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Split Screen: Last One’s a Rotten Egg!

Thanks for tuning in to Split Screen! Intro blogger Madelyn here. In last week’s edition, Boys, Flowers, and Heroes alike discovered the joys and perils (okay, mostly perils) of sports! This week, the games continue, as Jun-pyo and Ji-hoo face off in a NASCAR showdown, and Deku and the 1-A crew find themselves in the shows…

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Split Screen: School’s Out for Evil

Hello, and thanks for tuning in to Split Screen! It’s your trusty intro host Madelyn here, and I am super excited for this week’s blog! I feels like just yesterday that we started this crazy series, and we’re already at the season finale for My Hero Academia. It’s amazing how time flies by. First up though, we…

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Split Screen: Just Keep Swimming

Boys Over FLowers Episode 3 My hero academia episode 6

Thanks for tuning in for this belated Split Screen installment! Emma and I have had our hands full with Games for Change (blog coming soon!) and traveling and the holiday, but we should be back on track soon. I mean, who could resist pushing forward with such riveting TV! This week, we have the benefit…

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