Split Screen: That’s What These Legs and Abs Are For

Hello there Split Screen readers! Thanks for clicking over to your favorite sporatically-updated k-drama and shonen anime watchblog. This week, Captain Ri takes flight in preparation for Crash Landing Take Two, and Iida rips out his calf engines in preparation for the 400% Tetsu action he has in store in the class battles. Get ready for more consideration of quirk physiology than you ever wanted and let’s press play!

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Crash Landing on You Episode 4 (up to minute 42)

Se-ri looking over a cliff with her parachute spread out behind her

M: I thought the literal Crash Landing on You was going to be a one time event, but we got another little parachute episode this time. 

E: Roll credits! We did not literally see them land though. 

M: The title card told you everything you needed to know. 

E: Also Captain Ri can fly, so there would be no crash landing

M: He can levitate. There’s no proof of flight yet. Or he has a lot of core strength. 

E: I’ll have to make sure and grab a screenshot so the readers can really see the nonsense physics going on in that scene.

M: Honestly, if you’re reading this blog and you’re not watching Crash Landing on You, you’re missing out. It’s on Netflix! You have Netflix!

E: You have somebody’s Netflix! (EDITOR EMMA: Until they take it from you, that is…)

A parachute scene where they are technically falling but it's really clear the actors are just standing up

Like, look at this! This seems incorrect, right? He should be feeling gravity, right?

M: It is so funny every time, you should be watching. This is the first one I feel like I can genuinely recommend. 

E: The first of our series you mean? Not the first episode of this?

M: Yeah, correct. I would recommend Boys Over Flowers with caveats, but this show is actually good so far. 

E: I’d recommend Coffee Prince with caveats too. And this one with the caveat that the editing can still be really weird sometimes.

M: They do a lot of jump cuts within scenes. I noticed it more this time. 

E: They had a few in her conversation with the boys after their failed escape that was just close up of face, more close up of face, that they cut between randomly a few times.

M: That part worked pretty well for me because it felt like these little episodes of perpetually more pampered princess. It was in the scene with the Senior Lieutenant’s wife that it felt weird.

E: Definitely just takes some getting used to. It hasn’t reached the levels of the premiere again but.

M: Except for the part where she imagined being shot down by both North and South Korean troops. 

E: That part was very weird. It didn’t feel necessary. I wasn’t sure if they were trying to play it for comic effect? Which also- I don’t know. Is that comical?

Se-ri imagining getting blown up by the military

Ha ha ha, long-standing and deadly national tensions!

M: It definitely was, it just didn’t quite land. It crash landed, if you will. 

E: I can’t wait for the show to fall apart in the end for me, so I can say: man, did this show crash land on me.

M: I’m not sure if season two is in the works or not. 

E: I’m just waiting for Switzerland to come back.

M: Chekhov’s Switzerland. 

E: I feel like you already made that joke.

M: I think it was on a different show. Not Switzerland, of course. But gotta name drop my boy Chekhov. 

E: Anyway, we return and the kiss somehow works. Partially.

M: I knew it would. It always works on South Korean dramas!

E: I mean I knew they weren’t going to be shot there, but I didn’t imagine…what was the phrase they used? Pushing buds?

M: Yeah, these budding young lovers. 

E: Going night fishing, if you know what I mean.

M: The boat captain really gave 110% for them. 

E: I mean, he’s screwed too if they get caught, but still, a commendable performance.

M: He didn’t have to go that hard, but he did. Still, Captain Ri almost blew it at the end. 

E: And regardless, Se-ri is now stuck in North Korea for at least ten more days until the sea order is lifted.

Se-ri eats at the head of the table while the soldiers sit uncomfortably around her

Pity party with The Boys

M: I knew it was too soon for them to make it. 

E: I just want to know what’s up with his real fiancée who’s been on her way to see him for like a whole episode now.

M: To be fair, the events of the past episode elapsed in maybe two days? So if she had to stop by home first, it’s not that unrealistic. 

E: Also, I can’t believe she’s actually going to be in Division 11.

M: It’s basically confirmed, right? Now that evil captain Chol is investigating her credentials. 

