Buzz This: Which D&D Class Should You Choose?

It’s that time again, folks: Buzz This is back to bring knowledge and insight about your true self!

In our most recent sidequest, our Question of the Fortnight was “what RPG class would you be?” Buzzfeed didn’t have a well-constructed quiz on this exact topic (I know! Shocking!), but it did have a D&D Class quiz which I felt was a worthy substitute. I’m also in the process of joining a D&D campaign, so this is a particularly pivotal edition of Buzz This. Not only will I learn valuable lessons about myself and my personality, but the results may very well influence my real-life fantasy character choice! The stakes have never been higher.

Play along here! 

Buzz This Dungeons and Dragons RPG

This was a surprisingly difficult choice. I’m certainly not a rebel, so Lawful felt like the correct alignment, but I was more torn on my good-and-evil status. For a while, I thought Lawful Good had to be the right choice, but I don’t really consider myself a paladin-type person. I’m still not completely sure this is right, but Lawful Neutral seems like the best fit. 

Buzz This Dungeons and Dragons RPG

I’m tempted to pick one of these weirdos, but I don’t really know enough about the lore of D&D to know what I would be committing myself to. I generally like to play as elven characters, but I’m going with Half-Elf just to shake it up a little. 

Buzz This Dungeons and Dragons RPG

I consider myself a curious person, so I think the most likely of these is searching for the answer to a question.

Buzz This Dungeons and Dragons RPG

Wow, no brainer here: The Princess Bride. Bold move by Buzzfeed to consider Buttercup the hero of that movie, but I dig it. 

Buzz This Dungeons and Dragons RPG

Tons of food was an incredibly tempting option, I have to admit. However, Buzz This readers, it’s been a long week. I could use a moment of peace and quiet to catch my breath. 

Look, I’d love to say that I could take somebody on, if push came to shove (literally). But Buzzfeed quizzes are all about getting in touch with your honest, true self. So, if I’m really being candid, I would one hundred percent turn and run. I’m no fool!

Buzz This Dungeons and Dragons RPG

Yeah, remember how I just said this was about getting in touch with you true self? Forget that. I have no particular identification with it, but how can I resist that adorable warthog?

Buzz This Dungeons and Dragons RPG

Okay, this one is going to take process of elimination. I’ve never been a fan of giant great swords (you’re compensating for something). The lute is too obvious for this theatre kid. I’m not great at ranged attacks (hello, first person shooters), so the bow is out. The mace is too brutish, the tome too nerdy. We’re going with some classic, rogue dagger goodness. 

Buzz This Dungeons and Dragons RPG

Folks, the easy answer was getting an engineering degree and actually making some money! It’s nice and consistent with my driving question from earlier. I’ve got a coherent character here! 

Here come the results…


Buzz This Dungeons and Dragons RPG

I’m not sure I would self-identify as mysterious or alluring! Buzzfeed is really hyping me up today. I am disappointed that they missed the fact that I can’t actually shapeshift into a bear, only a warthog, but I suppose I should take what I can get. I don’t know about you, readers, but I learned something new about myself today.

Did you play along with his Buzzfeed silliness? Let us know what D&D class you got, and if you have any suggestions for which class I should play as in my upcoming campaign!

2 comments for “Buzz This: Which D&D Class Should You Choose?

  1. Toric00
    October 19, 2018 at 11:35 pm

    I got the Ranger, who’s “like Katniss Everdeen, but more racist.” I’m not racist, I just study ethnicities and use my knowledge to destroy them!

    Which class I’d recommend tends to depend on edition, but I like Rogues and Sorcerers. Both are useful outside combat if you want to be, and neither has that many fiddly abilities or spells to keep in mind.

  2. December 7, 2018 at 6:11 am

    Make a more new posts please 🙂

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