Split Screen: Two Birds with One Stone

Hey there Split Screen readers! It’s your intro blogger Madelyn, feeling ready to Crash Land into My Hero Academia once again. This week’s shows feature highly valuable windshield wipers, secret fiancées, One Winged Angel, and the phrase “fight fungus with fungus.” If that doesn’t get you excited to read on, I don’t know what will, so let’s go!

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Crash Landing On You Episode 3 (up to minute 35)

M: It is a truth universally acknowledged that if a couple on a South Korean drama has to pretend to be engaged, they will fall in love. 

E: Specifically it was when one is sleeping on the bed and one is sleeping on the floor. Pretending to be married is how they deal with crises.

M: K-drama Kim speaks the truth.

E: They said all their full names this episode, and I paid attention to none of them. I’m sorry for my lacking viewing.

M: K-drama Kim. Drunk Pyo. The other two. 

E: They are definitely going to give up the plan over the secretly placed listening device next time. 

M: Probably they’ll try to use discussing a k-drama as an excuse. 

E: That’s still bad! Less bad probably, but still bad!

M: Less bad is very important here. 

E: Currently I’m thinking they’re going to get found out and so all of them will have to leave on the boat.

M: I guess it’s only twelve episodes, right? I was thinking that it was a little soon for everyone to flee to South Korea, but a third of the way through? Possible. 

E: They have to come back to deal with the murder plot, so it’s not like they’d be in South Korea the rest of the series. 

M: I take it back, it’s sixteen episodes. But you’re right, that does help. It was so unnecessary to have that wholesome flashback to Captain Ri’s proud brother before watching him get bumped off. 

Crash Landing on You: Two North Korean soldiers sitting in a car

Moments before disaster

E: My one complaint about that scene was that it should have been sad piano music not sad cello music.

M: Clair de Lune. 

E: It’s always gotta be Clair de Lune. Is that just a sad piano song that you don’t have to pay rights for, or something?

M: It’s recognizable as by Beethoven. By Beef Oven. 

E: It’s not by Beethoven! It’s Debussy! I know this from Danganronpa V3. The hub of classical music knowledge.

M: That would have been too on the nose, because they hit him with de bus, see?

E: It did give wiretapper man a mental breakdown though. While his colleagues jammed to tunes in the background.

M: And yet he’s kept the job for another seven years. Enviable job stability. 

E: It’s probably hard to leave a job as a wiretapper. Especially when you’re involved in, like, a serial murder plot. 

M: The other suspicious officer was encouraging him to leave to go to college!

E: His son. His son to go to college.

M: Oh, that makes a lot more sense! I thought he seemed a little old for university!

E: He’s just operating the wiretap at 12, listening to a man die. 

M: I thought it was super weird that he had been at the job for seven years and only now was he going to go to school. A mid-life career change!

Crash Landing on You: The backs of two North Korean officers, one standing straight and one hunched over

When you find yourself embroiled in a serial murder plot, you should take the chance to go back to school though

E: No disrespect to those who go to college late, by the way. Just didn’t seem like this man’s MO.

M: It’s hard to believe that Captain Ri does seem to have an actual secret fiancée. 

E: How does no one in the village know this? They’re all so in his business.

M: He’s a private guy. I mean not really, he’s a captain haha. But he keeps his business to himself. 

E: I guess she was returning from Russia, so they wouldn’t have had a chance to meet her. But Captain Ri, so bold with this lie knowing now that he does already have a fiancée.

M: It’s obviously an arranged marriage. So maybe he’s killing two birds with one stone (I’m including that here so I can use it as the title of this week’s blog) by betraying her and saving the foreigner so he gets out of an unwanted engagement. 

E: See, but the two birds that he’s actually killing are himself and Se-ri, because she’s gonna go to the village and expose them.

M: The kimchi ladies are going to absolutely eat this up. 

E: They’re going to eat Se-ri as kimchi.

M: She’ll lose the kimchi battle. 

