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Thanks for tuning in to Split Screen! It’s your intro host Madelyn, preparing you for this week’s wild ride on Boys Over Flowers and My Hero Academia. If you’re shivering in the midst of this chilly winter, we’re here to warm you up! The Boys Over Flowers kids are going on the most awkward beach vacation of all time, and Emma and I have got our firewood ready to roast the heck out of Aizawa on Boys Over Flowers. Series and season finales are approaching…it’s time to turn up the heat!

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Boys Over Flowers Episode 17 (from minute 33)

Jan-di accepts food coupons in Boys over Flowers episode 17

M: Well, I was not expecting that.

E: How do they extend this run for 25 episode, you ask? Well, by introducing more plot points, that’s how. I guess that was the obvious answer.

M: There was not one thing that happened in this episode that would have been in my top twenty predictions. Maybe the double date would have snuck in. But not that double date!

E: I realize now that we actually left last episode in a weird place, but I honestly through the cut to Jun-pyo and Jae-kyung was a scene change, not them entering the same restaurant as the other two Js

M: That was a truly magnificent artificial cliffhanger. You should work in TV.

E: Thank you, thank you

M: I blame myself for the double date, because I half-wished it into being a few weeks ago. I thought it would be so awkward it would be fun. It wasn’t fun.

E: I don’t know why you thought it would be fun.

M: I thought there would be sound effects, and Ji-hoo would be more vocal in his awkwardness. I didn’t realize yet that the whole Jan-di/Jun-pyo dynamic was going to manifest as weird, sad silence at all times.

E: Weird grumpy silence, permeated with slurping sounds as Jae-kyung eats a giant bowl of ramen in 20 minutes.

M: Thank god Champ McDude never took his five girlfriends to watch him complete the Big Bang Challenge.

E: You know, I’m at least glad that allowed Jan-di to get those free ramen coupons because it means her family can eat for a few days. Lots of salt, but you know, that’s fine.

Jae-kyung prepares to eat a big bowl of ramen in Boys over Flowers episode 17

I like ramen, but no one could like ramen this much

M: I hope Jun-pyo catches on and starts sending her money anonymously.

E: She’d really hate that though.

M: I know, but they’re starving to death, so she doesn’t have much choice. She just let a full-grown woman partake in a ramen eating contest for her, is a secret check really worse?

E: How is she going on this resort trip when she’s supposed to be filling in for her parents’ jobs and ideally feeding Kang-san? Somebody feed Kang-san, please.

M: Obviously Jae-kyung paid for the vacation, and I’m sure it’s just a weekend getaway. Jan-di can trade shifts at the porridge places. Her parents are probably well enough to go back to work again, and they have ramen coupons, so they’ll survive for two days.

E: I guess so. I guess that’s fair. I just want Jan-di to take a nap.

M: A nap in a watery grave, you mean?

E: No, show, that’s not what I meant.

M: Watery grave, got it.

E: Goshdarnit show.

M: I can’t believe that the lost jewelry motif is starting to get to me emotionally.

E: Jan-di, please superglue that necklace to your neck. Have it surgically implanted into your forehead.

M: At least this time I think Jun-pyo will understand how she lost it? Seems pretty clear from the whole unexpected swim situation.

E: I didn’t know before that it had J<3J on the back.

M: I don’t think we’d seen that before. Sidebar: how ugly were those rings?

Ring for Jun-pyo in Boys Over Flowers episode 17

This file is called jj.jpeg and that’s fun to say. Now back to the depressing show

E: To be fair, we didn’t really get a close up look at the designs on them.

M: They were thick though. Like, Class 1-A President Thicc.

E: (long silence, throat clear) Also this week, Ga-eul went to a pottery class because she’s the queen of everything.

M: She’s going to be good at pottery, I just know it. But how dare the show introduce a random pottery instructor in episode 17 who happens to be Yi-jung’s childhood sweetheart?

E: It’s a little oddly placed. But all of Yi-jung’s arc has been a little oddly placed in this show, so it’s consistent that way, I guess. I’m more okay with these shenanigans because they’ve set it up to actually have a greater meaning besides just drama which is most of what I’m getting from the J-J-J stuff. The J-J-J-J stuff?

M: I agree in theory. Yi-jung needed a back half to his arc so that he can evolve to deserve and appreciate Ga-eul for the queen she is. I’m just sad because I wanted some Yule, gosh darn it. Can’t I have one nice thing?

