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Hello there Split Screen readers! It’s your intro host Madelyn, brewing a fresh pot of highly caffeinated content! This week on Split Screen, the coffee crew puts on a concert and ten episodes of sexual tension finally pay off, and the heroes get a much needed infusion of feminine energy but still don’t seem to be able to escape certain doom. Plus, Emma promises a fancam that I’m sure she actually delivered on. Yep, won’t want to miss that. Let’s press play!

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Coffee Prince Tenth Cup (from minute 30)

M: That was a bad concert. 

E: The audience was not there for any beautiful music. 

M: Right, they were there for “What’s this? Eun-chan! And Waffle Sun-ki!”

E: I was there for DJ Yup. Everybody’s favorite.

M: I wish Min-yup was the protagonist. 

E: Can you imagine? Eun-chan and Han-gyul are just the “Sun-ki subplot” of that show.

M: It would have the biggest *record scratch* energy of any show. 

E: Speaking of records, killer soundtrack on this week’s episode.


E: They should have played that at the concert.

M: That would have made the walls cave in on them. 

E: A double feature of “where’s you head at” and the… uh, the “somebody once told me” song that definitely has a title.

M: How can you not remember the title for the pinnacle of musical achievement that is All Star by Smash Mouth. 

When dat disney skate adventure hits

E: Yes, that’s right, that one. Now I want My Hero Academia to have a Shrek version that’s just Green All Might, and the opening song title is…”All Might”

M: Hey now! My name’s All-Might! Eat my hair now! Young kid!

E: A very different tone.

M: This is the fancam I want. 

E: I’m sorry, what were we talking about?

M: You making me a full opening credit of All-Might scenes set to Smash Mouth, but with Shrek’s face over All-Might in every scene. 

E: Done. Will do.

EDITOR EMMA: It’s not quite her request, but it’s my offering to all of you.

M: Check it out on our Youtube. My Hero Academia, but every time All Might says Young Midoriya it gets faster.

E: Anyway, back to Coffee Prince. We spent a long time on the concert and subsequent dance party, and yet somehow many things still happened.

M: They really did only play drums. I guess they fake-played bass and piano and guitar for the coffee song.

E: I’m sure they were actually playing in the universe of the show.

M: I’m not so sure! I think the princes could get away with strumming along to a track. 

E: Well, we at least know that Mr. Hong does play guitar. He has done so previously.

M: Fair enough. Still, who invited the green-eyed monster to the party?

E: Han-gyul was on high jealousy alert through this entire half episode.

M: Han-gyul is not proving himself to be good boyfriend material. 

E: He was going through it, alright? He seems to have worked himself out by the end of the episode, the poor man.

M: Do you think, for their dates in public, he’s going to ask Eun-chan to dress like a girl so they attract less attention?

E: Well we did see Eun-chan coming into the coffee shop in girlier clothes in the next on, so something’s going on there.

M: Anyway, Han-gyul feels immensely threatened by Han-sung, to the point of asking Eun-chan point blank if she likes men in front of everyone. 

Han-sung: “Hey, man. Where’s your head at?”

E: I will say that Han-sung really shines when he is just having a good time with all of this. “Oh yeah, I like it when he acts like a girl.”

M: What a troll. Not like Shrek, to be clear. 

E: No, no, he’s definitely not Shrek level in the tier list.

M: Also known as S-rank. Now everyone knows about Eun-chan! Ha-rim did not take it well. 

E: His bro is going through it! And nobody cares!

M: Well, now he’s locked in his bug-infested room at Mr. Hong’s for an indefinite period. 

E: Mr. Hong, saying quietly but with certainty “take his phone” to Min-yup was a top tier Mr. Hong moment.

M: Mr. Hong has a past. 

E: I did appreciate that the show made gestures from Mr. Hong and Sun-ki that it shouldn’t matter even if she was a boy. I mean, it’s lip service but it’s nice to acknowledge it.

