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Clickbait Boyfriend: 358 Nobodies in a Daze

Despite the mockery I endured in yesterday’s Clickbait Girlfriend guest post on my trials and travails playing Portal, Clickbait Boyfriend is still, against all odds, Clickbait Boyfriend. Doesn’t he know by now that I have to be good at everything? For the sake of the blog series, let’s hope he goes back to his usual reverence and…

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Clickbait Boyfriend: Birth by Sleep AKA Three Identical Strangers

“I’m a little bit nervous!” -on starting Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Welcome, Kingdom Hearts fans old and new, to the third iteration of Clickbait Boyfriend! Despite all my early fears that he would hate the series, Clickbait Boyfriend is back for his first foray into non-numbered Kingdom Hearts territory. I’ll admit that I was once a hater who thought…

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Clickbait Boyfriend Takes on Roxas: Nobody’s a Winner Here

“No!!!” -Josh, losing  to Roxas again and again Welcome back to Clickbait Boyfriend: Special Roxas Butt-Kicking Edition! I’ve been excited for this post since Clickbait Boyfriend Season Two (AKA Kingdom Hearts 2) began. I admit, I messed with the timeline a little bit to create this Roxas-centric blog. Technically, Clickbait Boyfriend attempted to battle this ReMix exclusive…

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