E: Woo-bin wasn’t even in this episode.


E: But we learned a lot of things at once about Yi-jung this episode, not just his pottery teacher childhood friendo, but also that he has a brother who makes swanky coffee, that his mother has a chronic dying problem, and that his dad is a real slick player who wants to die or something so. That’s fun.

M: It’s still unclear whether Yi-jung’s mom is sick or suicidal, which is an uncomfortable limbo. Things with his dad took a turn for the pitch black in no time flat. The guy is wishing for death because he missed his chance with that one perfect woman.

E: And because of that, Yi-jung himself also believes that he missed his chance with his one perfect childhood friend and that he will never be happy apparently.

Yi-jung and his childhood friend in Boys Over Flowers episode 17

I used to try and crouch like that with your feet flat, you need some good balance

M: Is Ga-eul going to be the one to connect them? That sucks. Please don’t make her do the same thing Jan-di is doing.

E: It’d be less bad there, because they haven’t officially dated. He never gave her a piggyback ride for a free phone so.

M: Wow, Clickbait Boyfriend and I are not officially dating…he didn’t look up, good.

E: I think that’s how you determine the mark of a true relationship.

M: Look, they fake banged. I don’t know what more you want. Well, cheesecake, but other than that.

E: I don’t know if it’s a product of our weird watching schedule, and it probably is partially, but a lot of arcs, Yi-jung’s especially but also Jan-di’s swimming stuff (and by extension Jun-pyo’s which we can get into next) feels kind of disjointed? Like it should be next to each other but somehow got relegated to different episodes to fill out the time there. Do you get that feeling at all?

M: A little bit. I think we underestimated how much swimming was going to matter to the plot, which is probably 25% our fault, 75% the show’s fault. I do think the super early teaser of Yi-jung’s story was a little weird, but they were planting seeds. It made us look at him as a bit flawed for the first time. That didn’t bother me as much. It’s weird in this episode in particular, because we’re digging up all these old plot threads, but also throwing twenty new significant things into the mix.

E: Yeah. For instance, I liked the stuff they did with Jun-pyo and his swimming, but I kind of wish they’d showed it like when it was happening as opposed to in a flashback because it’s been so long since his fear of water has been brought up that it just feels out of nowhere, I don’t know.

M: It’s tough because it seems like Jun-pyo learned to swim in Macau, and they couldn’t show it then because the show still wanted us to believe he didn’t love Jan-di. The time jump really messed up the flow of the arcs, I think.

Jun-pyo learning to swim in Boys over Flowers episode 17

We still can’t believe he willingly used a kickboard

E: I understand why the time jump was necessary for where the plot is now, but the fact that they had so many open threads that are still around and sort of hastily concluding is a little disorienting.

M: It’s super awkward now, but it’s going to make for a fascinating endgame. They’ve got so many balls in the air, you know they’re going to come together in crazy ways.

E: I just want to know about Woo-bin’s crime empire. His worldwide crime empire since it also exists in Macau.

M: It’s going to be the deus ex machina that saves everyone’s life in the finale.

E: Chekhov’s Woo-bin.

M: We’ve got some juicy stuff for Romance Tracker this week.

E: Yeah, I don’t know. I think Jae-kyung has put something together, but I am unclear on what that hug was really supposed to be saying there at the end, so I don’t really know where it’s going. Per usual.

M: I was super relieved that she wasn’t naked under the robe.

E: You could see her bathing suit under it the whole time.

M: Clearly I didn’t.

E: And somehow pottery teacher and Yi-jung are going to meet again, but he’s going to realize that it’s not the same.

M: I bet there’s going to be a parallel arc with Ji-hoo and the model.

Jae-kyung hugs Jun-pyo in Boys over Flowers episode 17

They’ve really been leaning hard into the whole cages motif

E: Interesting.

M: I’m really glad we got a reprise of the bicep carry from Jun-pyo. That was a nice callback. Also, I can’t believe he ever let himself use a kickboard to learn to swim. Seems like he would probably rather drown.

E: I was going to say I really liked Jun-pyo and Ji-hoo cooking together and also Ji-hoo cutting up Jan-di’s food, but I realized- was he doing that because her shoulder is so bad?

M: Oh. That hadn’t occurred to me. It does seem really bad.

