Buzz This: Which Overwatch Character are You?

As promised on this week’s Overwatch episode, the latest Buzz This is here! In this edition, I’ll discover which Overwatch character is most like me, with the help of my trusty friend Buzzfeed!

But that’s not all! This is part one of a two part series! Buzzfeed, in all its omniscient glory, has provided not one, but two quizzes purporting to inform me of my Overwatch identity. I’m not messing around with this. I need an accurate answer, and if there are multiple quizzes claiming to provide truth, who am I to question?

So, without any further ado, Quiz Number One: Which Member of Overwatch are You? Play along here!

Which Member of Overwatch are You?

What's Your Pump Up Song? Overwatch

Oh man, nothing makes me feel guiltier for ending my run early than Till I CollapseIt just feels wrong to quit when it comes up on my mix.

What do you most desire? Overwatch

I generally care too much what people think about me, so we’re going with respect here. Came very close to picking power, but that felt too evil for some reason.

Pick a Weapon. Overwatch

Uh, obviously intellectAt least give me cool weapons to choose from if you think you’re going to tempt me to violence, Buzzfeed.

What's Your Favorite Blizzard Franchise? Overwatch

I have literally played none of these, so we are judging a game by its cover. I know that Diablo is supposed to be a real classic, but how am I supposed to say no to The Lost Vikings?

What Makes You Angry? Overwatch

All of these things make me angry, I guess, although I would identify that feeling as more sadness than rage usually. But my love of dogs and other cuddly critters will not be denied.

World of Warcraft Race Overwatch

Y’all, I have never played World of Warcraft. There’s a reason that I have always identified as Talk This Podcast’s video game n00b. That said, I’ve written before about my love of Dungeons and Dragons in media, and I always imagine WoW to be something like a virtual DnD (lots of acronyms there!). Using that as my basis, whenever I play these kinds of fantasy RPGs, I always pick the elf. So let’s be a night elf!

World of Warcraft Class Overwatch

Similarly, I really like playing as Rogues.
Superpower Overwatch

I assume these powers correspond to various Overwatch characters, and if I was picking a character to play, I might want a different power than I would in real life. Probably mind control, or time travel so that I can go back and fix my in-game mistakes. But in the real world, flight is one hundred percent the best power. I wouldn’t have to take the subway or sit in traffic ever again!

Team Fortress 2 Character

Oh dear. This quiz is really hitting on my lack of video game knowledge. In Borderlands, I play as the big bruiser character. So we’re going to pretend that Team Fortress 2 functions the same way, and go with the Heavy.

Moment of truth! My results:

Which Member of Overwatch are You? Genji

I’m a robot? A zombie robot? It seems appropriate that I have a sibling, but otherwise, I’m not sure how my answers gave me an undead cyborg.

Overwatch players, is Genji any good? Should I be happy with this choice? I’ll be getting a second opinion this weekend, when I take quiz number two!

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