Side-Quest 63. Awaiting Your Judgment

Hello and welcome to another Side-Quest episode of Talk This! It’s Dangerous to Podcast Alone! In this episode, we talk about the murder-busting boys of Judgment. That’s it. That’s all Emma’s been playing. Madelyn can’t get Emma to shut up about Judgment. Play Judgment. PLAY JUDG- *Editor Emma is dragged off the stage, kicking and screaming*

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Save Data

While Madelyn assures us that she’s probably played some Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled by now, she doesn’t have much else to report. She was travelling this week in San Diego, and Clickbait Boyfriend had a small stingray incident. Luckily, that means that Emma can spend this entire segment singing the praises of Judgment (also known as Judge Eyes) which she hasn’t been able to put down since she bought it.

Weather Report

We give our input to the ongoing “controversy” of Pokemon Sword & Shield not supporting every Pokemon that has ever been made. Do you know how many Pokemon there are now? According to Wikipedia, there are 824. And I don’t think that includes all the new ones for the Galar region yet. Since we don’t even know how many new ones there are.

Off-Topic Corner

If you didn’t already know, we run a series called Split Screen on the blog where we’re watching My Hero Academia and Boys Over Flowers together. Madelyn just recently introduced the former to stingray-stung Clickbait Boyfriend during his rest and recovery period. We take the chance to talk about the unique stress of introducing something you love to friends or family and how it feels to rewatch a show with somebody watching it for the first time.

Traffic Report

While our regular content has been a bit off-schedule due to unforeseen and foreseen circumstances, we do have one Split Screen for you. In addition, Madelyn wrote up a 10 Thoughts in 10 Hours on Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled, and Emma, not be outdone, published her 15 Thoughts in 15 Hours on Judgment. Coming up, you might see some Thoughts on Fire Emblem: Three Houses and maybe a video on Wolfenstein: Youngblood featuring your two intrepid host sisters.

Question of the Fortnight

We’re pretty sure we’ve asked this questions before, but it’s a fun one to revisit. If you were to choose any cosplay to wear to Comic Con, what would it be? And if you are cosplaying at Comic Con, let us know who you’re wearing.

Enjoy the episode! Check out last week’s episode where we talked about Eve Online and Pathologic 2 and look forward to next week’s episode where we’re talking about SSX and Gris!

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