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Clickbait Boyfriend: Bow to the Rodent Queen

Let’s be honest: Kingdom Hearts is a pretty male-dominated series. The whole first game was about literal damsels in distress (well, and darkness), and until this past week’s blog, Clickbait Boyfriend had never been able to play as a woman! This week though, we’ve got a girl-power packed edition of the Birth By Sleep blog, featuring not…

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Buzz This: Can We Guess Your Go-To Gaming Console?

Welcome to another edition of Buzz This, our longest running series here on the Talk This blog! We’ve told our life stories, received dating advice, and learned our Overwatch identities…twice! this about ourselves, but now it’s about to get personal. That’s right folks. Buzzfeed is about to tell me my go-to gaming console. It doesn’t…

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Episode 30: A Splatoon of Buddies

Talk This! video game podcast episode 30

We’re looking fresh this week as we talk about Splatoon 2 and Team Buddies, both wonderful, imaginative shooters without any of the gore associated with those kinds of games. Unless…do you think those squid kids have blood in the color they’re painting? Cause then Splatoon 2 might be hiding some closet gore. As always, you can listen to…

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