E: I’m not sure what Se-ri should have said to the kimchi invitation. On one hand, stay out of sight, on the other, it’s kinda suspicious to turn down the kimchi making by saying “no, I don’t like kimchi.”

Crash Landing on You: the village ladies

When it’s kimchi time

M: She should have said she was sick or something. Then she could die believably in a few days. 

E: No, Captain Ri has to say that he was dumped and then be sad for six months.

M: As I said, for someone who was so smooth on the fly claiming her as his fiancée, he is absolutely failing at keeping up the ruse for a day. 

E: Clearly he’s good at thinking under pressure and then not good when not under pressure. I do feel that.

M: Still, the stakes here are incredibly high, and he just has to like, hold her hand or something. Anything. 

E: Scandalous.

M: She does have a slutty face. 

E: That one woman in the neighborhood who was like, “What’s the problem? She’s pretty!”

M: Read the room, girl. 

E: We didn’t check in with Se-ri’s family at all this half episode. We did check in briefly with the fraud man. 

M: Before his death in an entirely preventable hydroplaning car accident.

E: Why do people steal windshield wipers anyway?

M: Maybe they’re made of rubber? That could be worth something.

E: I mean it makes sense, I couldn’t place why I was like “oh yeah, they’re gonna steal your wipers,” you know?

M: It’s what you would do. I’ve seen you. Eyeing windshield wipers as you walk by.

E: That’s me, windshield wiper enthusiast. 

M: Consistently my favorite parts of these shows are the incredible girl best friends, which Crash Landing on You currently lacks, and the boys being dumb as a group. 

E: Got plenty of the latter. 

M: All of them forcing Captain Ri to admit he had to pretend Se-ri was his fiancée!! Priceless!!

E: It was very good.

M: Where’s the romance going? Will there be a love triangle? Will the fraudster somehow be involved?

E: The fraudster will definitely be involved, because they made a point of putting him and Dan in the same scene together. I don’t know, I’m really feeling that they’re all going to end up going to South Korea, so that kind of nullifies much love triangling for a while.

Crash Landing on You: Dan disembarks from the plane

That’s a girlboss right there

M: On one hand, it feels really bad to have the two fiancées in the same space. On the other hand, the fraudster is definitely setting up the South Korean family eventually finding Se-ri, because they’ll be on his trail too. 

E: To me he feels like an excuse to bring them back here later. I don’t think they’ll find her through him. I don’t know.

M: Now, do we think that the Switzerland scene from last time was past, future, or alternate dimension?

E: Reincarnation, like I said last time. 

M: But now we know he was a piano prodigy in Switzerland!

E: I don’t think it was the past. They’re both drawn there because they remember that from their previous lives.

M: It’s going to be such a twist at midseason when they’re both executed and then reincarnate.

E: I’m just curious if we’re going to get a scene there again at the end of this episode.

M: That would be a fun running end stinger. 

E: Fun is not the word I’d choose. Confusing. Bemusing. Wild. Funky.

M: Not as wild as the Real Cow. 

E: Cow was real. Tiger on car was not real. That’s a logo.

M: Actually a jaguar. Not even a tiger.

E: Just a regular sedan.

My Hero Academia S5E5: “Operation New Improv Moves”

My Hero Academia screenshot: Hawks poses overlooking the city at night while Tokoyami hangs on for dear life to the side of the building

M: A regular sedan that Bakugo would drive in with his buddies!

E: I can’t wait for the arc where they all peer pressure Kaminari into stealing cars.

M: Apparently you can only get a motorcycle license at sixteen in Japan, gotta be an adult for cars.

E: He’s already stealing the cars, does that matter.

M: I wanted an arc where they all learn how to drive. Aizawa the driving instructor. 

E: It’d be cool if he could use his Quirk instead of the emergency brake. I know it doesn’t work like that.

M: All Might as a driving instructor just putting his foot through the bottom of the car. “Come to a complete stop, Young Midoriya!”

E: Deku would not be a good driver. He’d get all anxious in the driver’s seat.

M: He’d try to take notes while he was driving. 

E: Driver Deku would definitely make illegal turns in order to go see the pro-heroes fighting so he could take his notes.

