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Hello there Split Screen readers! It’s your intro host Madelyn, prepping some waffles, coffee, and uh, bandages to get hyped for these episodes. This time, the fallout of Eun-chan’s reveal continues on Coffee Prince, and the heroes get a much-needed trip to the hospital on My Hero Academia. Let’s jump in!

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Coffee Prince Eleventh Cup (from minute 33)

M: Han-gyul needs to get the eff over himself. 

E: I get being a little upset, but it seems like something you can work out through a rational conversation instead of yelling at each other. But all the couples on this show are fond of yelling at each other, so what can you do?

M: Weren’t there customers while Han-gyul was screaming at Eun-chan in the kitchen?

E: The kitchen is a magical zone that is somehow soundproof despite not having walls.

M: I hope that next episode kicks off with a fist fight between Ha-rim and Sun-ki.

E: Not gonna end well for Sun-ki since Ha-rim comes from his family of assassins. 

M: We’ve created a much more interesting show in our minds here. 

E: At least a more interesting Ha-rim.

M: The men on this show have a severe lack of empathy. 

E: Yeah, I agree. I mean, from both sides though, not just the men. Like, it does lack a bit of empathy, as was pointed out during the screaming match, to not tell him once you’re in a relationship.

M: I also think Han-sung is not…I mean, he’s just more and more garbage with every interaction with anyone who is not Eun-chan. 

E: I’m just so uninvested in their plot that I’m not fully engaged in their drama and so just naturally inclined to favor Yoo-joo as well.

M: He blamed her for being mad that he liked someone else. 

E: I think initially it was more an issue of she was being quick to try and break up with him instead of actually working through their relationship problems. But it did become uglier.

no c’mon Yoo-joo you’ve got a Donkey Kong in New Donk City waiting for you

M: I understand the first part, but why would you want to work through your relationship problems with someone who is immediately going to jump to blaming you for the problems he caused just one emotional response later? 

E: Meanwhile, we’ve got Donkey Kong who can clearly express his emotions and patiently waits for his partner to also express their emotions, and then respects those emotions while still making his voice heard. That’s conflict management.

M: He paid enough attention to Yoo-joo and knows her well enough to notice when she’s upset and lashing out. And he reacted with compassion! This man is too good for everyone in this town. Go back to New York. 

E: Also, he had a trendy shirt. 

M: The flower shirt was hip. 

E: Between our bookend arguments, we also had Mr. Hong’s Fun Night Out.

M: Mr. Hong’s bar crawl, except the bars are the homes of his neighbors, employees, and business partners. 

E: I would watch a midlife crisis type show starring Mr. Hong, to be honest. The dad show. 

M: No you wouldn’t. How many shows about middle-aged people do you watch?

E: Aren’t most live action shows about middle aged men?

M: I mean, a certain genre of network comedy, I guess.

E: No, I’d watch a reframing of this show that casts Mr. Hong as the protagonist paternal figure for these messed up, cute children.

M: To be honest, isn’t that already the show? 

E: Yeah, but from Mr. Hong’s perspective! That’s what I’m saying!

Mr. Hong is the hero we don’t deserve

M: I guess if it would let us escape the thirty minute beach scene from a few episodes ago, I would be game. 

E: Man, Han-gyul brought up the beach in the argument, and I was like “please don’t remind me of how painfully uncomfortable I felt.”

M: That’s the one thing he’s entitled to be mad about. That was the perfect moment to spill the beans. 

E: I think Han-gyul is less mean than I remember Jun-pyo being, but he can still be pretty mean.

M: So much of Jun-pyo’s meanness came from distance, or was at least exacerbated by distance. He would say something pretty mean, but then it was twenty times worse because he hadn’t spoken to Jan-di weeks or months. Han-gyul has definitely got some barbs though. 

E: He wouldn’t put a red card in Eun-chan’s locker, at least.

M: Ha-rim would. 

E: Except the red card is the calling card for his assassination. 

M: Genuinely, wasn’t it that in Boys Over Flowers too? Am I remembering wrong?

E: You’re not wrong. That’s true.

M: On a different note, do you think the woman that Mr. Hong loved even though she partied all the time and lied to him was Eun-chan’s mom?

E: Maybe? I don’t know to be honest. It’s not Han-gyul’s grandma.

M: I forgot I thought that was a thing. I stand by it. Maybe Mr. Hong is Han-gyul’s real dad. His real grandpa

E: Oh now I’m just remembering the scene where the noodles would just not stop squishing in the background. Han-gyul and his mom having a loaded conversation over some ASMR video.

The sound of the noodles haunts her even now

M: Nightmare ASMR. That was not soothing. 

E: It really sounded like the bowl was mic-ed or something. It was so loud.

M: Is the consensus now that Han-gyul was just straight-up adopted?

E: 100% seems that way, unless they’re gonna pull a twist where it’s actually the opposite of what he thought, and his mom is his birth mom while his dad is not his birth dad.

