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CoronAnime Recap!

Hello from your still-indoors host Madelyn! It’s day seventy-ish of self-isolation here at Talk This NYC HQ, and I’ve been coping by playing a lot of video games, eating a lot of desserts, and watching a lot of television. Specifically, Clickbait Boyfriend and I have dived into anime head-first. We really only got into watching…

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Clickbait Boyfriend: Reminder of Your Limits

Clickbait Boyfriend fans, it’s hard to believe, but this is the penultimate edition of Clickbait Boyfriend’s journey through Kingdom Hearts for the foreseeable future! Unless self-isolation drives us into the waiting arms of Union X, of course, but we’re not quite that desperate yet. This time, CBB wraps up Re:Mind and dives to the heart into the Limit…

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Clickbait Boyfriend: Mickey effin’ Mouse

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here, Clickbait Boyfriend readers: it’s time to play as Mickey Mouse. I don’t think there’s been a gameplay experience ever devised that was more set up for Clickbait Boyfriend to despise. There’s some other dope boss battle stuff and funny Sora lines, of course, but I’m here for…

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