E: Twenties/Thirties, recently returned from abroad…I just feel like it has to line up.

M: Yeah, South Korean accent? If I knew what the accents sounded like, we might already know. 

E: Se-ri deals with her disappointment about not being able to return by both attempting to escape via parachute and then crashing a birthday party in town. 

M: Se-ri is such a good character. She is good at such different things than our previous protagonists and it’s so refreshing. 

E: She’s just very chaotic and she does what she wants. Which can be cringey but is appreciated.

Se-ri and the woman of the village having a birthday party

Power play with The Ladies

M: Where did she even find her parachute stuff?

E: I assume Captain Ri had it, because you can’t just leave that stuff out in the woods for anyone to find and question.

M: Speaking of, the aforementioned parachute escape, where Captain Ri reveals his superior abdominal control and/or super powers. 

E: It was so bothersome to me. They could have fixed it just by having his arms through the parachute. I would have accepted it then. But no. 

M: Between this and the boat green-screen, Realism Watch is not looking good for Crash Landing on You this time. 

E: No CG animals though. My Hero did have a CG Endeavor. 

M: Plus Ultra. Anyway, I love that Se-ri has decided that the way out is to get Captain Ri promoted a few rungs. 

E: Gotta get him a gold star on his homework

M: His boys did not have his back either. Se-ri asks if he’s high up and they’re like, “nah, he’s bottom rung.” 

E: Handsome man tried to cover for him. The rest of them just gave up.

M: I’m glad we have a moniker for Handsome Man now. He was The Other Guy for a few episodes. Meanwhile, Pyo Chi Su (formerly known as Drunk Guy) is more fragrant than he’s ever been. 

E: That’s the power of hair care products.

M: I live with a man who uses two-in-one shampoo/conditioner, so maybe I need to pull a Se-ri. 

E: You should tell him about how fragrant his hair will be.

M: That is what he says when he runs out and has to use mine. 

E: Oh yeah, and Captain Ri beats up a gang on behalf of the wiretapping man.

Captain Ri jumps over a table in pursuit of a shoplifter

More proof of Captain Ri’s levitating ability

M: Wire-tapping man is already in over his head. Things are not going to end well for him. 

E: The story has marked him for death by giving him a son.

M: A son who likes expensive pork. 

E: Still don’t know what was up with that folded piece of paper in his wallet though.

M: I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough. 

E: Oh! And the clam bake! Man, so much happened this episode.

M: It was jam packed! Se-ri showed off her fashion skills and then did some A+ networking!

E: I was so uncomfortable 

M: It’s easier to ask for Captain Ri, probably. She can be a little more shameless. It would have been worse if it was like “give me the star.”

E: Speaking of shameless, Captain Ri riding past the exit three times so he could catch her without looking like he was waiting.

M: Oh, he’s also on the trail, with Handsome Man, of that accident. Too much to keep track of here. 

E: But I’m a big fan of light clams on fire and then eat them. I don’t drink so, leave out the shoju, but it’s a good concept.

M: You could do it with juice. Seltzer. 

E: I don’t know if that would mix with the clam well.

M: A light kombucha. 

One of the soldiers pours shoju into Se-ri's clam shell

Do you think Se-ri likes kombucha?

E: The real appeal is the lighting clams on fire, I think. 

M: What do you find appealing about that?

E: I don’t know, it’s funny .There’s something neat about wearing gloves and plucking something straight out of the fire and eating it.

M: This feels so Boston to me. Massachusetts is getting to you. 

E: Also was a big fan of the quick cut to Se-ri’s family eating dinner in luxury but in silence.

M: I will say that getting Se-ri drunk is a security risk. 

E: She can’t possibly be more of security risk than she is sober.

M: You’re right, calling a birthday party a BP is the most suspicious thing anyone has ever done. 

E: Not even just in North Korea, just in general.

M: A BP? Sus. 

My Hero Academia S5E7: “Match 3”

Image showing the third match up in the Class A and Class B fights

E: Did you ever rip out any of your baby teeth?

M: I think so. I can kind of remember what it felt like, if I think about it. 