M: You know, that would be interesting. If he had to forgive his parents for lying to him, and then learned to forgive lies. 

E: Either way, they have been lying to him. Because he has thought that his dad is his birth dad, but he’s not.

M: Yeah, but he hates his dad. He loves his mom. His mom is the only person he can trust. 

E: The only person who supports him, I think he said.

M: You’re right, but I think the sentiment stands. 

E: That’s really all there was this episode, from what I remember. Some good sassy Sun-ki lines, of course. 

M: And his waffle rack. 

E: Where can I get a waffle rack? Next kitchen purchase.

M: This is the best I could do.

E: That’s not the same thing at alllllllll!!!!!!

M: Romance tracker! Will Yoo-joo leave with DK for a bit, before inevitably and disappointingly coming back to Han-sung? Or maybe she’ll have a fling with Han-gyul?

c’mon Yoo-joo look at this much cooler guy

E: Let’s see, we have six episodes left, right?

M: That’s right.

E: I think we’ve got two episodes for shenanigans before Han-gyul and Eun-chan need to be back together. So I think that is unfortunately plenty of time for an ill-advised fling with Yoo-joo and Han-gyul.

M: I have a theory! 

E: Shoot!

M: Both of them, in their rage, decide to go to America. Eun-chan and Han-sung are sad. In both places, the ill-advised couples share a kiss at the movie Shrek the Fourth

E: The new movie that Han-sung scored.

M: Wikipedia has informed me that the movie is in fact titled Shrek Forever After, which is about 40% cleverer. Then each couple realizes there’s no spark. They miss the one they’re meant to be with. 

E: Listen, except for the Shrek stuff, I kinda buy that.

M: If I had a nickel for every time I heard that. 

E: And I’m kinda 50/50 on the Shrek stuff.

M: If I had a dime for everytime I heard that

E: Any other final thoughts on this episode. The next-on pretty much gave me nothing.

M: Han-gyul smiled at his phone. I think I was supposed to assume it was because of a text from Eun-chan, but is definitely Yoo-joo related. 

E: Ha-rim sent him a funny Lego meme.

M: I want more Legos. 

E: Me, to Eun-chan’s Lego “I miss you.” But I actually mean the Legos. It’s not a metaphor.

My Hero Academia S4E14: “Bright Future”

M: This was an okay ending to the arc. I think they could have saved Nighteye. 

E: Mirio’s no good, very bad, terrible, horrible, etc hour-and-a-half. The arc!

M: Was Nighteye telling the truth about Mirio becoming the greatest hero, or was that just a proud dad thing?

E: Well, he now believes that the future has the power to change. Specifically through the force of thought (which, nice sentiment Nighteye, but I sort of doubt it), so maybe it doesn’t matter so much what he saw but rather that he really believes that it’ll be true.

M: Yeah, but Mirio wasn’t there to hear those delusional ramblings. 

E: But maybe if Mirio really believes it’ll be true, it’ll keep him from getting too down in the dumps. Cause the boy’s had a MORNING.

M: Until the moment someone says to him “man, Nighteye said some crazy s#!t as he was dying about the power of brainwaves. Dude lost it.”

E: Nobody’s gonna say that to him! Can you picture All Might saying: “Young Mirio…dude lost it.”

M: I kind of can. All Might gives very bad advice. 

E: I remember when this arc happened, everyone on, you know, Twitter was like “Wow, My Hero Academia getting serious, characters can die!” and I was like, yeah, but it’s just Nighteye?

Fs in the chat guys

M: Yeah, we introduced Nighteye–who by the way, I’m surprised we never heard Deku talk about before, or that he doesn’t appear on any of Deku’s All Might shrine–

E: Deku’s an All Might purist.

M: We met Nighteye like ten episodes ago. Big deal. Hope he left Deku that poster. 

E: We did compress Snatch into a tiny ball and burn him alive, which is pretty metal, so I will give the show that.

M: There was absolutely no need for that line from Dabi. They could have just compressed him, that didn’t have to be like “he is DEFINITELY dead. A PAINFUL death.”

E: Listen, the man is going around town, burning people up, he’s very happy about burned people. Let the man live. And the other man…burn alive.

M: No.

E: Taking Overhaul’s arms is also pretty metal. I really like that scene, but I’m not sure it’s for the reasons the show wants me to. I think it wants to be like “Oh, Overhaul was so bad, but look at Shigaraki getting pleasure from taking his arms and Quirk away, that’s scary.” But my real reaction is just “hell yeah, Shigaraki, eff him up.”

M: Someone needs to teach Shigaraki to clean up his loose ends though. Like, yeah it’s pretty, to borrow your phrase, metal to only decay his arms, but he should have just killed him. 

E: Maybe, but as loose ends go, this isn’t much of one. I imagine they’ve already burned the hideout that Overhaul destroyed for them, so I don’t think he really poses much of a threat to their security. 