M: I don’t know what you’re talking about. Han-gyul and Eun-chan like each other?

E: Oh, DJ Yup. So young.

M: It seems like the last third of the show will double down on the love triangle. 

E: Yeah, I’m not super looking forward to that. Props to Yoo-joo though. She was just like, hey babe, going to New York, getting back together with Donkey Kong, you’re in love with Eun-chan, peace.

M: Maybe Yoo-joo was Shrek all along…

E: She’s channeling the Shrek we want to see in the world.

M: “Later bro (lol, but not like Han-gyul’s definition), off to see DONKAYYY.”

DK is a good Donkey

E: Coffee Prince, but every time somebody says “DK” it’s replaced with a clip of Shrek saying “DONKAYYY”

M: Stop getting me off-topic! Han-sung seemed pretty devastated. I think she’ll come back by the end. 

E: I mean, she’s definitely still on the show. But yeah, can’t blame Han-sung really, she just slapped him in the face with it.

M: It could be worse. He could be risking significant jail time for kidnapping. 

E: Sun-ki, my man. You can’t just walk into a daycare and ask the kids how old they are!

M: It is possible he was there as a gig to cook waffles for them. Still inappropriate, but hoping he had at least some cover.

E: I’m sure he was volunteering somehow, otherwise I have questions about the quality of this daycare. Just letting a strange man in to sit with the children.

Get your game on, Sun-ki

M: And finally, the main event! After like three straight episodes of kiss music playing, the payoff!

E: Yeah, I really thought he would find out before the romance went forward, but nope, he is here for men, women, and aliens specifically.

M: I’m excited about it! It’s more progressive than I expected for this show. 

E: It does also make the prospect of telling him both more urgent and more uncomfortable at the same time.

M: After the kiss, she should have just been like, “psych!” 

E: Somehow I think that might have ruined the moment. Just a tad.

M: I don’t see what you mean. 

E: He’s giving some nice, heartfelt speech about how he likes her and he is willing to do this now and if she was just like “gotcha!” I dunno, it just…I wouldn’t be able to say anything then, I guess.

M: It would have been better if she could be like, “you passed the test!” and all the princes came out playing various drums. 

E: Ah yes, the ceremonial coming out drum ceremony I’ve heard about.

M: They dump a pitcher of cold brew on his head, Mr. Hong probably doesn’t believe in cold brew, but bear with me. Min-yup grabs him fully perpendicular and runs him around the cafe. 

E: If only. 

M: Where’s this romance going?

E: I mean, Ha-rim is pretty determined to tell him. So I can’t see them keeping it a secret much longer, whether it comes from Eun-chan or somebody else. He’s putting a time pressure on it.

M: Do you think he’ll try to keep it a secret from Eun-chan once he knows?

E: No, I don’t think so. I think he’ll be kind of mad about it.

M: His grandma will probably reassure him. Or his dad and the mysterious bathrobe man, now dressed in normal clothes. 

E: Still don’t know his name, so Bathrobe Man he shall remain. He’s building a bridge in Libya. 

M: Was that supposed to mean something?

E: It sounded a little like code? Because he just went “I’m building a bridge in Libya, might take a few years. Nice weather, huh?”

M: I thought he was hinting that he was going to be gone for a few years. 

E: Yeah, that might make sense. But Han-gyul’s dad really not listening to his wife. 

M: I wonder if this is Han-gyul’s dad’s bro. 

“Bro” is ruined forever

E: Bro or “bro”?

M: Oh, heavy quotes. 

E: “””””””bro””””””””

M: Exactly.

E: The next on honestly didn’t give us much this time. Yoo-joo is in New York seemingly (EDITOR EMMA: spoiler alert, she is not), so I guess we’ll have some scenes with her. But beyond that and Eun-chan in the feminine clothes, really not much.

M: I just hope Benjamin the plant is okay. 

E: Save Benjamin.

