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Clickbait Boyfriend: Big Hayner One

Hello there, Clickbait Boyfriend fans! This week, Keyblade Hero 3 is kicking it with the Big Hero Six gang, but all I care about is Big Hayner One: the all-powerful kicky boi. Also featuring Mickey Mouse being taken by the darkness, and some delicious, heart-wrenching ice cream, so everything you need in a Kingdom Hearts experience.  (First…

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Clickbait Boyfriend: Pooh Pooh Platter

Hey there, Clickbait Boyfriend fans! We’ve returned after an unexpected mini hiatus. If you listened to this week’s episode of the podcast or read this week’s upcoming Split Screen, you’ve heard that he used to be a vacationer like you, but then he took a stingray to the foot. Now that I’m confident that he…

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