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Clickbait Boyfriend: Re:Minder to Stay Home

Clickbait Boyfriend fans, times have changed significantly since our last post, and I don’t mean that as a joke about Sora and time travel. We’re all having to take a page from our Kingdom Hearts heroes to remember that even when we’re far apart, our friends are still with us in our hearts. Gosh, that was even…

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Clickbait Boyfriend: Can you Keep a Secret (Report)?

Hey there, Clickbait Boyfriend fans! As promised, before we dive to the heart into Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind next week, we’re taking a quick journey through Kingdom Hearts III‘s secret reports. As a brief disclaimer: Clickbait Boyfriend did not play through the Battlegates (although he did watch me play them), so he has not technically…

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Clickbait Boyfriend: The End

Well Clickbait Boyfriend fans, we made it: it only took a year, but this blog has finally caught up to the end of Kingdom Hearts III. In the nick of time too, because Re:Mind comes out in less than nine hours here at Talk This NYC HQ! All that we have left is the half an hour of…

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