E: But you never did like the thing where you like tie to a door and slam it right, that sort of pulling out

M: Please tell me you didn’t do that. 

E: No way, even reading about people doing that in books (which is probably where I know about that from) makes me want to die. And that’s how I felt about watching Iida rip his engines out of his calf.

M: What is Iida’s physiology?

E: I’m assuming they’re like teeth now. You take out the baby engines and then the adult engine grow back. 

M: Are they made of flesh? 

E: Maybe he will get wisdom engines that need to be removed. 

M: Only if he doesn’t have enough space for them. But seriously, are the engines made of…like would I find Iida’s DNA in them?

E: You’d think so? It sounded like his legs are like all engine parts, even more than the parts that stick out. Teeth are bones, maybe they’re bones.


Iida, with a cloth between his teeth, prepares to rip out the engines in his legs

This screenshot literally makes me cringe out of my skin

E: I just can’t believe — I mean, I can, because kids are stupid — but I can’t believe he went to the forest, put a cloth between his teeth, and ripped out his engines by himself. He could have gone to Recovery Girl! 

M: Probably part of the strengthening is the growing back naturally, right? But he still should have been in a sterile environment. 

E: Yes, I mostly meant the sterile environment, supervision, maybe some numbing cream, I dunno.

M: When did he do this? How did we not notice the gaping holes in Iida’s legs?

E: How fast does it grow back? It must be really fast.

M: So has he been ripping them out like, daily?

E: I don’t think so, like I said, it sounded like you start with baby engines and then you grow your adult engines, not like molting.

M: Something about describing it as tuning the engines though made me think that it wasn’t just a one time thing. 

E: I’m gonna pretend it is. Regardless of the truth.

M: What if he went back and Tensei and Mom were like “kidding!”

E: No.

M: I mean, thank goodness. Do you think if Ojiro pulls his tail off he’ll grow a better one?

E: No!

M: Or like the Hydra, multiple tails?

E: Maybe Shoji has to pull his eyeballs out. 

M: Everyone is so inspired by Deku getting stronger from breaking his bones. 

E: Speaking of Deku, he and All Might are doing a terrible job of hiding their relationship as always.

M: I’m glad Bakugo is calling them out, at least, even if I don’t think that Deku should be giving him random One-for-All updates. 

Bakugo yelling at All Might and Deku while they look pathetic

“Look at me! I am the dad now!”

E: It’s too late now. Deku gave away the cat in the bag to Bakugo in season one, he just didn’t know he had it. 

M: That doesn’t mean he’s entitled to every update. I guess it’s blackmail, but still. 

E: He doesn’t trust either of them to know what they’re doing, and you know what? He’s right.

M: All Might is getting smarter though. Didn’t you see him come say hi?

E: “I am here! Without startling you!” Ironically, we were so startled, we had to pause the episode for like ten seconds.

M: I had to pause the episode like twenty times. Shoto looking so unimpressed by the other team. Endeavor and his terrible helicopter parenting? Good stuff. 

E: I still don’t know how I feel about the show juxtaposing this bumbling dad Endeavor that can’t get his son to answer his texts and a traumatic flashback where he’s like “your brother probably burned himself to death or something, but you won’t do that, six year old!”

M: In some ways, minus that weird pairing, the bumbling dad stuff does feel like the right path to redeem Endeavor. Like, absolutely I will forget his abuse if we keep showing dumb nonsense like this. It’s the Boys Over Flowers Jun-pyo strategy. 

E: That’s why I’m kind of surprised — I mean, I assume it’s for the Touya stuff — but I’m surprised they’re reminding the audience of how much he sucked. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s just weird when they could just go full Jun-pyo style redemption.

A smaller Todoroki, catching his breath on his hands and knees

Could not venture a guess as to why Shoto won’t answer his texts, it’s a mystery

M: They’re trying to do two arcs with the character at once: the Shoto arc and the Probably Dabi arc, and it’s hard to do both.

E: Anyway, Todoroki did an ice blast and guess what? It sucked.

M: I just want the ice blast to succeed.

E: Every time I am validated in my criticism of the ice blast.

