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Clickbait Boyfriend: Tangled Story Web

Grab your hairbrushes, Clickbait Boyfriend fans, because things are about to get Tangled! We’ve got mood swings from characters and from CBB! We’ve got yet more disrespect for Daisy Duck! We’ve got discussions of ludonarrative dissonance! And Marluxia is here, looking fabulous. Put on your dancing shoes, and let’s jump in! (First time Clickbait Boyfriend reader?…

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Clickbait Boyfriend: 2 Chainz (of Memories)

Folks, I’ve really done it: Clickbait Boyfriend is addicted to Kingdom Hearts. How do I know? Not only did he make it through the cinematics of varying quality, but he’s now poised to complete his fourth game, and of all things, it’s Chain of Memories. Will he make it all the way to the end? Let’s see…

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