Side-Quest 101. And The Winner Is…

Hello and welcome to another Side-Quest episode of Talk This! It’s Dangerous to Podcast Alone! This week, we talk about the current state of video game awards shows, and where we’d like to see them go. We should win an award. Not sure which one. I just want one. Make one up for me.

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The Topic

What’s the current state of video game awards right now? Not just The Game Awards, but in general? Why does Geoff Keighley love game awards so much? What even is his job description? If we could design a video game awards show, how would we do it? Does the focus on advertisements take away from the legitimacy of the awards?

The Actual Discussion

We stay pretty well on topic this time, going over what we think of video game awards now and what we’d like to see from them in the future. We also talk about how unexpectedly popular The Game Awards are, even compared to the Oscars or something like that. We generally express a wish for more unexpected nominations and winners, although it’d be difficult to get that.

Enjoy the episode! Tell us what you think in the comments or on social media. Make sure to check out last week’s episode and look forward to next week’s where we’re talking about Paper Mario and Bugsnax.

Make an effort this week too, if you can.

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