E: Like, it was meat, so that does take some effort to cut up. I just thought he was being his weird self, and it is still a little weird, but that seems to make sense from a why standpoint.

M: That’s a brilliant insight. I can’t let Romance Tracker pass without fangirling a bit over Jun-pyo finally telling Jan-di that he still has feeling for her, even if it was in the context of his extreme pride and jealousy.


M: So sweet. What do you think Jae-kyung thinks is going on?

E: I don’t know!!! All their names start with J! Oh, you know what? I think she thinks that Jun-pyo got that made for them.

Jun-pyo rescues Jan-di Boys over Flowers episode 17

Behold the ancient resuscitation technique- strangulation


E: Non-romantic prediction?

M: Everything is such a disaster! The grandad and Yi-jung’s brother are going to open an artisanal coffee shop together. There are ones near me that have these freaky nutrient IVs in the back. It’ll be like that.

E: I think Grandaddy is gonna lecture Silver Fox Dad about being a good parent and then realize he needs to apologize and talk to his grandson about how he murdered his family.

M: As “Bang Bang Boom” plays in a minor key.

My Hero Academia S2E22: Yaoyorozu Rising

Momo and Todoroki in My hero Academia season 2 episode 22















E: Eraserhead continues to be a disappointment of a hero.

M: Is he even a hero? Does he even deserve that title?

E: Listen, it kind of makes sense though. Like, his quirk is so good, he just has to suck at everything or else he would break the world, right? So he has to be a disappointment and a mess.

M: If Eraserhead stared at All-Might, would he shrivel?

E: I don’t know actually, good point.

M: That would be freaky.

E: After being put down particularly badly, Eraserhead can take out his frustrations by forcibly shriveling the Symbol of Peace.

M: Yikes. Okay, let’s give Aizawa a break for awhile. Dark Shadow and Froppy Frog Girl clearly have never played a fantasy RPG, because they were not prepared for that classic boss fight.

E: They were just saving their elixirs in case they needed them later.

M: Dark Shadow is definitely the AI character because Tsu saved her item.

E: They managed to win, yes, because Tsu vomited up the handcuffs so that Dark Shadow could capture Ectoplasm. A heroic victory.

Ectoplasm in My hero Academia season 2 episode 22

/r/ sleep paralysis things, I bet that’s a real place

M: It seems like Ectoplasm should have had a different handicap than the 50 pound weights. That doesn’t really affect his power at all.

E: Yeah, do his clones come with the 50 pound weights? Or actually, they are half the heroes’ body weight, I think.

M: Same idea though.

E: I mean, if they all spawn with them on- like they copy his outfit, so maybe they are exact clones, meaning they have the weights, meaning they are also slowed down.

M: I guess. But they’re one health clones, so who cares.

E: The adds. The water clones. Dance ectoplasm dance if you will.

M: Exactly. He even got big at the end. Don’t tell me this wasn’t a cut Kingdom Hearts boss. There were definitely some funky reaction commands.

E: And then, after that, Iida and Ojiro had a very quick escape.

M: I don’t think that was A-level work, to be honest.

E: Again, show me the rubric. Like, yes, Iida didn’t get out, but that action did seem to be what made the most sense in the circumstance. So how are they being graded, exactly?

M: Is it just pass/fail? That doesn’t seem right. Some of these pairs have it much easier. Case in point: the two ringer heroes got to fight Aizawa.

Ojiro and Iida team up in My Hero Academia season 2 episode 22

When Madelyn and I team up, this is what we do

E: Yeah some of them seem to be paired up to “learn something” and then there are people who are just having a normal test. So like, Momo and Todoroki were there to combat gender stereotypes.

M: A+ for demolishing the patriarchy with minimal collateral damage.

E: So, remember kids, mansplaining is bad. Just ask your partner if they have a plan!

M: They were perpetuating the stereotype that women have to be the planners. The second shift. Momo probably also has an after-party planned already.

E: In this case though, it’s more of being the leader not the evening social arranger- although judging by her lovely tea presentation at last week’s preparation for final exams, I’m sure she’s good at that.

M: How was her sense of direction though? Did she get lost on the way to the exit???

E: …I mean yes.

M: Not so progressive after all.

E: I very much relate to Momo’s difficulties coming up with things on the fly though. She’s very much the student I was (except like 10x smarter obviously)- very routines based and good at classroom stuff but not as excited about group projects or presentations or other improvisational type things.

