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Hey there Split Screen readers! It’s your intro host Madelyn, grateful that it’s winter/spring and I don’t have to think about Mirio’s peach every time I enjoy some nice summer stone fruit. This week, Grandma doesn’t know how to handle a woman with a short hairdo, Deku and Mirio don’t know how to handle showing a ten-year-old around their school, and UA doesn’t know how to cancel a school event when it’s dangerous. Lots to learn on both shows!

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Coffee Prince Fourteenth Cup (from minute 33)

M: Here’s the drama we were waiting for. 

E: I am so glad we stopped before this scene last time, because it would not have been a fun way to end it.

M: What is wrong with the grandma? Has she never seen a pixie cut before?

E: It is like, what, 2007? Or something? Were pixie cuts popular then? Certainly not with proper girls.

M: Google tells me that pixie cuts became popular in the 1950s. 

E: Yeah, but they go in and out of style like everything. They haven’t been popular always since the 1950s

M: You’re right, Google goes on to say that 2007 was the year of the structured bob. 

E: Ah yes, whatever that means.

M: I was not anticipating her freakout at all.

E: I wasn’t either. It really did catch me off guard.

M: Especially when Han-gyul lied and said he had known she was a girl all along! It would be one thing to be angry, in the same way he was, about him being deceived, but angry that Eun-chan’s not super feminine looking? Out of nowhere. 

E: They are also worried that she’s a golddigger which is at least more familiar K-drama rich family concerns.

M: I love that on Boys Over Flowers, the actress who plays this grandma played the head maid who was instrumental in keeping Jun-pyo and Jan-di together, and now she’s tearing this whole thing apart.

E: Yeah for a show that has been not exactly progressive but still like relatively respectful of LGBT stuff, it’s very sudden.

M: He should have introduced Eun-chan as his boyfriend first. Then they would have been thrilled when he told them in a few days that she was actually a girl. 

E: JK, Grams, just a sick prank. That’s how I imagine that would go.

M: And then, she has a stroke. 

Well, about that…

E: But yeah, it feels like an extreme reaction especially since she likes Eun-chan from before.

M: Eun-chan did rightly point out that it’s different to like someone as your grandson’s smartass co-worker than it is to like that person as your granddaughter-in-law. 

E: That’s fair. Well, that sentiment is fair, grandma wasn’t so fair.

M: Calling Eun-chan a “thing” was pretty low. 

E: “Ah man, she wears button down shirts and a vest and her hair is short, what a monster.”

M: Han-gyul should have predicted at least some sort of bad reaction and should not have brought her over in the Coffee Prince uniform. 

E: He probably should have just told them on his own first before bringing her into it. But I do think he clearly wasn’t expecting this strong of a reaction.

M: That’s dumb though. He totally freaked out when he discovered that Eun-chan was a girl. I know this was a bigger reaction than he might have reasonably anticipated, but it was a bad call to just casually bring her over. 

E: Anyway, Yoo-joo got an ultrasound. The baby has a big nose.

M: And a wide forehead. 

E: And, what was the last thing?

M: Short limbs. 

E: Just a real handsome baby.

M: I feel so sad for Yoo-joo. 

E: Yeah, she doesn’t seem incandescently happy. Sort of just “oh dear. Baby.”

M: Han-sung bullying her into getting married, even in a teasing way, was not cute. 

E: Considering her position at the start of the show was very career first, ambivalent at best towards family stuff, this is sort of a sad arc for her. I’m sure they’ll find something that will, like, ignite her love of baby, but still sad.

M: Do you think she’ll have the baby by the end of the show? Maybe in the flashforward. I was going to say that maybe she’ll hold the baby for the first time and everything will fall into place. She’ll realize her flighty lifestyle isn’t what she wants, what she wants is right here! But that doesn’t seem likely, they’re not going to make her super pregnant onscreen. 

E: Little baby Diddley Kong

That sure do be a baby

M: If she had gone to New York, DK would have raised the baby as his own. 

E: Donkey Jr, they call him.

M: But as it stands, it looks like she’s going to have to give up her career and get along with her mom, and Han-sung is going to get to mix a best-selling baby song, as you called it. 

E: It was the specific instrument or sound of it that made me call it a baby song. Like lullaby is more like standard instruments to me, this was just baby song. Like a whale song. But baby.

M: Speaking of babies, was Sun-ki picking out furniture to give to his beloved? 

E: I think so, yeah. Or like to remodel her kitchen? Is sort what it sounded like?

M: What is going there? 

E: Just the weirdest, tiniest little side plot.

M: There could be a whole show about this side plot. 

E: Where is my Sun-ki spin-off, please and thank you.

M: Sun-ki and Ga-eul should have a show. 

E: Maybe she teaches his child. Or his not-child. 

M: They could be best friends and partners in crime. 

E: Free ideas here, as usual.

M: The grandma really was the major drama this episode. When she came to Coffee Prince? Oh my god. Major Lady Catherine de Bourgh energy. 

E: How dare girls have fun with their friends.

Ordering just plain milk? Gotta give it to her, iconic

M: I’m loving Eun-chan’s very clear-eyed view of this relationship though. 

