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Clickbait Boyfriend: Rise from the Dead

Happy Halloweekend, Clickbait Boyfriend fans! Despite my best efforts, Clickbait Boyfriend is not going as Dark Mickey Mouse this Halloween (we saw the costume at a store and everything!). In honor of the holiday, this series  is rising from the dead, and we’re jumping right back in where we left off, on the verge of…

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Clickbait Boyfriend: Trains, Planes, and Puppymobiles

Hello there, Clickbait Boyfriend readers! I realize I already made the joke about emerging from the Realm of Darkness, but I’ve once again emerged from the Realm of Darkness. Well, sort of. The Realm of Vacation Fun and Jetlag Fog would be a more accurate descriptor. Finally, two weeks after returning from Japan (where despite…

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Clickbait Boyfriend: Rat Restaurant

Clickbait Boyfriend fans, I’ve been lying to you. I’ve billed the most recent few blogs as Clickbait Boyfriend: Kingdom Hearts 3, but that’s not the truth! It’s only this week that Clickbait Boyfriend finishes his run of Kingdom Hearts II.9, and finally embarks on the Kingdom Hearts 3 adventure that you’ve been promised. I blame Nomura. I always…

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