Split Screen: The Adventures of Therapy Girl and Diddly Kong

Hello there, Split Screen readers! It’s your intro blogger Madelyn, setting up with some lavender tea, morning ice cream, and double-chocolate cake for some more adventures on Coffee Prince and My Hero Academia. This week, everyone is crying on Coffee Prince, and everyone is wearing turtlenecks on My Hero Academia. Ah, fall is in the air. Let’s jump in!

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Coffee Prince Twelfth Cup (up to minute 31)

M: Coffee Prince went from zero to sixty in about a quarter of a scene this week.

E: Last episode ended with like a screaming argument in the kitchen right? Am I remembering that right?

M: And an aggressive force-kiss, yeah.

E: Yeah, I really thought there would be more of a break between them having conversations after that, but no, we just go straight to more level-headed arguing.

M: It’s hard to watch people cry for a whole scene. 

E: For actor reasons or just because?

M: Part of it was me with my theatre critic hat on thinking maybe the crying started too soon here and was too intense. On the other hand, yeah, it was just a lot to watch them both cry for like seven minutes. 

E: Eun-chan is officially fired though. And Mr. Hong quits in solidarity. Also because these kids are dumb and he can’t deal with it.

M: I’m a little unclear on how Mr. Hong was able to quit given that he’s a co-owner, but he certainly laid down the law before he left. Mr. Hong has been reading Split Screen, and he’s got some insights to share.

E: I don’t know if he officially quit, but he’s not coming back to work until Han-gyul’s gone at any rate.

M: Which is in a month! A question we had a few episodes ago finally answered. 

E: Han-sung then decides to call with spectacularly bad timing. Shoulda dialed him up like two hours ago, bro.

M: I know, I thought Han-gyul made some sort of good points in that argument with Eun-chan, or at least character-appropriate points, about wanting someone to believe in him. He almost won me over a little bit, until I thought about how he’s asking way too much. Han-sung was the cherry on top. 

the man was not made to offer emotional support

E: I mean, yeah, I definitely understood both Eun-chan and Han-gyul’s points of view- she was saying it was her own insecurity and he was saying that the fact she felt insecure meant that she didn’t completely believe in him. Which is valid but doesn’t really get into why someone might feel insecure in this situation.

M: It’s one thing to ask for someone to believe that you can be a world-famous Lego designer and support that dream, it’s another to believe that some random dude you just met who literally told you he’s not looking to date would be chill with you revealing that you’re not a man.

E: If the show doesn’t end with him being a world-famous LEGO designer though…

M: It will be a disappointment. 

E: We got a lot of Han-sung and Yoo-joo arguments this episode too. Which, again, I think they were both being fair but if you’re having this argument in the first place and especially if you’re having it on the side of the road, maybe this relationship is just not meant to work any more.

M: As I’ve read in many an advice column, you don’t need to have a logical reason to break-up with someone. It’s not a lawsuit. If she’s done, she’s done. It doesn’t have to be fair. 

E: He did not catch her at the airport, thankfully, although it does seem like she’s not getting back together with DK either.

M: I’m so angry on her behalf. I’m angry she can’t be with this guy that is clearly way better for her. 

E: Hey, regardless of how cool DK is, he does have a son. Diddly. Also maybe she needs some time to herself first.

M: Okay, 1. It’s Diddy, not Diddly. 2. He got them muffins for breakfast! 3. He was wearing a cool white jacket, even though he had coffee which he could have spilled on it. 4. He supports her career and values her emotions and communicates with her. 5. He’s loaded enough to buy all of her art. 

E: Okay but 1. She’s only dated him and Han-sung for many many years now, and maybe she needs a few months to be single. That’s my only point. 

M: Three years is nothing, that’s my perspective.

E: 2. Would prefer Diddly Kong.

Yoo-joo having second thoughts about becoming a mom for Diddly Kong

M: Maybe that’s his copyright-skirting name in this universe. 

E: I like how Min-yup and Sun-ki are doing their best for “the liar Eun-chan”

M: Don’t forget “filthy Mr. Hong.”

E: Sun-ki is kind of iconic, to be honest. 

M: He’s shady AF. 

E: But it’s nice than Eun-chan has friends who are looking out for her while she peels chestnuts and sews eyes on dolls and cries in their weird bathroom with a window in the door.

M: Eun-chan not having an appetite, even for Korean sausage, means it’s pretty bad. 

E: She did go get ice cream. 

M: At like 9am, right?

E: Yeah, something like that.

M: I can excuse cake for breakfast, and I don’t just say that because I’ve been contemplating it here for the past two days, but ice cream breakfast, that’s pretty low. 

E: You put some cereal in it and there you go.

M: I guess I don’t bat an eye when people eat yogurt for breakfast. Actually, remember in Japan when I accidentally ordered a souffle pancake with ice cream for breakfast? I take it all back.

E: Yeah, you just gotta put it on your carbs, and it becomes breakfast.

M: It does seem like Han-gyul is at least about to go yell at Eun-chan again, if nothing else. 

