Special Episode: 2023 in Review

2023 in review featuring games talked about in this episode

Hello, and welcome to another episode of Talk This! It’s Dangerous to Podcast Alone. This week, it’s a special episode: our 2023 year in review! We go over our gaming highlights and lowlights of the year, make some predictions about 2024, and once again vow to make progress on our backlogs. Ah, the optimism of the start of a new year. 

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2023 in Review

We talk about our total games played (someone gets crushed), the state of the gaming industry (puddles are banned in 2024), and review both our mostly failed 2023 and sure to be successful 2024 resolutions. Plus games of the year, including Tunic, Alan Wake 2, Trine, A Space for the Unbound, and more!

If you start this podcast at 11:19:23pm, you’ll start the year with Emma saying “I will finish Cold Steel 4,” and we think that’s beautiful. 

Next week, we’re back with Madelyn’s sidequest (games for when it’s kinda cold? Games to comfort you as you return to work after your long, holiday slumber?). Don’t forget to listen to last week’s episode too!

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