Side-Quest 58. The Royal Tin Pin Endgame

Hello and welcome to another Side-Quest episode of Talk This! It’s Dangerous to Podcast Alone! In this episode, we’re diving back in again to the MCU, to Kingdom Hearts 3, and maybe even to Persona 5. Madelyn’s making progress on her backlog, which makes Emma embarrassed about her own. Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC news came out after we recorded this. Uh, other stuff. Just listen, why don’t you?

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Save Data

Yup, that’s right, KH3 Critical Mode came out, and it is predictably whipping Emma’s butt. Clickbait Boyfriend is now mocking her for having died so many times on the first Heartless fight when he only died twice. It’s truly the dark times. Meanwhile, Madelyn finished up The World Ends With You and is now returning to the first Assassin’s Creed in an attempt to clear her backlog before Japan. How admirable. Emma pointedly does not look at Final Fantasy IX, The Walking Dead: Final Season, or God of War sitting on her shelf. 

Weather Report

You know what Persona 5 needed? More hours. It definitely needed more hours. It also definitely needed a human Morgana. Oh god. Please. I will give anything if this human Morgana is some kind of nightmare. I can’t do this, Atlas. You can’t keep turning your mascots into real boys. And if you do, they should be small child-sized gremlins.

Anyway, we’re also excited for Persona 5 Scramble. Probably more excited for that one actually. Give me disposable Shadows to lay to waste.

Off-Topic Corner

So, Emma saw Endgame. She gives as vague of a review as she can possibly give…which is honestly probably the best she could muster anyway, because she’s not really sure how she feels about it. There were good things. There were bad things. And there were things that felt…not quite fitting. But it still left her excited about the future of the MCU. Madelyn nods along because she doesn’t follow these movies.

Traffic Report

Emma’s been slacking, okay. I’m sorry! Anyway, we’ve got a new Clickbait Boyfriend. Coming this week on Monday will be our joint Kingdom Hearts 3 blog, then we’ll get a new Split Screen this Wednesday. Meanwhile, Emma’s been livetweeting her experience through Critical Mode (see above), so you can follow her on Twitter if you’re interested in her pain. She also tweets about other things. She’s pretty cool. I would know. I’m Emma. Hello.

Question of the Fortnight

We’re going to Japan very soon! We talk about what video-game related thing we’re looking forward to the most. Got any recommendations? Hit us up on social media or in the comments!

Don’t worry, by the way! Episodes will still be coming out while we’re gone. We’ll get into the schedule of that next week.

Enjoy the episode! Check out last week’s episode where we talked about Bioshock and Unravel 2 and look forward to next week’s episode where we’re talking about Dragon Quest and Hades!

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