E: Do you think she can see herself?

M: You have a lot of questions today that I can’t answer. She can see herself as a hero.

E: Realism watch? I personally can’t believe that Class B’s miraculous, incredible play only won by two votes over Class A’s concert.

M: I can’t believe that All Might, All Might of all people was like “I dunno, Class B has been doing their math homework, they might be better heroes.”

E: “Class B has less students that need therapy.”

M: That we know of. Monoma has probably pinpointed all of their deepest insecurities by now.

E: Well, Monoma, at least, certainly needs therapy.

A terrifying expression

Nah, never mind, he’s fine

M: You were pretty skeptical of the soldiers’ behavior though.

E: I just don’t know why they wouldn’t consider murdering her more strongly. I feel like they could get away with it.

M: There was intense music while he thought about it, what more do you want?

E: I dunno.

M: Okay, I guess it’s time to make some predictions!

E: Alright, you first.

M: Okay, so overall Class B is definitely going to win. Because the voice of one of the past One for All users will come out of Shinso’s voice thing, possessed from the beyond.

E: 👻 🗣️

M: This sounds like something out of the occult!

E: Roki is spending his time off the battlefield documenting his classmates’ best moves, putting a sparkle filter over it, and posting it to his account. The villains check it every once in awhile

M: 🔥 🧊 📱🕺🤖✨👯‍♂️ (that’s Twice)

E: I want Dabi to reconnect with his brother through finding his Tik Tok.

M: They can do one of those remote duet Tik Toks. “I hate my dad!” “Me too!” “Bros in Dad Hate!” “That’s true!” This is just a riff, not a prediction.

E: Oh no. No emojis for you then.

M: Instead, I predict that the Class B team will think that they’re ready for Bakugo, but will pee themselves when he runs in screaming that he’s going to murder them.

E: 😱😱😱😱  💥🤬💥

I hope Bakugo’s is just like a minute long. We just cut through it.

M: I would like to see Shinso try to brainwash Bakugo, but he’s screaming so loud he can’t hear Shinso so it doesn’t work.

E: He’s gotta add a loudspeaker to his mask.

My prediction is that because of his dream, Deku’s going to start hearing the voices of the other users in his head, but they’re just negging him the whole time.

M: 🗣️ 🤬 😢 👂

Made an executive decision to switch to these simpler emojis wherever possible, since they’re the primary factor that these take me so long. All that editing and image placement. Shudder.

Emma here! Thanks for watching along with us. You can watch Crash Landing on You on Netflix and the MHA dub on Funimation AND Crunchyroll now, thanks monopolies. Jk, you suck. Next time! The battles continue!

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