Side-Quest 131. So Nice, Play It Twice

Hello and welcome to another Side-Quest episode of Talk This! It’s Dangerous to Podcast Alone! This week, we’re talking about what makes a game replayable. Not that we ever replay games, to be honest…

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The Topic

Why do people replay games? What aspects of a game’s design makes it more or less replayable? Are there external factors which play into it? Should game designers even worry about whether a game is replayable? How does replayability factor into smaller aspects of a game, like re-doing a boss or a mission? Does online multiplayer count as “replaying” or is it something different?

The Actual Discussion

We talk about our own disinclination towards replaying games and what games we have actually replayed. When we were kids, we were much more predisposed towards replaying games, and we talk about what’s changed now. We go through features that make games friendly for replay, including external and specialized reasons like speedrunning. We also talk about what’s different about replaying games versus rewatching a TV show.

Enjoy the episode! Tell us what you think in the comments or on social media. Make sure to check out last week’s episode and look forward to next week’s where we’re talking about Trauma Center and Olli Olli World.

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