E: Yeah, she’s very realistic about it.

M: It did make it a little extra cute and less cringe when she was excited that he’s not going to New York because of her. He should still go though. 

E: Yeah, he should probably still go. But I do appreciate that even if he’s ultimately staying for her, he has a bunch of reasons to stay beyond that. For his family, and because he does seem to actually enjoy running the shop too.

M: I can’t believe that his dad is going to be the only one who accepts Eun-chan. 

E: His dad just think it’s hilarious apparently

M: His dad definitely had a boyfriend at some point that no one talks about. 

E: The mom at least seems less upset than the grandma. So hopefully she’ll come around in the next episode. Which I assume is going to be at least partially about Eun-chan winning them over.

M: Is the grandma going to have a health crisis?

E: I hope not. She doesn’t deserve to have a health crisis right now. I have no room for sympathy.

M: Does Eun-chan actually go to Mr. Hong’s barber? 

E: The true questions.

M: For Romance Tracker: is Han-gyul really going to stay in Korea? Will Yoo-joo and Han-sung tie the knot? Double wedding?

E: Oh god, worst wedding ever.

M: That would be awful. 

Sending out those wedding invites

E: I think Yoo-joo and Han-sung will at least agree to get married before the end of the show. I’m not sure about the whole Han-gyul situation honestly.

M: I feel like an acceptable compromise in the Yoo-sung situation would be that they don’t get married. That feels like a way to maintain her freespiritedness, and force him to not get complacent. That won’t be what happens though. She’ll be domesticated. 

E: Any last thoughts on the episode?

M: The grandma’s order of straight up milk was such an underrated character moment, only topped by the two shots of her baring her teeth at Eun-chan. 

E: Honestly made her less intimidating.

My Hero Academia S4E20: “Gold Tips Imperial”

M: Kirishima asking Aizawa if Eri was his child is me! That’s me! 

E: Everyone was just determined to find out whose secret child she was.

M: Was it the business students who thought she was Mirio’s?

E: Listen, the guy takes a suspicious leave from school? When he’s at the top of his class? And then he shows up with a small child? Only thing that makes sense. Ignore the timeline.

M: I’m sure babies in this world come out weirdly grown all the time. 

E: I like how the idea of bringing Eri was to acclimate her to a new environment, and they immediately ran into the worst of Class 1-B and then went to the noisy and explosiony support course lab or whatever.

M: I know, couldn’t she have learned some dance moves with Mina or something? That feels low-key. 

E: Yeah, that feels like a better idea. I mean, she would have to walk around a little to actually get used to crowds I guess, but it seems like there could have been a few more activities. Even going to see Nejire in the fitting room was perfectly lowkey.

M: Speaking of which, what was Deku trying to say about Nejire’s body? That it was bouncy? What starts with B O U?

E: The dub was definitely bouncy, I can’t remember how the sub translated it, but I don’t think it was bouncy. Still something vaguely inappropriate though.

M: Deku is not allowed to say that stuff. He has to be a wholesome boy. 

E: No bouncy. ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)

M: Yes, only MIneta can say that, you’re right. When they introduced Eri to Mineta no less than ten seconds after arrival, I knew it was all downhill from there. 

E: No, you know, get the worst out of the way first. Look Eri, avoid these kinds of men.

M: The worst was Mirio. Waiting, with this small child mind you…where did Aizawa come from? Was he in the bush too? Did he approve this? Joke is rubbing off on him–

E: Listen, kids think butts are funny, okay? That’s just how it works. 

M: “Look at this fresh peach I brought you.” Or whatever he said. 

Can’t believe Mirio and Deku had a kid, so young

E: He was panicking, he thought he’d have more time to come up with a joke. It reminds me of right before we start episodes. “Wait, I need a joke, give me five seconds.”

M: I have yet to brandish my butt for the podcast. 

E: You might, if it was a visual medium.

M: I don’t have to respond to that. 

E: Anyway, for ditching practice to show around Aizawa’s secret kid, Deku was removed from the dance team. I appreciate that Mina specifically dressed up for it.

M: I wish we were spending more time in these rehearsals and meetings. I would like to see them learning to dance. I would like to see the tech team planning. When Mina talked about the fly system, I was like dang, they’ve done some research

E: We’ve been getting bits and pieces of it. I’d like more, but I don’t know if I’d want a full episode of like dance practice. Might get some high school theater flashbacks.

M: We could cut to Lord Explosion and the Murderettes too. 

E: Bakugo just keeps throwing in new breakdowns, whatever that means.

M: In an EDM song. Let’s not forget that. 

E: Well, it’s already not really EDM if it has, like, nice vocals.

M: You could do that, you could get away with that, but the rest of it would have to be SYNTH. 

E: Who even cares when Class 1-B is putting on their original play. 

M: Truly iconic. I don’t even know what to say. 

E: Gotta agree with Monoma on this one, I think they have Class 1-A beat.


M: Oh absolutely. No question. Concert? Boring boring boring. 

E: Too bad Todoroki hadn’t discovered like…A Very Potter Musical yet.

