Buzz This: Which Overwatch Character are You? Part Two!

Welcome back to Buzz This! Here at Talk This’s most prolific blog series, Madelyn takes quizzes on everyone’s favorite online time-waster and learns deep truths about her soul…but mostly just wastes time. You might remember from the last edition of Buzz This that I found out my Overwatch alter ego was Genji.

Buzz This Overwatch Genji

However, like a doctor’s diagnosis, on a Buzzfeed quiz, it’s always best to get a second opinion! I continue to be a self-professed Overwatch n00b, but if I have a hope for this second Overwatch Buzz This, it’s that I get Hanzo. I know essentially nothing about the character, but it would be cool to get both siblings in this sibling-run blog! Now let’s get quizzical!

(Want to play along? You can find the quiz here)

Buzz This: Which Overwatch Hero are You?

Buzz This Which Overwatch Hero are You

This time, everyone’s a hero, not just a character. Overwatch fans, analyze the significance of this for me using the entirely optional story please!

Buzz This What is your Overwatch Weapon of Choice

I almost picked the tactical arsenal because I’m indecisive and like to be good at everything. Then I remembered that I am very bad at shooting games and should probably keep it simple. Despite the fact that I regularly blow myself by mistake with the bombs in Breath of the Wild, we’re going for the full power of anything explosive. No finesse, all strength baby.

Buzz This Overwatch What do Your Friends Appreciate

Buzz This Personal Revelation #1: I pretty much only make friends with people who I work with. I realize this is just a fact of #adultlife, but even since high school, my best friends have been the people that I worked on shows, concerts, or teams with. It must go along with the whole workaholic thing (AKA why I didn’t have much gaming news to talk about in our latest sidequest).

Because so many of my friends are coworkers or collaborators (and so I spend most of my time with them at work), I think what they appreciate most about me is a work-related skill. I’m a born organizer, so that’s gotta be my answer here.

Buzz This Overwatch Trouble

I initially identified with several of these, but I think it all boils down to the fact that I am pretty stubborn and determined to figure out how to do things on my own. This is also the reason that I am not very good at non-button-mashing video games, because I am too embarrassed to play them in front of people until I know how, but I won’t learn how until someone shows me.

Buzz This Overwatch Spare TimeWow, remember Buzz This Revelation #1 where I admitted the obvious fact that I am literally always working? What even is spare time? I’ll tell you. It’s an excuse to turn relaxing activities into a different form of work! In my “free time,” I try to focus on improving myself! Running, writing, playing games for the podcast, etc. All my hobbies are also goals. We’re getting a real glimpse into my psyche today!
Buzz This Overwatch Favorite Color

Literally every Buzz This has this question. Blue, blue, always blue.

Buzz This Overwatch Weather

I’m currently trapped in the New York Winter that Never Ends, and I spent four years in Miami completely re-calibrating my internal thermostat. Thus, I’m incredibly biased, but still, fight me if you don’t like warm and sunny weather the best.

JK don’t fight me, I don’t know how to play this game.

Buzz This Overwatch Ideal Partner

My ideal partner is Clickbait Boyfriend, who possesses many of these traits, even if he does not frequently exhibit them in quotable form. Most importantly of all though, he loves adventure. The quiz did not offer the option “buys me delicious food,” so we’ll have to settle for the next best thing.

Buzz This Overwatch Classic Video Game

We’ve talked about many of these on the show, including Super Mario Bros., Ms. Pac Man,and Tetris (notable for being the most difficult game to mash-up of all time). But I’m going outside of our podcast repetoire to pick Galagawhich is unquestionably my top arcade game of all time. It’s accessible while remaining challenging, endlessly replayable, and there’s the timeless mystery of what these space bugs are anyway. It’s also just prettier than Space Invaders.

Buzz This Overwatch Friend Hero

I came very close to picking the sniper because I cannot snipe to save my virtual life. But as my mouse hovered over the choice, I realized I was being a hypocrite. I have no skills at this game! How dare I ask my partner to be anything but willing to tolerate my inevitable early defeat! They can be whoever they want. I really can work with anything, because I have no concept of what favorites to have. 

Buzz This Overwatch Favorite Fruit

I love so many of these fruits, but this winter I’ve been on such a clementine kick. Cheap, delicious, and nutritious!

That’s the end of the quiz! Drumroll please…

Buzz This Overwatch Tracer Quiz Result

You know what, this description seems pretty valid! That’s the true mark of a successful Buzz This adventure: nodding and saying “that’s me!” Am I disappointed I didn’t complete the sibling set? Maybe a little. But now I have confirmation from Buzzfeed that everyone likes me, and that’s what counts.

Did you play along with this Buzz This? Let us know in the comments what hero is your alter ego! Got an idea for a future edition of Buzz This? Leave a comment, or send it to us via our contact page!


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