M: Anyway, this has absolutely nothing to do with this week’s objectively sort of wild episode. On the one hand, very slow episode, two minutes of class fight action in total. On the other hand…darkness.

E: I did like getting a look finally at Tokoyami’s experiences with Hawks. I did say we’d check in with Hawks last time, this isn’t what I meant though.

M: I’m glad that we’ve finally confirmed Tokoyami’s internship and work study was affirmative action.

E: That’s the 20% part, you know.

M: It was more than that the first time, I think. 

E: He said he was 20% serious about it being because they’re birds the first time, I think.

My Hero Academia screenshot: Hawks looks back over his shoulder, through his wings, suspiciously

Birds of a feather…whatever

M: Tokoyami is going to feel bad for giving Hawks intel in the couple of episodes where it looks to everyone like he’s betrayed the heroes.

E: Yeah. A real unsubtle way of gathering info from Hawks here. I guess it’s just a child, children are stupid.

M: “Yo, fourteen year old! Tell me about the two worst days of your life! The first day you saw someone die!”

E: “Please re-live your trauma for my edification!”

M: I wish the show would stop reminding me about all the kids that went on the yakuza raid.

E: I laughed when Kirishima said that the vine girl would have just murdered him, but no, that’s just his viewpoint now. Ever since his eyeballs were shattered.

M: Kirishima has looked death in the face, and it cracked his eyes into pieces. 

E: Like, I guess it prepared them for the future, but it’s also taken the rest of their childhood away from them. So, fun times.

My Hero Academia screenshot: vine girl prays with a holy light radiating down on her

I think if she’d been on the yakuza raid, she’d either abandon this schtick or be even more into it

M: Meanwhile, Tetsutetsu is screaming about how cool Kendo is, like a normal kid. 

E: Tetsutetsu just making jokes about how they would murder Monoma without Kendo.

M: Death is just a joke to him. 

E: Monoma and Shinso are a terrifying combination, by the way. That should be a fun fight when we get to it in like five episodes or whatever.

M: I expect floating toxic balls everywhere. 

E: Floating sticky toxic balls for Deku to kick.

M: Kicky boi. 

My Hero Academia screenshot: Monoma dramatically talks to Shinso while Deku and Mineta look on from the foreground

Pictured: Deku thinking about kicking

E: Anyway, we should get to the real highlights of this episode. Highlights is not the right word because they are creatures of darkness.

M: Who wrote these lines for these boys. 

E: There was that one shot of Tokoyami running down a column of light in his flashback, and I was like “that’s Kingdom Hearts.”

M: This whole episode was Kingdom Hearts! This was Riku v. Dark Riku. Terra v. Terranort!

E: Dark Fallen Angel is going to be a heartless boss in the next Kingdom Hearts. Sephiroth’s heartless.

M: In my head the whole time. 

(EDITOR EMMA: I’ve updated the video placed here for Present Times)

E: I think it would be really effective if Tokoyami just blasted that whenever he used this move.

M: It’s such a metal name. It doesn’t really even make sense. He’s not falling. I thought it was going to be a dive move. Instead it’s literally Dark Riku zipping around.

E: He’s like flying but he’s also dark and that means fallen angel. Could really just be Dark Demon, but that doesn’t sound as cool

M: He has stared into the abyss and come back with some sick names for his moves. 

E: All he did that first time he was running after Hawks was come up with cool move names.

M: Good use of time. Better than the spon-con that Kendo and Momo did. 

E: What would Tokoyami do an ad for?

M: Um. Like, one of those “your mom would hate this” video game ads. 

E: Anyway, despite taking down Dark with the cool Fallen Angel move and the Navel Buffet, they are now turning into mushrooms which is a horrifying Quirk, I would like to say.

M: How often does she say “there’s a fungus among us!”

E: Every time she walks into a room. I assume.

M: That’s as it should be. Scary power though. That was a lot of mushrooms. 

E: Just the thought of mushrooms sprouting from me? Like even one. That’s it for me. I surrender. 


