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Clickbait Boyfriend: Always In Critical Mode

Happy Critical Mode release day, Kingdom Hearts fans! I finally have some free time, so part of me is tempted to pick Kingdom Hearts 3 up again and really test my mettle, but I’m channeling that energy into this blog instead! Clickbait Boyfriend is playing on Standard, but that has never stopped him from being…

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Clickbait Boyfriend: Kingdom Hearts Darkness Dress-Up

“Already, this is too much.” -on the very first moment of the game Welcome to Clickbait Boyfriend: Really This Time It’s The Final Prologue No More Decimal Points After this We Promise Edition! As you might have guessed from the tardy nature of this blog, Clickbait Boyfriend and I have been playing a lot of Kingdom Hearts…

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Clickbait Boyfriend: Xtreme Xistential X-Blade X-Fit

Clickbait Boyfriend fans, we’re operating on Kingdom Hearts time this week, meaning that 1. it doesn’t seem to operate on a consistent basis between worlds and 2. you can expect major delays. We’ve been too busy playing slightly more niche Nomura title The World Ends With You Final Remix which, as you can imagine, Clickbait Boyfriend had strong feelings…

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