M: He knows they were open to collaboration though and has talked to Shigaraki more recently. I admit it’s not a lot, but we also didn’t see everything those two talked about. 

E: That’s fair, I guess. But I mean, even as Shigaraki is clearly more mature than he started out in the show, he’s still got his childish petulance.

Cool villains don’t look at explosions

M: Maybe Overhaul will move on from this and become Majima. This is his eyeball moment. 

E: You know, I’m not all caught up to speed on my Yakuza lore, but I’m pretty sure Majima didn’t kidnap and use a child to make drugs. Just thinking about it.

M: Yeah, you know, can’t argue with that. 

E: But yeah, there’s just no room in me to feel bad for Overhaul at all, even with the one flashback he throws at us this episode. It’s just too late. I don’t care.

M: I hear ya, except that he was such a blank slate other than pure evil that even tiny flashbacks feel huge compared to the nothing that I knew about him before. 

E: I mean, it’s sad for the boss. He can’t put the boss back together now, I understand intellectually that that’s sad, but…he’s done now. Maybe he comes back, but at least this arc is done. Why should I care about a character who is now exiting the narrative, and I had no connection to before?

M: Child labor doesn’t seem to be as frowned up on this society. What happened to Eri was pretty darn terrible, but we saw a lot of children get maimed today. 

E: It’s just the Eri stuff, it’s just that, like you said, he was a whole lot of nothing. And giving me something only at the tail end that doesn’t even really color any of the previous stuff in? It just doesn’t work for me. So, smell ya later Overhaul.

Trading one mask for another lol

M: On a brighter note, it’s pretty cool that Aizawa is going to have to adopt Eri for the good of society. Joke will be thrilled!

E: I’m pretty sure you made a prediction or joke about this in some previous blog post. And now it has come to pass.

M: Well, if she makes it out of government custody alive. 

E: Technically, I would think Aizawa is still government custody.

M: Is UA a government-run school? I guess he’s a pro hero too. Sort of. I mean, everyone hates him and negs him all the time. But still, in name at least. 

E: He collects his paycheck.

M: I wish he would put his scarf back on.

E: You don’t like his stylish black button down?

M: He looks too artsy. 

E: Aizawa is a hipster.

M: I hate that a lot. 

E: Lawsuit watch?

M: I mean, these children. Did you see Kirishima?

E: He was fine, he was having a fun time dressing up like a mummy! Early Halloween costume!

M: Is it early? I have no idea where we are in the school year. 

Look at that healthy, happy kid

E: I think it’s August or September? We had our summer break already. 

M: Summer vacation…is over. Especially for Kirishima. That’s double funny, because he had a bad time, but he also looks like a relevant character for that quotation. It’s Axel. 

E: Uh-huh. Eun-chan has like a sexual harassment suit maybe, though.

M: She would never do that though. 

E: It’s not about would they, it’s about the potential. Otherwise none of the kids would count.

M: I would sue Mr. Hong for showing up begging for beer and brandishing his dirty bare feet at me. 

E: I think you’d lose that one. I think Coffee Prince wins most caffeinated because caffeine makes you angry.

M: Han-sung didn’t even get his caffeine. He only got tea, and he still went half-Hulk on Yoo-joo. 

E: Black tea.

M: Maybe. 

E: Are you ready for the next episode title?

M: Heck yeah I am!

E: Season 4 Episode 15 is called “Smoldering Flames”

M: God, not another Todoroki arc. You’ve got to be kidding me. 

E: How do you know it’s Todoroki? Maybe it’s metaphorical!

M: This show is incapable of metaphor except that one confusing scene with Stain. 

E: Oh boy.

M: Prediction one: there’s a lot of fire quirks around right now, so I’ll break this up. Prediction one is that Endeavor is having a Bad Time(™) as the number one hero, especially when he accidentally burns down a building on the job and refuses to apologize. 


M: What is the money emoji for?

E: Sorry,

M: Prediction two: capitalizing on this, Dabi starts setting buildings aflame that are near where Endeavor is working, making it seem like he was involved. A PR nightmare.


M:  Prediction three: Back at school, Todoroki finally receives his provisional license, just in time for his dad to not be allowed to take on work studies and for no one to want anything to do with the Todoroki name.


M: Prediction four: Aizawa has to teach Eri not to touch the hot stove because she’s never lived a normal life in a normal apartment. He does live partially in a dorm now, you know. 


M: Poor guy did not sign up to be a dad and an RA. 

E: Love to have twenty dorm children plus one actual child.

M: Prediction five: I hope someone tells UA that work studies can’t happen anymore. Please. Bring them home. 


Hello, Emma here! As always, thanks for watching along with us on Split Screen! We’re checking out My Hero Academia dubbed on Funimation (it’s all premium now ugh) and we used Viki for Coffee Prince this time. Will keep you updated on our saga to watch Coffee Prince for free.

Next time! We transition to the next stages of these stories. You’re welcome for this extremely specific preview.

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