Side-Quest 62. A Kick in the Cotton Mouth

Hello and welcome to another Side-Quest episode of Talk This! It’s Dangerous to Podcast Alone! In this episode, we’ve got two very special guests joining us again since we happen to be at the sometimes-HQ in Philly. They are just as easy to wrangle as you might expect.

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We played a lot of games this past few weeks! Emma’s summer of games has begun, and it’s already threatening to drown her in content. On the PlayStation 4, there’s still God of War, now competing with Judgment for attention. And on the Switch, she’s struggling with Bloodstained and really enjoying Lucah: Born of a Dream. Meanwhile, Madelyn continues to play Nier: Automata and her constant Civilization. We’ve also been playing a lot of Minecraft with our sisters. Too much Minecraft, perhaps.

Weather Report

With all the controversies in the gaming world, it’s inevitable that we miss a few. So, this week, we jump back in the news cycle a bit to talk about the challenges of Kickstarter games. Specifically, we talk about the Epic Games exclusivity of Shenmue III.

Off-Topic Corner

Spiderman: Far from Home is now in theaters, and we just had a chance to go back and watch the original Avengers, which is as good of a movie as we remembered. But it seemed like a perfect chance to look back and think about what we wish the MCU would have done just slightly different. Madelyn’s may surprise you but, remember, the last one she saw was Ant-Man.

Traffic Report

In addition to our brilliant racing skills up there, there’s also a lot of content on the blog! We’ve got our two normal (that’s the wrong word) Clickbait Boyfriends and one new Split Screen. In addition, Emma put together her 10 Thoughts in 10 Hours on God of War, a year too late to the party.

Question of the Fortnight

If you were a Pokemon, which Pokemon would you be? We and our sisters answer this question here! Give us your own answers in the comments or on social media.

Enjoy the episode! Check out last week’s episode where we talked about The Longest Journey and Deltarune and look forward to next week’s episode where we’re talking about EVE Online and Pathologic 2!

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