My Hero Academia S4E12: “Unforeseen Hope”

Nighteye coughing out blood

M: I guess everyone is dead now. 

E: Well, let’s see here. Suneater, as far as we know, passed out on the ground. Fat Gum, very skinny. Kirishima, eyeballs cracked. Rock Lock, stabbed, thinking about his family, never a good sign. Mirio, bleeding out on the floor. Eraserhead, being sat on. Nighteye, impaled, possibly missing an arm. Deku, slightly impaled, but not as much as the others. Girls, fine. For now.

M: Man, Yakuza 8: My Hero One’s Justice 3, is a weird game. 

E: But yeah, currently, Nighteye’s vision of the future has both him and Deku dying and Overhaul getting away with Eri. So either we’re protag swapping in here bois or Deku’s gonna Manchester Smash the future in the face.

M: A protag swap would be so bold. Deku dies and a sudden flashback:oh, that’s what Todoroki’s been up to this whole time!

E: Todoroki looks up from his soba, feeling a disturbance in the narrative force.

M: It’s getting pretty brutal up in here. I’m glad Deku feels like he can go use 20% power safely now, but when the all-seeing eye dude says “we’re both gonna die,” that feels like the moment to go 110%.

E: There’s always the benefits and negatives of that, right? It’s a high risk high reward but high punishment move. 

M: I hear that, and I raise you an ice blast. 

E: Todoroki looks up from his soba, feeling Madelyn’s summons.

M: All of this because Aizawa is a weakling with a small waist who can’t have some kind of emergency “hold my eyes open” button installed on his glasses.

E: You’re right, he should really look into that.

Aizawa's eyes slowly closing

Who took this picture of me trying to wake up in the morning?

M: Obviously also a high-risk high-reward thing, but then again, Kirishima’s eyes SHATTERED. So I don’t feel that bad about a grown man installing some iron contacts to hold his lids apart. Or toothpick props. 

E: I mean, I agree. I appreciate the author’s plight though. Eraserhead is a very hard character to use without taking the stakes out of everything.

M: It seems like he’s probably going to be imprisoned for the rest of the season, or maybe they’re going to rip his eyes out to study. 

E: I imagine for a hypochondriac like Overhaul that fusing with somebody else’s body is a super not pleasant experience. Not that it think it would ever be a pleasant experience. But it does show he’s here to beat up this child. Also he can use the guy’s Quirk!

M: He probably fused their DNA. 

E: I do really like that moment though of Eri being forced to tell the truth that she just doesn’t believe in Deku. Which is perfectly logical for somebody in her situation. 

M: Clearly neither of them watched the sports festival. “Oh kid, you’ve got a few puncture wounds, you’re finished!” 

E: You don’t look like somebody with a high pain tolerance. This is it for you!

M: Is this where I outline my four flicks strategy? And then a final thumb jab. 

E: The scary thing about fighting Overhaul though is considering he can fuse with people, imagine what happens, when he just grabs your leg and then oops! You’re Overhaul now.

M: Yikes-a-rooney. Still, seems like he should be able to be knocked unconscious like anyone else. 

E: His Quirk appears to be in his hands, so, like Deku tried to do, you could could kick him in the head.

M: Deku was prepared to full on murder Overhaul. 

E: Good. I mean, you know, not good, but good.

Deku ready to give a kick from above

Deku is ready to audition for the Rockettes

M: Bonus early prediction: almost certainly someone is going to stab Overhaul with one of his bullets. Not the yakuza member bullets, the quirk-bullets. 

E: Yeah, I did understand that. Either way though, funny image. Skinny Fat Gum just turns up wielding the punchy dude. 

M: Like a Rock’em Sock’em robot. Is Momo here? 

E: No, the girls are dragon hero, the Big Three girl, Uraraka, and Tsuyu.

M: Damn, that’s lame. Momo could have learned how to make the quirk-erasing bullets by studying them, and then become the greatest villain of all time. 