E: I hope he’s not there to yell at her. 

M: I don’t think he’s there meaning to yell at her, but as Han-sung said, he does express affection through anger. 

E:I don’t know if that’s fully true. I think Han-sung meant that, like, he’s upset because he cares, right? We’ve seen Han-gyul be affectionate without anger.

He does look like he’s about to kick her in this screenshot though

M: I know, I was exaggerating. 

E: Was there anything else this episode? I think that was most of the major events.

M: I’m not sure if Yoo-joo went to America or not. I know she’s not with DK, but it wasn’t clear to me if she did get on some plane. She’s become much more sympathetic the past few episodes, by the way, as Han-sung becomes more and more of a man-baby. 

E: I feel equal amounts of sympathy for both of them, but I’m not just very invested in their plot. I want to know about Sun-ki’s kid. Where’s that screentime.

M: What if it never comes back?

E: He just infiltrated a kindergarten for nothing? I refuse to believe it.

M: Well, we’ll leave that cliffhanger. Romance Tracker?

E: It feels too early for Eun-chan and Han-gyul to be cool again, but I feel like I always say that and then Coffee Prince does it anyway, so maybe this scene we stopped off at will be the big make-up.

The princes are overworked, Eun-chan must return

M: I can’t believe they’re not trying to sell me on Eun-chan and Han-sung together one last time. I thought it was coming in their scene together, but he’s trying to be the bigger man. 

E: I’m glad that they’re not pushing it in that direction, because I don’t think it makes for either of their characters right now. 

M: We’ll see. As I said during the episode, I think the grandma will be the catalyst for everyone getting back together again. 

E: Mr. Hong goes and tattles to grandma. 

M: Who is Mr. Hong, man? What’s his past?

E: Yeah, where’s the Mr. Hong prequel?

M: Coffee Bean Duke

E: Call us if you’re interested in buying this idea. From another person. Whoever owns this IP.

M: We’ll be watching the phone.

My Hero Academia S4E15: “Smoldering Flames”

E: Before we start this part, let me just take a bite of my double chocolate cake and put some calming tea on the stove. 

M: Have we switched identities? 

E: And then I’ll vomit real quick because tea makes me feel gross.

M: I do feel like I am part Momo and part Sato. 

E: It is very pure how all of the class was worried about them. Because maybe Iida should just stop letting Deku go out.

M: Surely Iida has copies of everyone’s room keys at this point. If he doesn’t, Momo can make them, and then he’ll have full quarantine control. 

E: Before that though, we did start in the hospital still, where all the kids have been healed up by Recovery Girl. Minus Mirio and Eri.

M: She cannot heal psychological wounds, apparently. That’s Therapy Girl. 

E: Man, UA needs to hire Therapy Girl. Aizawa does not have license to do this. The man is trying hard, but maybe he needs someone qualified. 

M: You don’t know Aizawa’s past! He could have a license! 

E: He has deep dark thoughts about the small cat sweatshirt that Madelyn made us rewatch half of the opening over and over again to see what it was.

M: I mean, also apparently Present Mic has like ten kids. 

E: He’s gotta give Present Mic patented parenting advice to his good buddy Aizawa.

M: I will say that if they’re looking for a sleep therapist…well, actually I don’t know if Aizawa has good sleep hygiene or not. 

The patented therapeutic shoulder pat

E: He carries around his sleeping bag.  

M: He can definitely sleep anywhere, so that’s a plus. However, we’ve also definitely seen him up late at night in a dark room in front of a computer, so that might be a minus. 

E: Aizawa is just a millennial. 

M: He definitely is not, but okay. Unless he’s younger than he looks. 

E: In spirit. We also had fun adventures times with Gran Torino and Tsukauchi in the wilderness.

M: Isn’t society’s problem right now that there are too many pro heroes? And yet on every mission, we bring one. 

E: I don’t remember that being a problem? I think it’s more that they don’t think they’re getting quality versus there being too many. Does that make sense?

M: Yeah, it does. Still, it perpetually surprises me that they don’t bring a few more powerful heroes along for the ride. Instead, it’s just Gran Torino, who is eighty years old and sometimes has dementia moments. 

E: They did get Kurogiri. So, he was enough for what they theoretically came there to do. 

M: They only got Kurogiri because Kurogiri wanted to be caught. 

E: It does kind of seem that way, I’ll give you that. And they at least know now that there’s some giant mountain man on the loose. Better than not knowing.

M: All of the heroes have boring powers compared to the villains. Where did Mountain Man come from? How was he born?

A picture of Bigfoot. Haha get it?

E: If he’s All For One’s follower, it is possible he was at least partially made rather than born.

M: I hear that, but surely part of his gigantic nature was natural, or was at least natural for someone. 

E: Imagine just at five years old, your child is suddenly as big as your house.

M: Imagine they grow a bird head! Imagine they’re suddenly impossibly fat! 

E: Being a parent in this world must be the most stressful job. Just as your kid approaches their fifth birthday or around then, you’re just on edge for a whole few years, waiting.