Momo spawns bandages in My Hero Academia season 2 episode 22

Things I cannot do #54

M: I want to be clear for the readers at home that Emma cannot spawn objects out of her solar plexus. She didn’t state that, so I just want to enter it into the record.

E: I would also never wear Momo’s hero outfit in like a million years. It looks so uncomfortable.

M: Wow, okay Mt. Lady.

E: She’s allowed to wear what she wants, just why would you want to?

M: Hopefully that’s some kind of super supportive spandex the support class (haha, get it) has formulated.

E: You know, that’s probably a big issue when it comes to designing hero suits. How do you make it comfortable and flexible and also provide good support. They really just have to focus on that bra design a lot in the world, which I wish they also did in the real world.

M: Kind of awkward that Aizawa lost focus right as he got close to Momo though. Be professional. She’s a child.

E: There was no implication of that in the show, please do not besmirch Aizawa in this way, we can call him terrible and useless all we want, but let’s not stoop to petty lies.

M: I’m joking, it’s probably more than he had to avert his eyes for propriety’s sake.

E: Do you think he was really being cautious of Todoroki though, or did he give them the win there on purpose?

M: Two roads diverged in a yellow wood. I took the one where I roast Aizawa, and that has made all the difference. Nah, he probably did it on purpose.

E: I mean, he spent a lot of the match thinking about how Momo had lost all her confidence in her practical skills, and if he had beat her because she missed the catapult, that would have probably been a finishing blow on that confidence. So either way, it’s probably good that he lost in the end.

My Hero Academia season 2 episode 22 Aizawa

Ugh, he’s just the worst

M: They say that those who can’t do, teach.

E: We love you, Mom.

M: It’s usually not true, but in this specific case…

E: After Todoroki is unable to understand tears, we also get to see Sparkly Boy unable to understand impending doom. In order to tease his teammate about her crush.

M: At that point, they’re going to fail. There was no way out. Might as well get some juicy gossip under duress.

E: He’s making the right choice for the circumstance. A+

M: Nah, Uraraka is going to do some gravitational wizardry and make it so that Thirteen shoots them up in the air and out of the arena. Something like that.

E: I don’t think she can make the force of a black hole turn around….yet…but interesting idea.

M: She doesn’t have to turn the force, just turn Thirteen. If you can’t tell, I’m not totally clear on her power works.

E: Well, next time she’s a break fun fact screen, we can find out.

Uraraka and Aoyama struggle on the practical exam MY Hero Academia season 2 episode 22

Me, trying to make progress in my life

M: Lawsuit Watch?

E: I dunno, there was nothing that bad this week from a lawsuit standpoint.

M: Yeah. That ramen looked a little questionable. Maybe the health inspector needs to show up? Otherwise, maybe the teachers shouldn’t have been taunting the students with quite so much bite? Not much this week.

E: Yeah. Disappointing for the Talk This! & Partners Law Firm

M: We’ll have to find a new racket. Okay, hit me with next week’s title.

E: Season 2 Episode 23 is called “Stripping the Varnish”

M: Here we go. Prediction one: we take a break from final exams to go to shop class!

E: We did meet Mr. Power Loader this episode, so he could teach the kids construction. Image result for construction hat emoji

M: Prediction two: Thirteen is so touched by Uraraka’s confession of young love that her vacuum reverses. This was the reason this group was paired together, because Thirteen is a Dekuraka shipper.

E: Do you think she has a crush on Deku?

M: Did you see her face? She looked like she just realized she might miss out on the one guy for her entire life who could save her from drunken despair.

E: Image result for pottery emoji

M: Prediction three: we will somehow get through this final exam episode without me knowing at least two of the quirks of Class 1-A.


M: Prediction four: this will probably be in two weeks, but Deku and Kacchan will fail because Kacchan wants Deku to fail more than he wants himself to pass.


M: Prediction five: Recovery Girl will continue to spout major shade. Want some ice for that burn? Nope, I’m gonna kiss it better instead.


Hey everyone! Emma here! As always, thanks for tagging along on this Split Screen adventure. If you still want to catch up or dive in, we’re watching the My Hero Academia dub on Hulu and Boys Over Flowers on Netflix.

Next time! We get through the remainder of the exams except for the one we’ve all been waiting for in My Hero Academia and Boys Over Flowers continues to throw things at the wall, only they miss the part of that expression where they’re only supposed to use what sticks.

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