Buzz This! It’s Dangerous to Take Quizzes Alone

If you’ve been tuning in to our Sidequests (and if you haven’t, you’ve go to our episodes page and start working on that 100% completion!), then you’ve heard a few of my minute-long Let’s Plays of Buzzfeed quizzes. Well folks, because I am addicted to the internet’s favorite “news” site, I’m starting a new feature on the blog: Madelyn takes Buzzfeed Quizzes about Video Games. But we checked with the focus groups, and decided it’s more on-brand if we call it:

Buzz This!

…because it’s certainly dangerous to let me on this website alone. How many hours have I wasted? It’s probably better that I never know.

Think of these weekly posts as an online walkthrough/strategy guide (do they make strategy guides anymore, or has the internet made them obsolete?) to Buzzfeed’s bread and butter: a quiz of my choice! Specifically, a video game quiz. So let’s jump in. (You can play along here:

Believe it or not, my birthday is tomorrow! So this is my last chance to take this quiz and prove that not only people who are between 22 and 28 can ace it!


You all think I don’t know my classic Game Boy? Please.

Boom! Nine to go.

Look, I know what the correct answer is, but Nintendo should consider Game Boy Beyond for the name of any VR system it might make. Better name than the Switch, IMO.

Side note: How did Nintendo ever get away with naming their system the Game BoyI realize it’s been thirteen years since the launch of the Nintendo DS and the end of the Game Boy branding, but should I, as a female gamer, be protesting? Did it scar my young feminine psyche to play all my Pokemon games on a Game Boy? Can’t we just call it a Game Person so we can all be included?

Is there a way to up the difficulty level on this quiz? I think I’m stuck on Beginner.

The real test would have been asking me whether all these Nintendo systems are “GameCube” or “Game Cube.” (or “GameBoy”/”Game Boy”).

I see that you think you’ve tricked me, Buzzfeed. You think that just because I never played this game, I won’t know the name of this character. Fools!

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you how I knew that answer. It was tucked somewhere away in the Trivia corner of my brain, chilling with weird facts about Roman history and musical theatre miscellany. Also, the Wikipedia summary of the game is worth a read/makes me want to get the PS4 port of the game and try it out. Here’s a highlight that speaks to me:

“When Sunny’s birthday comes up, Parappa has to get cake, but ends up ruining it after an encounter with Joe. He makes a new one by watching a cooking show and proceeds to eat a lot of it on the day.”

Been there, man. Been there.

Pretty sure whoever wrote this quiz should be fired because it’s so easy! Get it? Because Ninetails is a fire-type Pokemon? 

Yes, I know the writer is a community contributor and can’t be fired. Let me have my puns! Madelyn used Flamethrower! It’s super effective!

I have so much to say about this image, but words just don’t capture it. The dead eyes. The vacant smiles. The Eye Toy branding (we talked about the Eye Toy in today’s episode, BTW. #synergy). All the monkey business going on. I wonder if people make a career out of being video game event characters. Are those the same guys who work the Pikachu suits at all the Nintendo events? If so, please 1. Write a tell-all, 2. Come to my birthday party, and 3. Get help.

To be fair, I almost missed this one, because I have played Super Monkey Ball more recently than Ape Escape. We’re still talking a matter of years here, but maybe it’s been eight instead of nine. Also, how is it possible that there are multiple decently well-known, successful video game series that star apes? Are they a part of the same universe? Can we see a crossover game (with local co-op???)? Escaped Apes Rolling Balls vs. Super Man With Net, release date TBA.

Oh no. Uh oh. This could be the end of the line, folks. Not sure who this fine fellow is. Time to put some of my SAT tutoring skills into action. Clearly we can eliminate Link, so I’ve got at least a fifty-fifty shot. I’m pretty sure this little dude is in my all-time favorite game, Super Smash Bros, (can you hear the sarcasm?) so he’s got to be a Nintendo creation. Nintendo likes weird names, and Ness is a lot like NES, which is the Nintendo Entertainment System, so maybe it’s a promotional thing? Ness on NES? I’m going for it…


I’m flying high, ladies and gentlemen. Only three questions to go! Unfortunately, the gif here won’t load for me, even on the page. Maybe I did up that difficulty level after all. 

Just kidding! It’s clearly the triforce, even from the side. I wonder if I get a prize if I get all ten right? Like a bonus cutscene or something?

Seriously? This is child’s play. I understand how this would be hard if you grew up in an XBox household (the difference between people who owned the different systems when we were kids is probably warrants a blog post of its own), but come on! Challenge me!

Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but has the layout of the Playstation buttons ever changed? Seems like you don’t need to be 22-28 to know this. PS- Did not cheat by checking the controller a foot away from me


It’s the final question, everyone. Make or break. Will I reach the glory of 10/10, thus proving the quiz writer’s insulting assumption about the limits of video game knowledge wrong? Or will I fall short, always to wonder what might have been, haunted by my 9/10?

Pokemon Yellow was my first Game Boy game. You really thought I was going to miss the original Pokemon question? Also, that image is NOT from Pokemon Red or Blue, so go home, quizmaster. Let the real master show you a thing or two. YOU LOSE!!!!!!!!

Well, according to Buzzfeed, I “must be like a professional gamer.” Putting that one on my resume. 

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