M: Whatever man, I’ll keep dreaming. 

E: I admit I was not expecting wiggly ice though.

M: Who would?

E: I feel like you could use a gif of Iida slowly sinking further into the wiggly ice as a meme for something. Like: me, my to-do list.

M: Ooooooof. Too close to home. 

A landscape shot of a load of ice turning into gloop (with a sound effect text that says GLOOP)

The wiggly ice is a metaphor for the slow, unending march of time

E: Anyway, 90% sure that this team is going to lose, even though Iida really needs a win here.

M: He is going to disgrace his brother’s name. 

E: Tailman really needs a win here. 

M: Tailman’s place in Class 1A is on the line, honestly. 

E: Shinso just standing inches behind him. Waiting.

M: With Monoma. 

E: Terrifying. 

M: It does look pretty bad for the Boys right now. Wiggly ice. Horns everywhere. Drill versus tail. Bad stuff. 

E: Tetsutetsu, tetsutetsuing it up.

M: He is so Tetsu. 400% Tetsu. 

E: The Tetsu-est.

An introduction shot of Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu that show the kanji for his name

Look at all those “tetsu”s

M: He will not deserve the win. 

E: I appreciated that his immediate impulse was “just break things!” because that is also what I do (in games at least) when I don’t know what to do. I try not to do it in real life.

M: My immediate impulse regardless of if I know what to do in games is to break everything. 

E: Well, lawsuit watch? I dunno, there’s not a ton. Tokoyami’s mushrooms don’t count, because that was the last episode.

M: He took his meds, so he’s okay now. 

E: I’m suing My Hero for making me watch Iida rip out his engines out.

M: Can Shoto sue his dad for too many texts?

E: I feel like you should be able to. “Stop texting me, or I will take legal action.”

M: Realism Watch though, that’s where the action is. 

E: I have to say Crash Landing on You fails for just the parachute scene which I cannot get over and will never get over.

M: The whole Iida thing makes no sense though. 

E: That’s just Quirk stuff though. Last episode there was a boy who could make sound effects physical.

M: They didn’t take a lunch break though, Emma! 

E: That’s true, nobody ate during that break. It’s been awhile. I would be hungry.

M: These are teenagers. Remember how on Crash Landing on You they said the guy’s ten year old son eats like a horse?

E: Teenagers eat like ten horses.

M: Probably one of them is actually part horse. 

E: There really should just be a snack table somewhere.

M: Craft Services. That would be an unfair advantage for Sato, and maybe also for Momo depending on if there are olive oil shots, my perpetual suggestion for her lipid replenishment. 

E: Starving Sato also feels like an unfair disadvantage though. Also the last team will eat each other, they will be so hungry.

M: He’s probably got cakes in his back pockets, hey yo. The last team can eat Mineta’s giant grape juice balls. 

E: You did call baby Todoroki chunky now that I think of it, but I should just be glad no comments were made about Iida this time.

M: I haven’t gotten a good look at his new calves yet. He was mostly covered in wiggly ice. 

E: Alright, is it prediction time?

M: Heck yeah! My prediction is this team somehow comes from behind and wins. Probably because Todoroki figures out how to do Endeavor’s special fire move on his own, and then he gets to text his dad “already figured that out, don’t need you, peace.”

E: 🏆🔥✌️

M: Your turn!

E: I am steadfast in my prediction that Class 1-A is going to lose here. Probably because Mudman is going to turn Iida’s engines wiggly which will incapacitate him. And the rest will also be taken out somehow, I don’t know.

M: 😞⚙️🍮Sad fire emoji Sad eyes emoji Sad emoji with an added tail

E: Getting ambitious.

M: I aim big. Prediction two: All Might and Endeavor start a support group for dads whose sons don’t text them back fast enough and force you to send a billion messages. 


M: Okay, bring it home. 

E: The remaining students outside the match finally overthrow Vlad King for his biased commentary and the lack of a snack table.

M: Anakin: "Now that Vlad King is gone, we'll make changes" Padme: "So this means no more biased commentary right?" Anakin: silent Padme: "No more biased commentary, right?"

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