A Video Game Valentine!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Talk This fans! We love our listeners and readers, so we’re sending you all many extra heart containers today. We also recognize that some of you might be battling against some baseless stereotypes this February 14th. Gamers are often unfairly characterized as single losers who always stay in their mom’s basement and are #foreveralone. Harsh, and not true! Not only are video game fans capable of having normal relationships (well, normal-ish. I mean, have you read Clickbait Boyfriend? That dude is weird), but video games can be some of the most romantic entertainment out there! Still haven’t figured out how to show that special someone you care? Never fear! Welcome to you Talk This sponsored video game dating guide!

Hit the Beach

It’s unseasonably warm at Talk This NYC HQ today, but that’s still colder than it ever was at Madelyn’s alma mater, the University of Miami, and she’s missing that land of endless summer. Whisk your sweetheart away from the winter chill for some fun in the sand and sun! If you’re looking for a tropical paradise, you can’t beat Destiny Islands.

Destiny Islands

It’s not a Talk This blog post unless Kingdom Hearts gets a shoutout.

When a game has the word “heart” in the title, you know that love has got to be in the air, and Destiny Islands is full of secluded spots for relaxation. Play some beach volleyball, clim to the top of a palm tree, or, if you’re feeling adventurous, carve your names into the wall of the “secret place.” If you lock yourself out of your room, just check with one of the kids building a raft on the shore. They’ve got a master key.

Bonus: A spontaneous Disney vacation is not a bad choice either.

Find some Insta-worthy Views

These days, it’s not enough to only find the love of your life. You’ve got to flaunt it for the entire world to see. While you could go with a casual pic in your apartment or a dimly lit snap at that five star restaurant, nothing says “my relationship is better than yours” like a couple’s selfie in front of a beautiful vista. In the gorgeous expanses of Ni No Kuni, you won’t even need a filter. Who knows? Maybe you’ll encounter another Studio Ghibli creation even better than a giant teddy bear: My Neighbor Totoro!

Ni No Kuni

So in love wit my boo *heart eyes emoji* #myvalentine #loveyou #relationshipgoals

Have a delicious dinner in, or go out to eat…just don’t get stood up!

Especially if you’re on a budget, cooking a romantic dinner for two can be a memorable Valentine’s date. Hopefully you’ve been honing your skills with Cooking Mama or Overcooked!


Overcooked might be better; don’t bring your mom on your date.

Not much of a cook? No problem! It’s probably too late to get a reservation at the spot your partner has been dropping hints about for months (what’s that? Normal people don’t have restaurant wish lists? Shush.), but there’s a table for two somewhere in this city and dang it, you’re going to find it. Just hope that your date isn’t so mad to be eating at Chez Salmonella that you get stood up!

Still from "Dinner Date" video game

This is a still from a real video game called Dinner Date which simulates the experience of being stood up. Check it out on Steam if you’re a glutton for punishment.

Plan a European Vacation

You might not think a game like Assassin’s Creed would be a good fit for a dating guide, but you would be wrong! Sure, murder and espionage might not be first date fare, but there’s plenty of inspiration to be taken from the settings of the series. Take a trip back in time and see all the historical landmarks in Italy (Assassin’s Creed II, Brotherhood, and Revelations), France (Assassin’s Creed Unity), England (Assassin’s Creed Syndicate), or even venture further south to Egypt (Assassin’s Creed Origins). Spain is also an option, but we try to forget the movie adaptation ever happened.

Go for a Hike…

Even if you’re not an outdoorsy type, sometimes it’s nice to go off the grid and work up a little sweat (we prefer to call it a “healthy glow”). A-list video game couple Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher from the Uncharted series are the perfect example of love that blossomed on the trail. If you want to kick it up a notch, search for treasure with a homemade scavenger hunt!

Uncharted Characters

Maybe don’t bring a third wheel though.

…or Stay in and Game!

Even professional adventurers Nathan and Elena can appreciate a night in. If you want to be really authentic, it’s got to be Crash Bandicoot, but any video game will do. Just don’t be surprised when your bae kicks your ass.

Nathan and Elena Play Crash Bandicoot

It’s a meta example.

Take a Moonlight Swim

There are a lot of iconic couples in the Final Fantasy series. Although some might argue there’s nothing more romantic than star-crossed lovers, I don’t think Aerith and Cloud have much good advice to offer for this post. This ship runs on happy faces. Instead, you’ll take a page from Final Fantasy X‘s Tidas and Yuna, and head out for an evening under the stars. The Macalania Woods provide a beautiful backdrop to let someone know how you feel. Extra points for setting the mood with music: Macalania is home to three native races of musicians who play the harp, saxophone, and drums.

Tidas and Yuna FFX

Give Them the Moon

I see you, overachievers of the world. “Nothing is good enough for my sweetie,” you cry to the heavens. “Why, if only I could give them the moon and the stars in the sky!” Well, if you were teh Japanese goddess Amaterasu, featured in the Playstation 2 classic Okami, you could! Get out your celestial paintbrush, and hang the moon in the sky for your sweetheart. Just be careful you don’t end up in a Majora’s Mask situation and send the moon crashing to earth!

Okami Moon

Bonus: In this situation, you are an adorable canine creature, which can only help your prospects.

Take Them for a Spin

Nothing like a sweet ride in a hotrod to get your darling all revved up! The Burnout series has a whole garage full of cars to show off, as does your local dealership.

Still from Burnout 3 Takedown

“I think we’re taking things a bit too fast. I want to slow it down.” -your passenger, very calmly

Resolve Never to Change Yourself for a Relationship

Not everyone’s Valentine’s Day has to revolve around a significant other. Sometimes, it’s better to take some time for you and shower your fine self with positive affirmations. As the ladies of Persona 4 can tell you, never change yourself just to make someone like you…or bring chocolate to people who’ve pissed you off.

Persona 4 Naoto Persona 4 Chie

Persona 4 Valentine's Day Rage

DTR or Kick ’em to the Curb…Literally

By Persona 5, the ladies are done feeling sorry for themselves, and ready to take revenge on that player who won’t commit. Watch and learn (just don’t let his surrogate dad convince you to take him back).

Make Woohoo! 😉

We’re a family-friendly podcast, so we won’t be featuring any M for Mature relationships, but our friends The Sims have a suggestion for your Valentine’s Day plans:

Make sure the other Sim has also enthusiastically selected the “Make Woohoo” option, okay? Consent is key.

Just be careful that you don’t overdo it, or you’ll end up like this poor Sim.

Sims 4 Death by Woohoo


Finally…Put a Ring on it with a Game!

Here’s the ultimate Valentine’s Day for a committed gamer couple. Believe it or not, there are actually two stories of different couples where the guy proposed by making his girlfriend a custom video game. I’m not crying, you’re crying. 

Do you have any other ideas for video game inspired dates? Let us know in the comments!


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