Detective Emma Scientifically Determines Who to Trust in Danganronpa V3!

Wow, so I finally gave in like the trash I am and played the Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony demo.

What? You’ve never heard of Danganronpa?

Keep it that way.


What? You’re still here?

You fool.

Well fine. Danganronpa is a series of visual novel/investigative games (sort of in the same vein as Phoenix Wright only with lots of mini games) where a group of exceptional high schools are forced to participate in a killing game under the instruction of a black and white bear named Monokuma. Yes, he’s a bear. A teddy bear. Each student has their own unique talent (Ultimate Mechanic, Ultimate Programmer, Ultimate Writer, Ultimate Team Manager, Ultimate Lucky Student, etc).

In order to escape their entrapment, one person must become “the blackened” and kill another student. The students must then try to determine who the killer is in a class trial. If they successfully identify the killer, only the killer is punished (read: executed in a weirdly comical or dramatic way) and the game continues. If they fail, everybody except the killer is executed, and the killer is allowed to go free.

Throw in a sprinkle of fanservice, a dab of dirty jokes, some elements of a dating sim, a spoonful of destroyed fourth wall, and a whole ocean flood of hope and despair, and you’ve got Danganronpa.

Anyway, based on the brief introductions to the brand-new 15 soon-to-be-killed-off characters, I’ve determined with great accuracy who to trust and who will stab me in the back, literally. My deductive reasoning cannot be faulted. It’s with deep scientific prowess and careful observation that I have arrived at these conclusions.

And, yes, I know this has been out in Japan for awhile, but I haven’t spoiled myself yet, so if you know any of the plot…don’t tell me. Just laugh at my wrongness quietly so I can’t hear you. Okay?




Okay, so, the most suspicious characters are of course the ones that have sprites that look like Nagito’s from the second game. That’s pretty much all I’m basing my suspicions off of. Well, a couple other things, but that sealed the deal. Because Nagito Komaeda is the ultimate cagey stupidhead. People who are unfamiliar with this series have no idea what I’m talking about but I’m gonna say right now- picture the douchiest douche you can think of in your head and multiply it by 1000 and give them swirly eyes, a hope fetish, and luck that defies the laws of the universe.

Rantaro Amami – Ultimate ???

Okay, so not only does this guy not remember his talent, he’s got TWO Komaeda-like sprites. Dude is definitely a psycho. For sure.

Kokichi Oma – Ultimate Supreme Leader

He’s got a Komaeda pose (mirrored but still), and he’s already a super unhelpful annoyance. And jeez, the talents are weird this time around.

Korekiyo Shinguji – Ultimate Anthropologist

Wow, this guy is creepy. Creepy to the max. Keep this guy away from me, oh my god.



These people just had a vibe. You know, a weird got-some-crazy-skeletons vibe. I’ve got to trust my gut feeling while also keeping my excellent unbiased, objective thoughts in mind. What? That’s contradictory? Well, maybe. But who’s the detective here? That’s right, me. I’ve got all the Phoenix Wright games under my belt, I’m the expert.

Maki Harukawa – Ultimate Child Caregiver

Did I mention the talents were weird this time around? But like…is she really the Ultimate Child Caregiver? She doesn’t even like kids. I don’t buy her story.

Kirumi Tojo – Ultimate Maid

She cleaned all the rooms. Gathering secrets? Getting blackmail material? That’s what I’m thinking.

Himiko Yumeno – Ultimate Mage…Magician

Burn the witch. She’s gonna get us with her magic. I can see the murder now. Somebody’s going to be sawed in half or something.


Angie Yonaga – Ultimate Artist

Well, she is out for blood. Blood donations to offer to her island’s god…but still, she wants blood.

Ryoma Hoshi – Ultimate Tennis Player

This dude’s face speaks for itself. Besides, they never keep the weird looking ones around the whole time so he’s gonna kill or be killed for sure.



These people aren’t exactly suspicious, but they’re not not suspicious. Like. I don’t know. Maybe I didn’t really get enough of an impression to form an opinion. There might be a murderer lurking between an innocuous disguise. That’s it. They’re too innocuous. It makes them suspicious. Maybe everyone who seems straight-out suspicious are red-herrings and these are the most suspicious people. ARGH MY BRAIN. 

Tsumugi Shirogane – Ultimate Cosplayer 

Honestly just didn’t get much of an impression of her yet. We’ll have to bide our time and see…

Kaede Akamatsu – Ultimate Pianist

Yes, I know this is my character. I don’t trust myself. I look too nice. Look at those music note hair clips. Suspicious. But it’s cute you can see her sprite while interacting with other characters now.

Kaito Momota – Ultimate Astronaut

Might be the sad sack that somehow ends up living through all of this, but he’s also got the entire cosmos somehow stashed in his cape. That’s pretty terrifying.

Tenko Chabashira – Ultimate Aikido Master

The degenerate males better watch out at least.

K1-B0 (Keebo) – Ultimate Robot

I like how they’re not beating around the bush with the robot this time. The developers were like “we know there’s gonna be a robot, you know there’s going to be a robot, so let’s just bring it in right off the bat, why not.”



You can never be too sure in this game. Hence the question mark. But sometimes people read much more victim than killer, you know. So, these people will probably still die…they just won’t be executed in humorously gruesome ways. Is that better for them? Maybe? I don’t know. Anyway, I’ll say ahead of time, nice to have known ya. Or maybe not.

Miu Iruma – Ultimate Inventor

I’m getting the “gonna die early on” vibe from this girl, so she’s probably safe. Also, anyone who makes devices that can save my wasted sleep time is awesome in my book.

Shuichi Saihara – Ultimate Detective

He seems nice…if not so confident. But isn’t Kyouko already the Ultimate Detective? This game isn’t directly related, but it’s in the same universe…right? I don’t actually know. Whoops. But he seems like my Chiaki in this game, maybe. Who’s Chiaki? Only the literal best person to ever not exist. No way he’s as cool as her, but maybe close?

Gonta Gokuhara – Ultimate Entomologist

Until somebody accidentally steps on a bug, he’ll probably be okay and non-murderous. Probably.


So, there you have it! My totally logical assessments of trustworthiness, for your perusal. I’m obviously totally right on all accounts and playing the game will only confirm my detective work. Lol. Just kidding. Stay tuned for a post on how wrong I was once I “accidentally” marathon this game on the 26th.


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