Side-Quest 57. How to Make LEGO Blood

Hello and welcome to another Side-Quest episode of Talk This! It’s Dangerous to Podcast Alone! In this episode, we’re back to our standard side-quest format after breaking it for PAX East, and we’re in fine form as usually. Or, you know, some kind of form.

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Save Data

Emma’s been replaying more of Nier: Automata, and Madelyn’s feeling threatened by the meaningful virtual looks that Emma keeps sending her way as she replays it. Madelyn’s been a little busy with The World Ends With You, coming up on the end of her 2-player co-op run with Clickbait Boyfriend. Emma also played Baba is You, and so far is delighted by how stupid she is.

Weather Report

You cheated not only the game, but yourself.

You didn’t grow, you didn’t improve

Etc, etc

Long story short, we weigh in on the difficulty debate that’s risen up again recently after the release of FromSoftware’s new game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. 

Off-Topic Corner

We’re going to another conference this week, only this time we’re presenting not just attending! If you’re going to be at the PCA/ACA annual conference, make sure to hit our 3pm panel on Thursday. If you like Emma’s Play This! series (see below), then hopefully you will find our topic on power and control interesting. We’re going to have fun pictures and stuff. Honestly though, we’re a little intimidated, so wish us luck.

Traffic Report

Emma’s new Play This! on Nier: Automata came out yesterday, so make sure to give that a watch all the way to the end. Only light spoilers, so anyone who hasn’t played it can feel safe. Also, the blog has risen from the dead! We had two Split Screens in which we began My Hero Academia season 3, and Clickbait Boyfriend’s blogs on Kingdom Hearts 3 officially kicked off. That one features some beautiful illustrations.

Question of the Fortnight

Image result for starwars the force awakens lego

In celebration of the new Star Wars trailer (oof) and the upcoming release of Avengers: Endgame (oof), we talked about how these worlds have been immortalized in LEGO video games. Specifically, what other franchises would we want to get the LEGO treatment? Listen to find out what we think and tell us what you would want to see!

Enjoy the episode! Check out last week’s episode where we talked about Deus Ex and Everything and look forward to next week’s episode where we’re talking about Bioshock and Unravel 2.

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