M: It does sound like quirks are usually genetic though, based on the way they talked about Eri. So you’d better not marry someone with a quirk that could be even remotely dangerous. 

E: Or be Endeavor and breed your ideal child.

M: I almost described pregnancy in this world as being like a human gacha machine, but it’s kinda like that anyway, isn’t it? 

E: Last thing from this episode is Bakugo and Todoroki’s ongoing license make-up classes. And abnormal bedtimes.

M: Both of the grumpy boys are going to bed early? Hmmmm, someone should call the RA. 

E: Dorms are such a bad idea for so many reasons. 

M: Think of the superhuman quirk children that could be created. 

E: What????

M: I think I’ve asked this before, but who teaches Sex Ed at UA?

E: You have definitely asked this before. We were talking about who would be best for it. And it was definitely not Present Mic.


M: The girls would be fine. Midnight would be embarrassing but empowering. The boys…I’m worried. 

E: Aizawa would probably be fine at it. 

M: No! The man is doing too much!

E: The man must be a teacher, counselor, a therapist, a career placement advisor, an RA, and a sex-ed educator. It’s in his contract.

M: On an entirely different note, I liked that everyone has switched to turtlenecks. 

E: That’s how you know it’s approaching fall. They’ve pulled out their turtlenecks.

M: I won’t make any comments about why Todoroki has a turtleneck. Double chocolate cake, anyone? Tea?

E: What’d you think of the new opening and ending songs?

M: I liked them fine. There’s a lot that I’m going to have to watch closely for the next few weeks, which is fun, but I do wish MHA would do something more interesting with its title animations than “look! Here’s the cast! Here’s everybody!”

E: I do really like the sequence in the OP that we watched like four times where they’re making the candy apple with their quirks.

M: This opening is better than the last in doing something other than a roll-call, but I’d love to see something more artistic.

E: I mean the previous opening is by far the weakest of all of them for me, so it’s nice to get one that at least has more cohesive vision I guess. 

M: I like the song from the last time. It’s more distinctive than a lot of the openers musically. But yeah, agreed. 

E: Anyway, lawsuit watch?

M: Sue Endeavor for coming to watch. 

E: What’s the case there?

M: Bad dad. 

E: Endeavor sued for bad dad crimes. 

*cups hand to face and whispers* I have muted certain words on the Talk This! twitter, I am that meme of the guy taking fire for the sleeping child except for MHA spoilers. Ah man, I gotta take one of my posters down before she comes for Thanksgiving. Okay, carry on

M: Sue Present Mic for being…like that.

E: Ya bad boys! 

M: You can’t say that to them! Only I can say that to them!

E: He’s on the same page about the turtleneck.

M: Noooooooooooo.

E: But sure, MHA can take it. Han-sung didn’t force his way through security so.

M: I just remembered that Deku has an All Might Funko Pop, and I feel like I can’t let this end without mentioning that.

E: Caffeine watch goes to Coffee Prince, because too many people went to bed at 8:30 on My Hero for there to be any caffeination.

M: Lavender tea is herbal and caffeine-free too. 

E: So are you ready for the next episode title?

M: Yeah, lay it on me. 

E: Season 4 Episode 16 is called “Win Those Kids’ Hearts”

M: What on earth. 

E: There be some kids. They got hearts.

M: Okay, here we go. Prediction one: so Gang Orca and sleepy announcer dude did say this was going to be tough. So I think the training for today is going to be making all of these moody heroes in training impress preschoolers. So they have to do cool tricks  (cool tricks!) and also be nice.


M: You’re right that what the kids want is the ice blast. 

E: All kids want for Christmas is Todoroki to use his ice blast.

M: Nah, he’ll make them sno-cones and win right away. 


M: Prediction two: back at UA, everyone’s having trouble sleeping, so they decide to have a slumber party in the common area, since Aizawa is out too. Lots of Truth or Dare ensues. 


M: Probably double chocolate cake emoji, actually. 

E: You’re right, you’re right.

M: Prediction three: Endeavor actually lets down his guard with All Might and asks for parenting advice. All Might gives bad advice. Endeavor calls Todoroki Young Shoto the next time he sees him. 


M: It must be hard to be named Dan Gookin. 

E: Quirk: Gook. 

M: Prediction four: somehow I hate the Shiketsu girl even more than when she was Toga, but she’s going to text Todoroki a lot. 


M: And prediction five: based on the opening credits, it seems like there’s a school festival coming up. So that’s actually where the sno-cones will happen. Will Todoroki be able to compete with his ice cream and takoyaki truck with Sato’s desserts and Momo’s tea room? Only time will tell. 


M: Deku will make smashed potatoes. Iida will found DoorDash. It’s gonna be great.

Hello, Emma here! As always, thanks for watching along with us on Split Screen! We’re checking out My Hero Academia dubbed on Funimation (it’s all premium now for some reason ugh) and we created another free trial for Viki for Coffee Prince this time. 

Next time! Do we get the make-up we’ve been waiting for? And who are these kids whose hearts need winning? We’ll find out!

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