M: That’s exactly what I was going to say!

E: Sorry, Todoroki watching A Very Potter Musical, starting to throw out quotes, I think that’s too much.

M: Todoroki running around being like “I hate UA! I’m going to transfer to Pigfarts!” Rolling around the floor. 

E: He returns someone’s pencil, “heroes are particularly good at finding.”

M: That’s the extent of what I remember of the quotable lines. I could probably still sing some chunks of Get Back to Hogwarts. Crazy that they like…made that up. With no source material. 

E: I know, wild.

M: An original musical, inspired by nothing, written by no one. Anyway, Todoroki likes BEATS instead. 

E: Meanwhile Deku is diving into the obscure weird side of YouTube for any and all videos even tangentially related to All Might

M: I’m worried about Deku. He’s got some weird stuff coming up in his recommendations. 

Emma at 3 AM, her dog in the background saying “we have to get up in three hours”

E: I mean, you know the algorithm- this guy likes heroes, he definitely wants to watch this sick prank show.

M: The SEO is great. The Devil works hard, but La Brava works harder. 

E: He went from 53 views to 35,000, that’s hard work.

M: The ad revenue probably supports his tea habit. 

E: They probably get demonetized a lot.

M: He’s only doing it to inspire the youth!

E: Listen though, he’s right, why are they throwing the festival? 

M: I can’t believe the show addressed it head on as if it was a courageous moment for Nezu. Would have been better if he stood up to the dog, not going to lie. More poetic. 

E: I mean, in all seriousness, I understand the logic of throwing the festival, I follow the thought process. It’s just also dumb.

M: Midnight was like “there’s going to be more security this year because the chief of police came and told us this was a bad idea.” You should have done that yourself. You should have known to have more security. 

E: But Gentle is going to come to inspire young minds, pull the fire alarm, and ruin the festival. Tragic.

M: Prediction 0: Gentle and Monoma run into each other at the fire alarm. Jokes on them, just like at Greendale, the fire alarms aren’t real. Until the paintball arc in MHA season seven, that is. 

E: Maybe UA just has someone hired to be the fire alarm. Like Fire Alarm Man.

M: I mean, Present Mic, right? Surely he’s not really qualified to teach English. He went to UA. 

E: They just pay him to scream when he sees a fire?

M: You say that like it’s surprising. Todoroki’s first week after his sports fest fire breakthrough was rough. 

Little did they know their fire alarm plan was foiled from the start

E: Lawsuit watch? Eri doesn’t have anyone to sue on her behalf.

M: Not until Aizawa adopts her officially. 

E: Could definitely sue the grandma for emotional damages.

M: I would sue Mina for kicking Deku off the team. Can’t anyone be in any club?

E: Wrongful termination, good idea.

M: I mean, there’s a copyright suit lurking in the background. 

E: What do you mean? It’s a completely original play. Based on nothing.

M: The Azkaban stuff, sure, I’ll grant there’s no author to sue there. But the other works? Hm. 

E: Alright, so My Hero takes the lawsuit award. Caffeine Watch?

M: Absolutely My Hero. I can’t emphasize enough that the grandma ordered a mug of milk. A mugga milk. 

E: Any last thoughts on the episode or are you ready for next week’s title?

M: I sure wish I knew what the League of Villains were up to. That’s all. 

E: They just had a big success, now they’re popping champagne and burning people in marbles. And watching YouTube. Shigaraki won’t let Twice and Toga start their own prank channel.

M: Okay, I’m ready for the title now. 

E: Okay, it’s a real gimme this time. 

M: Let me guess: The School Festival. 

E: No, that would make sense. Season 4 Episode 21 is called “Deku v. Gentle Criminal”

M: Bite me. 

E: No.

M: Okay, prediction one: Deku, enraged that Gentle Criminal has climbed the recommendation ranks for searches about obscure All Might gear, starts a rival channel called Smooth Convict where he talks about All Might trivia to try to steal Gentle’s viewers. 

E: YouTube icon vs

M: Prediction two: Deku submits a bunch of fake copyright claims on Gentle’s account, ruining his livelihood and driving him to a life of true crime. 

E: money bag emojiman gesturing no emoji burglar mask emoji

M: Prediction three: Deku discovers that Bakugo is an accomplished Twitch streamer.

E: Game Controller emoji

M: Prediction four: Mina joins (or maybe founds) TikTok and writes Ratatouille the Musical. This will not be topical by the time this blog is published. 


M: Prediction five: here’s a sweet one, I’ll stop trolling. The kids band together to vote Eri queen of the beauty pageant. She cries and says “I’ve never felt pretty, but you all made me feel beautiful!”

E: yellow sparkle emojiUnicorn emoji

M: Was the sparkle emoji Aoyama?

E: Yeah, he’s left to be the disco ball.

Hey there, Emma here, thanks for reading/watching along on Split Screen! You can find My Hero Academia on Funimation and Coffee Prince on Viki. Both paid. Sigh.

Next time! Deku beats up an old man when he should be beating up Grandma. Come on, Deku, be a hero.

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