E: Almost as terrifying as Dark going into Dark Shadow. Which was awful as well. 

M: I didn’t like that. I don’t like physical, bodily possession. That’s…that’s bad. None of that. 

E: I mean Dark Shadow, I guess, is literally made of darkness. So it makes sense. 

M: Being able to travel through the darkness is a villain quirk. I don’t know why Shinso is so sensitive about his quirk, literally everyone has villain quirks here. 

My Hero Academia screenshot: The shadow man, made out of shadow except for the white hair

You can be edgy and a hero, it’s allowed

E: Once Shinso joins the hero course, he’ll never have to deal with those comments again, because Monoma will be right there. 

M: Is he going to have to kick someone out? Is there a quota?

E: I mean, there’s 20 in each class right now, I don’t know if there are rules against having an extra one though. Maybe they’d hold him back a year, have him take one of the recommended slots or something.

M: That could make sense. 

E: Lawsuit watch?

M: I mean, Hawks should not have flown with Tokoyami like that.

E: He could have caught him if he dropped him. All it would take is one feather.

M: That’s still not okay, to be clear. 

E: “Is that a bird? Is that a plane? No, it’s two half-birds, flying in the sky.”

M: I mean, there’s a lot of law breaking going on in North Korea. Probably pretty bad to pretend that the South Korean refugee is a spy. Also, Captain Ri should sue about his brother. 

E: Those types of big things don’t feel like they count, you know?

M: Fair enough. Let’s see. If I was a girl at UA, I would sue them for allowing someone who can just like, travel in the shadows. Locker room better be pretty bright. 

E: They already let Mineta in.

M: Oh, Mineta.

E: Realism watch? No way would anyone buy “I have a secret spy fiance from South Korea”

M: To be fair, they don’t seem to be buying it, really. 

E: I feel like they would just take her for questioning anyway, have her identity as a spy confirmed by the person in charge, you know?

M: He’s the highest ranking official around right now, at least. And there’s a risk to that, right? The other officer already got burned earlier that day by bringing Captain Ri in for questioning.

E: That’s true.

M: So I understand one day of caution when you have an easy wiretap solution. 

E: Well, are we ready for predictions?

M: I suppose so? I guess as is typical, I’ll go first. I’m really looking forward to finding out what Man Ga’s power is. I should take a guess. I bet Man Ga can turn everyone two-dimensional. Into like little cardboard cutouts. Or control time such that everything advances like a panel. 

E: 웃

Okay, my prediction. As I said during the ending credits, Dark Shadow shall turn into a mushroom and become a mushroom dog, establishing this as part of the Dorohedoro extended universe. It was a prequel all along.

M: 🍄 🦎 🥟

I don’t want them to have to do superhero marriages. Let’s keep that in Dorohedoro only. 

E: Isn’t that just Todoroki’s backstory?

M: Yes, and that’s why I don’t want it for the kids. Aizawa walks into homeroom “instead of prom, you get to combine your powers to make a superchild”

E: The partners aren’t about having super children.

M: I’m trying to blend the stories. My second prediction: I really don’t want Momo to lose. All of her arcs are about her lack of confidence. Remember when Todoroki mansplained being a hero to her for a full episode? I don’t want her to lose to Kendo! But I think they are going to lose. 

E: 🍄🍄🍄🍄

M: Not before Momo catches Kendo’s giant fingers in giant mouse-traps though. 

E: I’m gonna push back on your prediction here.

M: Dueling predictions!

E: I think because it seems like they’re in a bad spot now that Momo’s team will win. She’s gonna invent some machine that turns the mushrooms back on the other team. A mushroom machine.


E: She’s gonna make that guy.

M: I was going to add a fungal cream image as the thing that Momo created, but you’re right, fight fungus with fungus. Out-fungal them. 

E: Words to live by.

Emma here! Thanks for watching along with us in this once every three months series. Wahoo!

You can watch Crash Landing on You on Netflix and the MHA dub on Crunchyroll, Hulu, and the decaying corpse of Funimation. Next time! More battles! Who could have guessed?

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