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Split Screen: Power Couples 101

Thanks for tuning in to Split Screen! I’m your trailblazing intro host Madelyn. We started this Off-Topic Corner series as a bit of a joke, but I am now deeply invested in the characters of both of these shows! As one of the former curators of a literal Trashy Novel Book Club, perhaps this should…

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Split Screen: Let’s Settle This on the Rink

Thanks for tuning in to Split Screen! Your intro host Madelyn here, welcoming you into the crazy world that is our off-topic Boys Over Flowers/My Hero Academia reaction blog. These shows just get more addictive with every passing week! It’s a special edition of Split Screen this week, because Emma and I were together at home to…

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Split Screen: Domo Arigato, Crushing Roboto

Hey there reader! Thanks for tuning in to Split Screen: A Watch This Production from Talk This! I’m your introductory host Madelyn, and I am psyched for this week’s blog. An autumn chill is in the air here at Talk This NYC HQ, but Split Screen is only heating up! You know it’s a good…

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