E: Madelyn, it’s okay if Josh forced you to watch ahead, I would forgive you. I just don’t know how you predicted the great Momo heel-face turn.

M: He made our frog villager say Froppy as her catchphrase. Now they all say it. That’s how devoted we are to this series.

E: Beautiful.

M: Too bad that Lemillion’s power was the only thing keeping his hair coiffed. 

E: You know, heroes have to make sacrifices. Even their perfectly styled hair. 

M: He’s going to join the force with All Might’s buddy. I can see it. I am Nighteye. 

E: All Might’s buddy, who you think is a Big Bad? This is just Mirio’s no good very bad terrible day. 

M: I meant that he’ll become Deku’s civilian right hand in the same way. But also, I was ahead of the game hating the only named cop on this show, okay?

E: That’s true. You stuck to the good principles.

Mirio in front of Eri, looking exhausted

Please let this boy take a nap

M: I’m glad the girls finally showed up. I think this whole thing would have gone better if we left a few of the boys outside instead. 

E: Uraraka would have probably come in handy. Tsuyu too, but not against Overhaul, I think her tongue would have been a liability more than anything.

M: She could have poked him in the eye. 

E: She could have just coughed up her stomach onto him. He hates germs.

M: Ultimate Move. She could also have licked Aizawa’s eyeball so he didn’t need to blink. 

E: I don’t think it would work like that.

M: Worth a try. 

E: Nighteye also clarified that he has attempted to change futures he’s seen before, but that he’s been unable to do so. Which I think puts even more in context why he’s not fond of looking all that far into the future.

M: I get it. It’s going to be weird when the next arc is Nighteye in the Final World, going back to fix his mistakes and change the future!

E: Nighteye…your time…in this word…is…

M: Nighteye, more like NIGHT SKY!

E: *loud crowd cheering sounds*

M: A lot of weird crossovers happening here today.

E: With the girls here as the unforeseen hope, are you ready for lawsuit watch? Sexism.

M: Do I have to say anything? Sexism because Nighteye can’t see girl futures?

Twice whispering something to Toga

I don’t, uh, have a caption here, I just like them

E: Just kidding. But the moment in Coffee Prince where he tried to tie Eun-chan apron strings was pretty strong lawsuit material. 

M: Not stronger than several dead students, but fair. 

E: Nothing was more caffeinated than the Coffee Prince concert.

M: Pure caffeine. 

E: So, Coffee Prince with the win for that.

M: I’m ready to get titled. 

E: Season 4 Episode 13 is called “Infinite 100%”

M: Well, prediction one: Deku takes my freaking advice and goes all out on Overhaul. Breaks his leg in the process, as predicted. 

E: His waist grew one size bigger that day. Sorry, I mean:


M: I clearly said his leg. Waist emoji, how about that?

E: Neither of these emojis exist and I already made an All Might Shrek fancam, so give me a break!

M: Okay fine, just this once. Prediction two: it would be cool if Uraraka and Deku had been practicing a dual ultimate move, but they haven’t so that’s lame. Probably Uraraka will touch part of Overhaul, so he floats out, but the other dude doesn’t float. 


M: Prediction three: Nighteye says “this is impossible!” three or four times. 


M: Prediction four: Amidst all the chaos and girl power, Twice and Toga abduct Eri. 


M: Prediction five: Todoroki eats some soba in his room. “What should I watch on Netflix tonight?” He wonders. “Oh, I have an idea! The 2001 American animated comedy, Shrek!”

E: In lieu of an emoji, I direct you to my fancam again.

Hello, Emma here! As always, thanks for watching along with us on Split Screen! We’re checking out Coffee Prince on Tubi and My Hero Academia dubbed on Funimation. Maybe we will actually be caught up by the time season 5 airs, you never know.

Next time! Deku straps an Energized Bunny shaped like a girl to his back and the secret comes out on Coffee Prince. Look forward to it!

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