Side-Quest 88. Ex-Gatcha SOLDIER

Hello and welcome to another Side-Quest episode of Talk This! It’s Dangerous to Podcast Alone! We’re talking about our last six weeks in gaming. Emma loses her mind about Trails of Cold Steel II while Madelyn talks calmly about the games she played and enjoyed. The contrast…

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Madelyn’s Games

Madelyn finished up both Nier: Automata and Katana Zero, making her way through her backlog. She is an inspiration to us all. She also came extremely close to finishing Final Fantasy VII Remake but, alas, could not make it in time for this recording.

Emma’s Games

Emma defeated Trails of Cold Steel II. It has been taken out of the PS4 and put back in its box where it belongs. She also picked up both Dark Road and SinoAlice on her phone, which she has had varying amounts of enjoyment with. Finally, she has been making her way through the collection from the Itch Black Lives Matter bundle, which you can find on her Twitter account.

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